The PC-Console war is one that's raged on since the birth of the "Gaming PC." On one hand, the dedicated nature of consoles makes them more cost-effective than computers, but on the other, they perpetuate anti-consumer policies (like online multiplayer subscriptions) while bearing increasingly piddly libraries every generation.

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If you're looking to hop over to the wild west that is PC gaming, the most daunting task is coming to grips with the mouse and keyboard – a controller can only take you so far in the vast library of games available to you, often leaving you at a disadvantage when facing others in PVP. Thankfully, there are a ton of ways to reduce the pain of making the shift to keys.

10 Use An Aim Trainer

Aim Trainer

Figuring out how the camera moves in relation to the mouse is one of the biggest roadblocks for those transitioning from console gaming; controllers only ask you to hold a direction to shift the camera, making the mouse's constant motion feel alien and laborious by comparison.

One way to get acclimated to mouse movement is through the use of aim training programs – instead of learning how to aim on the fly, you can practice your technique in no-pressure environments modeled around the most popular shooters on the market. There are several free clients like 3D Aim Trainer available in most browsers, as well as a plethora of high-quality paid options.

9 Play Less Intense Games

Stardew Valley and Diablo 4 Gameplay over XCOM 2 Gameplay

Though you may want to hop right into CS:GO and Fortnite, you should hold off for just a moment – straining a muscle you've only just started to build can cause the formation of bad habits, making your time in game less enjoyable in the process.

For your first outing, it's best to try games that require less motor skills overall. MMORPGs, strategy games, and simulators all allow you to grow familiarity with your setup without necessarily asking for a high level of mechanical finesse.

8 Focus On PVE

Destiny 2 and Left 4 Dead 2 over Minecraft Promotional Art

If you're looking for a fresh source of discouragement, jumping right into PVP without any practice can easily provide it. The skill gap between you and more experienced players is likely to be wide due to the high skill ceiling of mouse and keyboard, often making your learning experience less fruitful.

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There's no need to compete with other players so early in your quest for improvement: games like Destiny 2, Left 4 Dead 2, and Minecraft are options that will hone your abilities without requiring you to outperform another person. Then, once you've mastered the art of clicking heads, you can enter your game of choice and clean shop.

7 Change Your DPI

Mouse Options In Windows over CSGO Gameplay

While DPI (dots per inch) isn't nearly as important as advertising may lead you to think, it's certainly something to consider when calibrating your mouse for play. A higher DPI will lead to greater mouse sensitivity, allowing your cursor to travel more pixels for every inch moved across your table.

DPI is all up to personal preference, but it definitely doesn't hurt to consider how other players set theirs. For maximum accuracy, it's recommended to have a lower DPI and larger table space, permitting a greater range of motion. If you don't have all that much space, though, it may be best to keep your DPI high.

6 Buy The Right Gear

Alienware Gaming Keyboard AW510K Light and Razer Basilisk V3 over Valorant Gameplay

Though the cheapest option is perfectly alright for light play, a good mouse and keyboard are worth the money spent for the comfort and performance they provide. Don't take that to mean that you should buy the most expensive options, though; blind consumerism is far worse than excessive frugality.

Instead, spend whatever seems reasonable to you – features like wire protection and macros can go a long way to keep your implements functional, so spending a few more bucks can save you more down the road. At the end of the day, just having a mouse and keyboard at all is more important than having a fancy one.

5 Customize Your Keybinds

Fortnite Movement Control Settings over Fortnite Gameplay

One thing keyboards have over controllers is their range of customization options, allowing you a high level of control over which buttons perform certain commands. The default for many games tends to be the tried and true method of WASD, but don't let that stop you from getting creative and making things work for you.

Since different games like to bind common functionalities to various buttons, you can eliminate an avenue of confusion by binding those functionalities to keys you're familiar with – Minecraft is one example of a game where this may be helpful, having made the crouch button left shift despite a decade of games before more commonly using left ctrl.

4 Don't Get Lost In The Keys

Binding of Isaac Tutorial Text Over Gameplay

Despite how much you can modify a keyboard, it's wise to remember that you don't need to focus on every key; you'll typically be hanging around the same eight or nine keys for most of your time gaming (unless, of course, you're planning a stimulating evening of Microsoft Flight Simulator).

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Normally, the right half of the available letters don't even come into play, so worry not about keeping track of each and every button. Depending on your type of keyboard, you may even remove keys you don't need to keep the process streamlined.

3 Try Games You Already Like

CSGO and League Of Legends art over Call of Duty Modern Warfare Gameplay

If you already have a game you're competent at with a controller, it might be a good idea to try playing it with your keyboard and mouse. Familiarity can let you worry less about the game's concepts and more about your performance, making the core focus of gameplay mechanical improvement.

Knowing what makes a good player in your game of choice allows for goal setting, pushing you to get better and travel to heights you already know you can reach. Sometimes the transition to mouse and keyboard can lead to you becoming even better, finding new success with techniques never thought possible.

2 Use Proper Form

Team Fortress 2 Movement Tutorial Over TF2 gameplay-1

There isn't any "right" way to play with a mouse and keyboard, but there are definitely methods that can help you both avoid injury and attain a basic understanding of how to approach a majority of modern games. The WASD setup using your left hand is the most common way of playing, placing the ring finger on the A key, the middle finger on the W key, and the pointer finger on the D key.

For using a mouse, precautions should be taken to avoid wrist damage. Some mouse pads have a bump to rest your wrist on, but even without that, you can perform wrist exercises between sessions to keep yourself free from carpal tunnel.

1 Choose What's Best For You

Mouse and Gamepad over Dark Souls 3 Gameplay

At the end of the day, a keyboard and mouse might not be the best option for you. A controller is a far better choice for accessibility, requiring much less movement and precision to use effectively – if you have a disability, it's more important to do what's best for your health and comfort than stick to the image of what gaming "should" be.

If you're able, though, it's absolutely worth it to give the keyboard and mouse a proper shot, as the versatility can be something you never thought you wanted. Even if you don't end up sticking to keys as a primary method of play, it'll be nice to know that you have another skill set saved for when you need it.

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