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While you live your best vampire life in V Rising, you will come across hearts that drop from enemies. At the beginning of your journey, you will be able to quickly gather Tainted Hearts, but the real prize is the Unsullied Heart. This heart is a bit rare at the start of the game, so we are here to help you find it.

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In this guide, we are going to go over how to farm for Unsullied Hearts. Additionally, we are going to take a look at what you can do with them. While you can simply consume them, this isn't the best use of resources, so we suggest processing them. First, let's go over where this organ drops.

Updated May 31, 2023 by Jacqueline Zalace: As an Early Access game, V Rising has seen several updates. We've updated this guide to reflect current information, so you can farm for Unsullied Hearts as efficiently as possible.

Where Do Unsullied Hearts Drop?

player extracting blood from alpha wolf
via Darkone311/Steam

Unsullied Hearts can drop from any enemy, but they are more likely to drop from higher-level enemies. Fortunately, this includes V Blood Carriers, such as the Alpha Wolf and Keely the Frost Archer.

Currently, there is no way to boost your luck while searching for Unsullied Hearts.

It's important to note that Unsullied Hearts don't drop from skeletons, as they don't have a heart. Thankfully, the world is filled with creatures that can drop this heart type.

Farming Unsullied Hearts

player after defeating the ferocious bear boss
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To farm Unsullied Hearts, we recommend traveling to different bosses, while killing every enemy that you see along the way. For example, you can travel between Greyson the Armoror in the Bandit Armory and Keely the Frost Archer in the Bandit Trapper Camp.

These two V Blood Carriers may drop an Unsullied Heart, as well as any enemy that stands in your way as you travel between these locations. You may even spot the Alpha Wolf while on your route, who has a chance to drop an Unsullied Heart as well.

You can also focus on killing higher-leveled bosses, such as through in the Silverlight Hills or Dunley Farmlands. Overall, we recommend focusing your search for Unsullied Hearts on bosses, since they are typically higher level than other enemies around them.

On occasion, you may also receive an Unsullied Heart from a low-level enemy. This is rare, but not entirely impossible.

Consuming Unsullied Hearts

V Rising Blood Pool

Unsullied Hearts can be consumed to gain a large portion of blood. Doing so will remove your current blood type, and you will become Frailed.

We don't recommend consuming Unsullied Hearts due to their rarity, especially if you rely on them to make Greater Blood Essences. If you are in a pinch and need some blood, you can just consume Tainted Hearts. These are more common so it's okay if you consume a few.

Crafting Unsullied Hearts At The Blood Press

player interacting with blood press

The main reason that you will collect Unsullied Hearts is for the production of Greater Blood Essence. This is a resource that can be made at the Blood Press with four of these hearts. You will need Greater Blood Essence for a variety of reasons, including upgrading your Castle Heart and making Servant Coffins.

If your blood press is in an enclosed room with matching floors, you will only need three Unsullied Hearts to make a Greater Blood Essence.

This will be the primary method for Unsullied Hearts prior to defeating Tristan the Vampire Hunter, a level 46 boss. Once you defeat Tristan the Vampire Hunter, you will receive the recipe for the Greater Blood Essence using 200 regular Blood Essence.

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