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A small-town Canadian with a passion for writing, gaming, and animals. She writes by day and helps animals by night. What started with creative writing blossomed into sharing her gaming passion with the world. Sharnelle has been working with TheGamer for three years as a writer and is currently back in school for Massage Therapy. Her interests lie in fantasy adventure games and well-brewed black tea.

Epic Games Store Steam Deck 1
How To Install And Use Epic Games On Steam Deck

Here's how to take advantage of your Epic Games library on the Steam Deck.

outlast trials orphanage artwork and nun with pray hands 1
The Outlast Trials: Program 3 Orphanage Walkthrough

Better hurry, the children are getting hungry.

Demonologist demon behind dress and outlast trials character reviving friend. 1
30 Games To Play If You Love Phasmophobia

Phasmophobia is loved for being a horror game to enjoy with friends, and some other games hit the same mark, too.

Steam Deck keyboard and mouse 1
How To Set Up A Mouse And Keyboard On Steam Deck

Not a fan of the Steam Deck's controls? Here's how you can use a mouse and keyboard to play instead.

outlast trials artwork of mother gooseberry and psychosis depiction of gooseberry 1
sun haven silk moth and deer on cliff 1
Sun Haven: Nel'Vari Farming Guide

Nel'Vari has different rules for farming in Sun Haven - here's everything you need to know.

sun haven player holding blue honey and honey flowers surrounding bee box 1
Sun Haven: Guide To Bee Boxes

Let these busy bees do their jobs to the fullest.

The Outlast Trials chapter 1 walkthrough 1
The Outlast Trials: Program 1 Police Station Walkthrough

Program 1 in The Outlast Trials has you surviving in a grim police station. Follow this guide to complete your objectives safely.

outlast trials player covered in blood and then player clean posing in lobby 1
9 Things We Wish We Knew Before Starting The Outlast Trials

Want to survive more trials and earn more money and experience?

outlast trials a black man, purchasable outfit, and an asian woman 1
The Outlast Trials: How To Customize Your Cell And Character

If you're going to escape a horror scenario like this, you might as well look good.

Game images from Resident Evil Village. 1
Resident Evil Village: The First Things You Should Buy From The Duke

Be well-equipped while exploring the wicked lands of this game.

outlast trials noakes the engineer and player with blood on them 1
The Outlast Trials: How To Unlock Rigs

Learn how to unlock the essential Rigs for your Outlast Trial runs.

farming simulator 23 seeder and harvester on plots of land 1
Machines You Should Buy First In Farming Simulator 23

These are the first machines you should purchase for your farm in Farming Simulator 23.

farming simulator 23 seeder and cultivator 1
Farming Simulator 23: Guide To Every Type Of Farming

There are largely three types of farm you can run in Farming Simulator 23 - do you want to focus on crops, trees, or animals?

farming simulator 23 tractor pouring wheat and cultivator driving on road 1
Farming Simulator 23: Beginner Tips And Tricks

Here are some tips to get you started in Farming Simulator 23!

34-Elden Ring Lake Of Rot Complete Walkthrough 1
Elden Ring: Lake Of Rot Complete Walkthrough

Rot... rot everywhere.

sun haven player walking up nelvari stairs and next to wilt by the mines 1
Sun Haven: Nel'Vari Mines Complete Guide

Here's a guide to everything you'll find in the Nel'Vari Mines.

coffee talk 2 riona looking upset in the cafe and riona playing a guitar in a picture 1
Coffee Talk Episode 2: How To Unlock Every Ending

You can unlock every ending, including the secret ending, with this Coffee Talk Episode 2 guide.

sun haven player holding sugar with brown bunny pet and liam in winter clothes at bakery 1
Sun Haven: Where To Get Sugar

Sugar is a crucial ingredient in many recipes in Sun Haven and is even used to make some furniture. Here's how to get it.

sun haven withergate candy mines and ticket master 1
Sun Haven: Withergate Mines Complete Guide

The Withergate Mines aren't as scary as they seem. Here's everything you'll get from your adventures there.

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