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Kirara, everyone's favourite new cat girl in Genshin Impact, has arrived on the scene. She's a four-star Dendro sword user from Inazuma, working for the Koniyama Express delivery service. Kirara is known as a youkai in Inazuma, which is something of a supernatural creature.

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Her Elemental Skill lets her create a shield and transform into a cat form, able to hit enemies and scale walls. If you press her Skill, she will perform a kick and create a Dendro shield. Holding her Skill lets her roam around in cat form, hitting enemies for Dendro damage. She can fit into Bloom and Aggrevate teams well, providing support and plenty of Dendro application.

Best Weapons For Kirara

Genshin Impact - Kirara in the character screen posing with the Sapwood Blade

Kirara's shield strength is based on her HP stat, which means the best weapons for her will need to offer HP. There are currently only two swords in the game that do this, both of which are five-star weapons.

If you have five-star swords to spare, they will work perfectly. They aren't necessary for Kirara to be good, but they are her best in slot.

You can use other four-star weapons without impacting her support capabilities at all, so don't worry if you don't have any of the powerful five-star swords.

Weapon Name

Secondary Stat


Favonius Sword

Energy Recharge

Loses some value on Kirara due to the Energy Rechrage stat being overkill. She doesn't need this much due to her Energy costs, but it is great for the rest of her team who need a lot of energy.

Sapwood Blade

Energy Recharge

Great F2P weapon, helps Kirara trigger Dendro reactions. Leaves a leaf on the ground, when picked up it will buff your Elemental Mastery by 60 points.

Sacrificial Sword

Energy Recharge

Has a fixed chance to reset the timer on your Elemental Skill when it hits an enemy. This will give your more uptime on Kirara's shield.

Key of Khaj-Nisut

HP Percent

Increases Kirara's HP by a huge amount. This means her shields will last longer before breaking. Moreover, it increases her Elemental Mastery based on her max HP.

Primordial Jade Cutter

Crit Rate

Increases Crit Rate and the bonus effect increases Kirara's HP by 20 percent.

Freedom Sworn

Elemental Mastery

Increases Kirara's DMG, plus further increases it when she triggers an elemental reaction. This also provides a buff to your team's normal, charged, and plunge attacks.

Kirara doesn't need much personal damage.

The best thing for her is a support-focused weapon that benefits the whole team.

The Sapwood Blade, for example, would be one of her best choices for a F2P weapon since you can craft it and refine it to max rank fairly easily.

Energy Recharge swords are typically great for Kirara, but not for her energy particle needs. ER weapons like Favonius are good for their damage and if you have a high-energy team.

Best Artifact Sets For Kirara

Genshin Impact: Kirara showing her Artifacts in the character menu

For the most part, Kirara will want to have a four-piece Deepwood Memory Artifact set. There are some variations, and she does have a lot of options.

Artifact Name

Two-Piece Bonus

Four-Piece Bonus


Deepwood Memories

+15% Dendro DMG

When Kirara's Skill or Burst hits an enemy, reduce their Dendro RES by 30%.

Best for Dendro support characters like Kirara.

Noblesse Oblige

+20% Elemental Burst DMG

Increases the entire party's ATK by 20% for 12 seconds after using Elemental Burst.

Noblesse is great for any ATK-based teams since it will increase everyone's DMG. Generally speaking, any of these other options are better.

Vourukasha's Glow

+20% HP

Increases Elemental Skill and Burst DMG by 10%. DMG buff increases to 80 if you take damage.

This should only be worn as a two-piece set bonus for Kirara, along with the two-piece Tenacity of the Millelith set.

Tenacity of the Millelith

+20% HP

Buffs team's attack when Kirara's Elemental Skill hits an enemy. It also increases shield strength.

This can be worn as a four-piece set, but Kirara will benefit the most from wearing two-piece Vourukasha's Glow and two-piece Tenacity.


+80 Elemental Mastery

Increases the whole team's Elemental Mastery by 120 when triggering an Elemental Reaction.

This is a four-star Artifact set, which means it's not nearly as powerful as other options. The Elemental Mastery buff does go a long way if your team needs more.

The Deepwood Memories set is perfect for any Dendro Support character. She will effectively buff the Dendro DMG of your team, which lets any other Dendro characters you have in your team focus on a more offensive Artifact set.

An offensive playstyle isn't recommended for Kirara since she fits the role of Support so well.

The Artifact Set that works best for Kirara depends on what you want to use her for. If you want a shield bot, then you should use two-piece Vourukasha's and two-piece Tenacity for a 40% HP bonus.

If you want to give Kirara and your team more ATK, then a four-piece Nobless Oblige is a great option.

Kirara Artifact Stat Priority

Genshin Impact: Kirara showing her Artifacts in the character menu

The stats you want for Kirara will depend entirely on how you want to play her.

Her best and general-purpose build is to maximise how powerful her shield is, which means HP% across the board.

Shield Bot Support Build

Artifact Type

Main-Stat Priority

Sub-Stat Priority



HP% > EM > Crit Rate



HP% > EM > Energy Recharge



HP% > EM > Energy Recharge



HP% > EM > Energy Recharge



HP% > Crit Rate/DMG > Energy Recharge

Other than a shield build, you can have a DPS Kirara if you opt for the general stats for any DPS, such as:

Sub-DPS Build

Artifact Type

Main-Stat Priority

Sub-Stat Priority



HP% > EM > Energy Recharge



EM > Energy Recharge



ATK% > Energy Recharge > Crit Rate/DMG


Dendro DMG%

HP% > Energy Recharge > Crit Rate/DMG


Crit Rate/DMG

HP% > Energy Recharge

This isn't the most optimal build for Kirara, since it will stifle her shields and you will generally have better characters in your teams with her who will do more damage.

Kirara Talent Priority

Genshin Impact: Kirara showing her Talents in the character menu

For those of you who want Kirara to be your next best shield team member, you should focus first on her Elemental Skill. This will increase her overall utility and support capabilities in any team comp.

Next, you should focus on Kirara's Elemental burst. While it's not entirely necessary to use her Burst, it doesn't hurt to have more Dendro damage and application in a fight.

For the most part, Kirara's shield is going to be the most important to anyone who wants a good shield character.

Her Normal Attack talent should only be levelled if you want to use her as a DPS character, otherwise, it should be left alone.

Kirara Constellations

Genshin Impact: Kirara's Constellations in the character menu

Kirara's six Constellations aren't much to write home about. They are not needed at all to make the most out of Kirara's kit, but having them won't hurt you at all.

  1. Material Circulation - Every 8,000 HP Kirara has will create one more Cat Grass Cardamom when you use her Elemental Burst. A total of four more can be made this way.
  2. Perfectly Packaged - When Kirara is in her cat form, she will grant other party members a different shield.
  3. Universal Recognition - Increases Kirara's Elemental Skill Talent, Meow-teor Kick, by three.
  4. Steed of Skanda - When a shielded character attacks an enemy, Kirara will perform an additional attack with a Cat Grass Cardamom.
  5. A Thousand Miles in a Day - Increases Kirara's Elemental Burst Talent, Secret Art: Surprise Dispatch, by three.
  6. Countless Sights to See - All party members will get a 12% All Elemental DMG bonus within 15 seconds of using Kirara's Burst.

As mentioned, her Constellations aren't necessary to aim for. Kirara's kit holds up incredibly well by itself and the only benefit these would provide is to slightly enhance what she already does incredibly well.

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