One of the main features of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is your ability to build vehicles and devices. These custom creations can range from simple rafts to large flying contraptions. Regardless of the grandness of your creation, you may eventually get tired of building the same thing over and over.

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Thankfully, you can eventually unlock the Autobuild feature, which bookmarks your builds and allows you to make them again. With this feature, you will also unlock the ability to use Schema Stones. These are blueprints saved in the Autobuild menu, letting you build the premade devices. Here, you can check out every Schema Stone, as well as where to find it.

12 Fanplane

tears of the kingdom Great Abandoned Central Mine location on map
  • Location: Great Abandoned Central Mine
  • Closest Chasm: Great Plateau North Chasm

The Fanplane Schema Stone is one of the first that you will receive, as it's obtained within the same questline that unlocks Autobuild. During the quest A Mystery in the Depths, you will face off against Master Kohga.

After the fight, head back to the Construct where you first used Autobuild. This little guy will direct you to another Construct, who gives you the Fanplane Schema Stone.

11 Hot-Air Balloon

tears of the kingdom autobuilding a hot air balloon for josha
  • Location: Lookout Landing

After returning to Josha for A Mystery in the Depths, she will give you a small task to repair Robbie's Hot-Air Balloon. Once you have done this, you will receive the Schema Stone for the balloon.

This means that as you complete the quest to unlock Autobuild, you will come across two of the 12 available Schema Stones.

10 Launch Pad

Abandoned Karkariko Mine on map with arusakam lightroot highlighted
  • Location: Abandoned Karkariko Mine
  • Closest Chasm: East Hill Chasm

Next up, we have the Launch Pad. This Schema Stone isn't part of a quest like the previous two. To obtain this stone, head to the Abandoned Karkariko Mine. This mine is under Karkariko Village, so you can quickly get here by diving into the East Hill Chasm and heading southwest.

At the Abandoned Karkariko Mine, you will see a Construct near the middle of the structure. Speak to it and you will receive the Launch Pad Schema Stone.

9 Dirigible

Abandoned Lurelin Mine highlighted on map of the depths
  • Location: Abandoned Lurelin Mine
  • Closet Chasm: Meda Mountain Chasm

Don't let this strangely names device fool you; the Dirigible is simply just a platform with two balloons attached. To obtain the stone for this creation, head to the Abandoned Lurelin Mine. As the name implies, this is underneath Lurelin Village.

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Here, you will need to defeat the Yiga Clan enemies that occupy the area and then speak to a nearby Construct who rewards you with the Dirigible Schema Stone.

8 Hovercraft

tears of the kingdom gerudo mine on map, also showing the kara kara mine and great mine
via KeyGoneKGClips/Reddit
  • Location: Abandoned Gerudo Mine
  • Closest Chasm: Birida Lookout Chasm or East Gerudo Chasm

Once again, we are heading to a mine. This time, make your way to the Abandoned Gerudo Mine, which lies under the Gerudo Desert. This Schema Stone can be unlocked through the side adventure associated with Master Kohga.

After a battle with this Yiga Clan leader, a construct will give you the Schema Stone for the Hovercraft. Before unlocking this stone, you will first need to unlock the Fanplane and the Hot-Air Balloon during A Mystery In The Depths.

7 Bolt Boat

 Abandoned Lanayru Mine zoomed in on map
  • Location: Abandoned Lanayru Mine
  • Closet Chasm: South Akkala Plains Chasm

The Bolt Boat is also unlocked while working through the side adventure with Master Kohga. For this portion of the quest, head to the Abandoned Lanayru Mine, which is under the Zora Domain.

After another Yiga battle, a Construct will give you the Bolt Boat Schema Stone. From here, there is only one more Schema Stone that you can get through the Master Kohga of the Yiga Clan side adventure.

6 Rocket Platform

Master Kohga caught off guard In The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom the video game
  • Location: Abandoned Hebra Mine
  • Closest Chasm: Rito Village Chasm

The Rocket Platform is a handy little device that shoots you into the sky. Additionally, it can be obtained during the last portion of the Master Kohga side adventure.

For this step, you will head to the Abandoned Hebra Mine, which lies under Rito Village. As the fourth step in Master Kohga of the Yiga Clan, this Schema Stone will take some time to acquire. Thankfully, there is a quest marker, so you can easily follow this.

5 Bridge

abandoned hateno mines shown on map in tears of the kingdom
  • Location: Abandoned Hateno Mine
  • Closest Chasm: Meda Mountain Chasm or Naydra Snowfield Chasm

Ever need some material to quickly bridge a gap, but don't see any wooden panels lying about? Well, the Bridge Schema Stone can help with that. To get this stone, head to the Abandoned Hateno Mine, underneath Hateno Village.

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Once again, defeat the Yiga Clan in the area, and speak with a nearby Construct who will give you the Bridge Schema Stone.

4 Instant Scaffold

tears of the kingdom gerudo and kara kara mines shown on map
  • Location: Abandoned Kara Kara Mine
  • Closest Chasm: Birida Lookout Chasm or East Gerudo Chasm

The Instant Scaffold is quite similar to the Bridge, as it's not a Zonai-powered device. To obtain it, head to the Abandoned Kara Kara Mine, which lies under the Kara Kara Bazaar in the Gerudo Desert.

Here, you will defeat the Yiga Clan, and then speak to the Construct, who will reward you with the Instant Scaffold Schema Stone.

3 Instant Cannon

abandoned tarrey mine shown on map of the depths
  • Location: Abandoned Tarrey Mine
  • Closest Chasm: East Akkala Plains Chasm

The Instant Cannon Schema Stone is found at the Abandoned Tarrey Mine, which as you might guess, is underneath Tarrey Town.

By now, you may be expecting Yiga Clan enemies in the area, but here, you will be pleasantly surprised. The Yiga Clan will not be here, so you can walk up to the Construct and obtain the Instant Cannon Schema Stone right away.

2 Automated Ally

abandoned eldin mine shown on the map in tears of the kingdom
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  • Location: Abandoned Eldin Mine
  • Closest Chasm: Minshi Woods Chasm or Death Mountain Chasm

Within the Abandoned Eldin Mine, you will find the Schema Stone for the Automated Ally, which is essentially a little robot that attacks for you. The Abandoned Eldin Mine is near the Fire Temple, and just south of the Cugukaram Lightroot.

Once at the Abandoned Eldin Mine, simply speak to the Construct to receive the Automated Ally Schema Stone.

1 Beam Cycle

Shrine of Resurrection from Breath of the Wild shown on tears of the kingdom map
  • Location: Shrine of Resurrection

Lastly, we have the Beam Cycle Schema Stone. This stone is found on the surface of Hyrule, unlike many other entries on our list. To find it, head back to the Shrine of Resurrection from Breath of the Wild. This is where Link slept for 100 years, and can be found on the Great Plateau.

Inside the Shrine, you will find a cave filled with the Yiga Clan. Defeat these enemies, and speak to the nearby Construct, you will give you the Beam Cycle Schema Stone.

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