GTA Online

Bringing open-world San Andreas to the online space, Grand Theft Auto Online allows you to do whatever it takes to rise to the top of the criminal ladder. You can complete missions, build businesses, and join crews, all while crafting your perfect character.


Grand Theft Auto Online Outside Auto Shop and Car On Car Lift 1
GTA Online: Auto Shop Guide

We've got all the info you need on the auto shops of GTA Online.

Image depicts a Grand Theft Auto Online player completing the setup mission for the Acid Lab on the left, with the lab itself in black on the right. 1
Grand Theft Auto Online: How To Unlock The Acid Lab

Become the newest member of the Troupe by purchasing the Acid Lab.

Dance Club Scenes from GTA Online 1
Grand Theft Auto Online: How To Maintain Nightclub Popularity

Stay on top of your nightclub business with the best ways to keep a full bar of popularity.

GTA V Stash House Icon on Map and Character Taking Safe Supplies 1
Grand Theft Auto Online: How To Complete A Stash House

Keep those supplies topped up and enemy organisations at bay with this guide on completing a Stash House.

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GTA Online character flying in front of the Vinewood sign on an Oppressor Mk 2 1
GTA Online's Infamous Oppressor Mk 2 Is Now $8 Milllion

The Oppressor is now the most expensive vehicle in GTA Online, but fans are split on whether this will help to stop griefing.

Fortnite San Andreas Grove Street 1
gta online plane 1
GTA Online Players Debate If Reusing GTA 5 Plane Stunt Is Lazy Or An Easter Egg

GTA Online featured a very familiar sequence featuring two planes.

gta online character wearing a pineapple hat 1
GTA Online's Last Dose Update Includes San Andreas Easter Egg

Supa Save exists in GTA 5. Now, when will it be opening a location in Los Santos?

Three different businesses in GTA Online: cocaine production, money production, and nightclub manager. 1
The 8 Best Businesses To Run In GTA Online

If you need some quick cash in GTA online then these investment options can help. From car sales to casino heists, make money fast in business.

Friedlander The Last Dose GTA Online Rockstar 1
Michael's Therapist In GTA 5 Is Back For GTA Online's The Lost Dose DLC

The psychedelic conclusion to the Lost Santos Drug War brings a beloved con man back from obscurity.

GTAOnline 1
GTA Online Is Designed With Single-Player In Mind

Tell that to the lobby full of people trying to kill me.

gta online's 50 car garage 1
GTA Plus Subscribers Get Online's New 50-Car Garage For Free

Non-subscribers can also get the massive new garage, but it has a hefty price tag.

Taxi God Mode Glitch 1
GTA Online Patches God Mode Glitch, Players Reportedly Found Workaround Already

You can still be an unkillable cab driver in GTA Online.

official artwork for GTA Online featuring a custom vehicle and police car in front of explosions, with three armored and weapon-clad characters 1
Is GTA Online Worth Playing?

With a large player count and a bunch of hype surrounding it, GTA Online seems worth getting into, but here we discuss the pros and cons of the game.

Split image of a dog and a chicken in GTA Online 1
10 Best Pets In The Grand Theft Auto Series

From loyal pooches to obscene parrots, these are the most memorable pets from across the GTA suite of games.

GTA Online Loading Screen 1
Rockstar Will "Resolve" GTA Online Exploits In Security-Related Update

Fans will have to be patient as Rockstar gets this dangerous exploit fixed.

GTA Online Ugglies 1
GTA Online Community Warns People Not To Play Because Of "Extreme Exploits"

An extremely dangerous exploit is currently making the rounds in GTA Online, and the community is urging everyone to stay away from the game for now.

four GTA Online players toast in a cutscene after a successful heist 1
GTA Online Ken Block Tribute 1
GTA Online Players Pay Tribute To Ken Block By Recreating His Stunts

A GTA Online car meet-up group created a beautiful tribute to the late rally driver.