The orphanage is the last mission in The Outlast Trials before you take on Program X. You get to tango with Mother Gooseberry one last time as you try to care for all the mannequin children. By now, you should have Rigs and Amps to help you survive better, but even those can't help you in some of the more challenging missions in Program 3.

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You will meet all the familiar faces of the creepy people from Fun Park in a whole new map. Every game mechanic and strategy you have learned from previous trials matters now more than ever because they are all combined into Program 3 Orphanage. Below is a detailed guide on how to complete every objective and MK Challenge in this trial.

Reach The Radio Room

outlast trials exterior of the orphanage

The Radio Room will be just up the stairs to your left once you enter the orphanage. The exterior of the orphanage and when you enter should be safe until you get to the Radio Room, granted you aren't playing the EXAM version of this trial.

Collect any posters or items you may need once things get heated. The first bit of this mission will be held upstairs only.

Remember, you cannot get an A+ unless you have collected five posters in the trial.

Tune The Frequencies

outlast trials player adjusting frequency in orphanage

You will be asked to broadcast the religious station. This is actually a tutorial on how to tune frequencies. Interact with the radio frequency in the room to tune the frequency accordingly.

To work this machine, click on each of the three nobs available and turn them left or right. The first nob on the left, Amplitude, will change the size of the humps. The second nob, Frequency, will change the frequency's width. The last nob on the right, Phase, will adjust the horizontal placement.

outlast trials tuning frequency mini game

Get the frequency that you are controlling in line with the one behind it. Use the nobs to match the frequency so that the wave is the same length, size, and position.

It's okay if the lines aren't perfectly overlapping. If they are basically together, let go of the nobs and see if it will accept what you have done. You have to disengage for it to register the change.

You must tune two more boxes, which will be upstairs with you. A map inside the Radio Room, to the left of the first frequency box, will show you where the remaining frequencies are located.

When you exit the Radio Room, the Boy's and Girl's dorm will be on the right side. The Infant's dorm will be to the left. The frequency boxes will be inside whichever dorm the map says.

There will be nun mannequins riding on tracks. When they ride into a room, a metal door opens for them. You can use this to go to the next room. Be careful: there is no controlling the mannequins other than waiting for them to come back around the track.

Once you find the two remaining frequencies and tune them, go downstairs and head to the front desk to press a button, initiating the next task.

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Swap The Film

outlast trials film reel in orphanage with player holding bottle

Your next task will be to swap films. It seems complicated at first, but you only have to bring the film from the film room to any classroom with a projector. From the receptionist desk, the area to your left will unlock for this next mission.

The first room in the center will be the film room. Some film should be inside, but remember that they will act as heavy objects when carried. You cannot pick up film and walk it out the door; you must place it inside these contraptions on the wall. Place film inside the metal cage, then someone on the other side can press the button to turn the cage, opening it on the other side.

The amount of film reels that need to be swapped will depend on how many people are in your party.

outlast trials projector in orphanage class room

Once you have taken all the film out of the film room using this metal door, carry the film to the intended classrooms. You have to bring the film into the classrooms the same way, through these metal cage doors in the wall.

After swapping all the film, return to the receptionist's desk and press a button again. Your task will say to stop the blasphemers in the chapel. To get to the chapel, head to the right from the receptionist's desk. Head through the doors and to your left, you should eventually find double doors. These lead outside toward the chapel.

Restore Power To The Chapel

outlast trials exterior of the chapel in the orphanage-1

After stopping the party, a man on a cross will emerge on stage. There are two objectives: restore power and find the keys to unlock the saw handles.

To restore power, head to the basement of the chapel. This task will be the same as repairing the generators in the police station in Program 1. There will only be one generator in the chapel.

outlast trials hall to basement in orphanage

To find the basement, take the right-side exit and keep right until you see a couple of doors and a Syringe on the wall. Behind you, to your left, will be stairs leading to the basement.

To fix a generator, find a fuel canister in the basement and lug it to the generator. The fuel canister will act as a heavy object. After fueling the generator, you must tinker with either side of the machine to ensure all the lights are green. You must crank the generator by getting at least four correct skill checks in a row.

Unlock Saw Handles

Outlast Trials Crucifix Man During Orphanage Program 3

Once again, this mechanic will be something you have done before. It's similar to finding the correct keys to unlock all the gates in Kill The Snitch during Program 1. You only need to find two keys this time.

You must analyze the televisions on either side of the man on the cross for your quest to update and tell you which symbol you need to look for. All bodies will be in the backyard of the chapel. The backyard is small, and only two keys are needed, so finding the correct keys shouldn't be hard.

outlast trials dead nun with fire key

When you have acquired both keys, interact with the lock boxes on either side of the man on the cross. This will initiate the saw handles. Interact with either handle of the saw and swing it back and forth to cut the man's legs.

After this, the game will tell you to regroup in the chapel. Once everyone in your party is inside, you must press a button on the pedestal on the side wall across from the jukebox. This will initiate the end of the trial, where blood will pour from the ceilings, and the mannequin children will pretend to eat.

Mother Gooseberry will spawn at the chapel doors. You must exit from the same doors and return to the very beginning of the trial to escape.

  • Trial Rewards: 1500 XP, 500 Credits, a Cosmetic,
  • Additional 1000 Credits for a Grade A

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outlast trials meat soup in program 3 orphanage mk challenge

MK-Challenges offer more rewards and opportunities to level up in the game. You need to complete the MK-Challenges and the harder exam versions of the main trial to get a grade for the Program. You cannot access Program X unless you have a full grade for every Program 1-3.

Feed The Children

In this mission, you will start by entering a cafeteria. There is a large bowl at the head of the room that you must fill with bottles of bleach. Bottles of bleach can be found around the map and will act as heavy objects.

A basement and two other areas are to the left and ride side of the cafeteria. These are all possible locations for finding bottles of bleach. Figure out where they are located and lug them to the cafeteria without dying. The location of the bleach changes each time you play this trial.

After pouring all the bottles of bleach, you must serve the soup by pressing the button inside the cafeteria. The mannequins will start moving. Soon after, Mother Gooseberry will show up, and you will have to exit the trial.

  • Trial Rewards: 750 XP, 250 Credits, and a Cosmetic
  • Additional 500 Credits for a Grade A.

Foster The Orphans

This mission is one of the simplest in design. You will enter the orphanage lobby, where you will find mannequin children on a track. They are blocked by a metal gate. You must unlock said gate by tuning frequencies on three radio boxes. The first one will be directly to the left of the mannequins.

To find the other frequencies, follow the green wire above the gate. A smaller metal gate will open once you walk up to it. Through here, you will gain access to the rest of the orphanage and must find the remaining frequencies. The location of the boxes changes each time you play the trial.

Once you have tuned all frequencies, you must return to the main lobby where the mannequin track was. Press the button in the middle, and the gate will open. The mannequins will continue into a shipping container, and you must pass them, heading left and entering the shuttles to escape.

  • Trial Rewards: 750 XP, 250 Credits, and a Cosmetic
  • Additional 500 Credits for a Grade A.

Cleanse The Orphans Trial 3 And 4

The Outlast Trials Orphanage Menu Highlighting Challenge 3 and 4

The remaining trials will have the same name as the first but with dots and the word "EXAM." They are the same as the first trial, with the following differences.


Additional Challenges


Cleanse The Orphans

Trial •••

Three times as difficult

Additional Tags: High Density, Extra Traps, Unreliable Doors

1,500 XP, 500 Coins, a Cosmetic

An extra 1000 for Grade A.

EXAM: Cleanse The Orphans

Trial ••••••

Six times as difficult

Additional Tags: Increased Traps, Increased Threat, Limited Intel, Limited Hidespots, Unreliable Doors, Limited Items

1,500 XP, 500 Coins, two Orphanage memorabilia, a Cosmetic

An extra 1000 for Grade A.

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