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Mike Drucker is a television writer and standup comedian. He’s currently co-head writer and co-executive producer of Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, and has written for shows including The Tonight Show, Adam Ruins Everything, and Mystery Science Theater 3000. Mike’s writing has also appeared in video games for Sony and Nintendo. If you read this far, thank you.

addison holding up the hudson construction sign with hyrule castle in the background tears of the kingdom all sign guy locations 1
That Sign Holding Jerk In Tears Of The Kingdom Can Go Screw Himself

Addison is a pathetic loser who only wants to drag Link down to his pathetic loser level.

Photoshopped image of Zelda holding a Link Amiibo in Tears of the Kingdom 1
Tears of the Kingdom Made Me Bust Out My Useless Amiibos

Tears of the Kingdom almost makes up for all the money wasted on Amiibos. Almost.

Bandit Heeler from Bluey cheering. 1
Characters I’d Love to See In Mortal Kombat 1 But Definitely Won’t

You'd be surprised how much damage Bandit Heeler can do.

Yes Man in Fallout New Vegas. 1
AI Won’t Take Creative Jobs, It’ll Just Make Them Worse And Dumber

Let's talk about artificial intelligence and the damage it can do to the creative industry.

Advance Wars 1
Advance Wars 1+2: Re-Boot Is The Perfect Saturday Morning Cartoon Game

Despite being all about global warfare, Advance Wars inspires a feeling of childlike joy

psvr2 1
I Still Love Virtual Reality Even Though It’s Dying

Virtual reality might not be thriving right now, but there's still nothing like it.

MarioMovie-1 1
e3 logo 1
We Can Just Admit E3 Was Bad

The real E3 was all the friends we made along the way.

The title screen for the game Give Me Toilet Paper! showing a man sitting on a toilet 1
Instead Of Resident Evil 4, I Played A Game That Uses A Roll Of Toilet Paper As A Controller

Resident Evil 4 Remake is great, but you can't afford to miss this eShop gem.

Leon Kennedy next to a chainsaw controller 1
Bring Back the Resident Evil 4 Chainsaw Controller, You Cowards

Bring back the silliness of the 2000s and give us a dodgy chainsaw controller, you cowards.

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Bar Line's cover art. 1
clive wielding a sword in final fantasy 16 1
I Don’t Really Care What Final Fantasy Is Anymore

Final Fantasy 16 is a dark step away from a turn-based adventure with friends, but maybe I've grown up too

A red astronaut stares into space, his visor reflecting an alien pod and other astronauts 1
Playing No Man's Sky In VR Made Me Like No Man's Sky

VR brings out the best of No Man's Sky, and that's only more obvious with PS VR2.

The Best VR Horror Game Needs Ported To PS VR 2 Immediately

This unassuming horror game would be perfect for VR.

Hogwarts-Legacy-Will-Launch-After-Fantastic-Beasts_-The-Secrets-Of-Dumbledore,-According-To-Warner-Bros-2 1
I’m Willing To Throw People Under The Bus If It Means Pretending To Relive My Childhood

How can I support a group if supporting them involves even the slightest inconvenience to me, the main character of the universe?

Bowser watching Bowser Jr play on a Nintendo Switch. 1
A Lot Of You Are Introducing People To Games Wrong

Gaming might seem like second nature to most of us, but it's not so easy for newcomers.

An image of a horse on a dark blue background 1
Mario running for a star in 3D Land. 1
For The Love Of God Let Me Buy Some 3DS Games

The 3DS store is about to close, so surely Nintendo would want us to buy things from it?

marvel snap wolverine and venom 1
Marvel Snap Is The First Time I’ve Enjoyed Playing Against Strangers Online

You don't have to rely on the kindness of strangers in Marvel Snap.

Tidus and Yuna in Final Fantasy 10. 1
Giving Final Fantasy 10 Another Chance

Time to head back to Spira.

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