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As Genshin Impact continues to release new content, shiny new characters are always close behind. Kirara, a four-star Dendro sword user from Inazuma, was released in patch 3.7.

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She's one of the few Dendro supports available and she can provide strong shields to your team. One of her best features is her Elemental Skill turns her into a little cat parcel, letting you scale walls with ease and maximum cuteness. If you've pulled for Kirara, you will want to level her ASAP. Here is where to find all her ascension materials.

Kirara's Ascension Materials

Genshin Impact - Kirara in the character screen posing with the Sapwood Blade

Every character in Genshin follows the same level-up and Ascension pattern. You need Mora, a local speciality, monster materials, and a drop from a World Boss.

Here is everything you need to get Kirara to level 90, though stopping at level 80 is always a solid option.

Ascension Phase

Maximum Level



Regional Specialty

Mob Drops

World Boss Drops




1x Nagadus Emerald Sliver

3x Amakumo Fruit

3x Spectral Husk





3x Nagadus Emerald Fragment

10x Amakumo Fruit

15x Spectal Husk

2x Evergloom Ring




6x Nagadus Emerald Fragment

20x Amakumo Fruit

12x Spectral Heart

4x Evergloom Ring




3x Nagadus Emerald Chunk

30x Amakumo Fruit

18x Spectral Heart

8x Evergloom Ring




6x Nagadus Emerald Chunk

45x Amakumo Fruit

12x Spectral Nucleus

12x Evergloom Ring




6x Nagadus Emerald Gemstone

60x Amakumo Fruit

24x Spectral Nucleus

20x Evergloom Ring

As ever, all of these materials can be gathered from killing specific monsters and picking them up in the overworld.

You will need EXP books to increase Kirara's level and no small amount of Mora.

Kirara's Talent Materials

Genshin Impact - Kirara Talent level screen with her Elemental Skill highlighted

Talents can be levelled more when you ascend a character. When you reach level Ascension Phase 6, you can level talents all the way to level ten.

Every character has three main talents they can level: their Normal Attack, Elemental Skill, and Elemental Burst. Here are all the materials you'll need to level one Talent to level ten.

Talent Level


Talent Books

Mob Drops

Weekly Boss Drops



3x Teachings of Transience

6x Spectral Husk




2x Guide to Transience

3x Spectral Heart




4x Guide to Transience

4x Spectral Heart




6x Guide to Transience

6x Spectral Heart




9x Guide to Transience

9x Spectral Heart




4x Philosophies of Transience

4x Spectral Nucleus

1x Everamber



6x Philosophies of Transience

6x Spectral Nucleus

1x Everamber



12x Philosophies of Transience

9x Spectral Nucleus

2x Everamber



18x Philosophies of Transience

12x Spectral Nucleus

2x Everamber

These are materials required to level one Talent to ten.

If you want to level all three Talents to level ten, you must triple these numbers.

Kirara's Talent Books, the Teachings of Transience, can be farmed from the Violet Court in Inazuma on Monday, Thursday, and Sunday.

This Domain is unlocked in Inazuma, found at the XYZ. Each reward collection from the Domain costs 20 Original Resin or one Condensed Resin.

Sometimes, these Talent Books can be obtained from the Battle Pass and as a reward for any in-game Events that might take place in Inazuma.

Everamber is an exclusive Weekly Boss drop found after defeating Apep, the Dendro Dragon. You can only unlock this Trounce Domain – called The Realm of Beginnings – in Sumeru's desert after completing Nahida's second Story Quest.

Where To Find Nagadus Emerald Crystal

Genshin Impact Dendro Hypostasis

Each character in Genshin has a Vision which dictates their elemental alignment. According to this element, the character requires crystals of the corresponding element to Ascend them and continue levelling up.

As a Dendro character, Kirara requires the Dendro line of crystals. Since Dendro was introduced with Sumeru, a lot of World Bosses outside of Sumeru don't drop Nagadus Crystals.

To this end, World Bosses in Sumeru will almost always drop Nagadus Emerald items. You should farm the following bosses:

  • The Jadeplume Terrorshroom
  • Dendro Hypostasis

There are other ways to obtain Nagadus Crystals, mostly by crafting or relying on in-game events.

If you have several crystals of another element, you can spend those at the Crafting Bench to swap them from one element to another. This will help you save on Resin and use the resources you already have.

Where To Find Amakumo Fruit

Genshin Impact - Shikanoin Heizou looking at Amakumo Fruit

Thankfully, Amakumo Fruit is one of those Inazuma specialities in extremely healthy supply. They grow in pairs, meaning you get to collect two from every node.

You can find them around almost every inch of Amakumo Peak in Inazuma, to the point where you can get 190 by collecting from every node.

They're all relatively condensed, which means you can gather them quickly. If you have Gorou, you can put him into your party to activate his Talent, which marks Inazuma specialities on your minimap.

For reference, you need 168 Amakumo Fruit to fully ascend Kirara, and you'll grab that in no time.

Where To Find Spectral Husks, Hearts, And Nucleus

Genshin Impact - map view of Watatsumi Shrine in Inazuma, looking for Spectres

Spectral Hearts are materials dropped by the Spectre enemies, mostly found in Inazuma in Watatsumi Shine and around Amakumo Peak on Seirai Island.

You can also buy stacks of three Spectral Husks from the in-game store using Masterless Stardust, though this is only advised if you have plenty to spare.

You can use your Adventurer's Handbook to select Spectres and mark a few on your map.

When you've gathered enough, remember you can use three Spectral Husks to create one Spectral Heart at the Crafting Bench, and so on.

Where To Find Evergloom Ring

Genshin Impact Map With Iniquitous Baptist

The Evergloom Ring is a drop from the World Boss Iniquitous Baptist. This boss can be found in the Desert area of Sumeru introduced in Patch 3.6.

This boss uses three elements during the fight. The chosen elements will switch each day, but you will need to make a note of the three elemental light balls floating in the middle of the boss arena to know which three he will use.

Once you know the elements he's using for the fight, build your team around that and you shouldn't have a problem with him.

Take the opposite stronger element that he uses. You need to rely on elemental damage to break his shield, which will cycle between the three elements he has.

Spend 40 Resin at the Flower to obtain two Evergloom Rings each time you beat him. Depending on your Adventure Rank and World Level, there is a slight chance you will get three Evergloom Rings per kill instead of two.

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