Redfall brings Arkane's signature style and gameplay to the FPS genre, with both single and multiplayer options. You take on the role of a survivor in the town of Redfall, faced with a horde of vampires - and humans.

Arkane Studios
First-Person Shooter
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Link falling from the sky in Tears of the Kingdom with trippy desaturated sky island background 1
Tears Of The Kingdom Proves People Want Weirder Games

The new Zelda achieved success by doubling down on Breath of the Wild's rough edges, not by sanding them off.

A Split Image Depicting Vampire God Lairs In Redfall 1
Redfall: How To Unlock All Vampire God Lairs

Unlocking the Vampire God Lairs in Redfall can be an arduous process - here's how to get to every one in the game.

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9 Things Everyone Completely Missed In Redfall

From the bonfires in Dark Souls to gin from Prey, Redfall is full of hidden references if you know where to look.

Redfall Books 1
Redfall Falls To Just Under 200 Concurrent Players On Steam

Game Pass players have also decided to abandon Redfall for less vampire-infested pastures. 

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Redfall - Where To Find All The Grave Locks In Burial Point

Here is where to locate the 55 Grave Locks on the Burial Point map.

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8 Lingering Questions We Have After The End Of Redfall

There are some questions even bigger than the vampire presence.

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We Can't Keep Doing Lore Drops The Same Old Way

Lore drops are an important part of the world-building process for a lot of games, but Jedi: Survivor reveals how antiquated the usual methods are.

link running in tears of the kingdom 1
30fps For Tears Of The Kingdom Is Not The Same As 30fps For Redfall

No, it’s not hypocritical to enjoy Tears of the Kingdom and criticise Redfall when they have the same frame rate

Redfall: Fight With Vampires And Jacob With Raven Collage 1
10 Things Only Pro Players Know You Can Do In Redfall

These pro tips will help you progress in Redfall.

Redfall Commons Grave Lock Locations Featured Split Image 1
Redfall - Where To Find All The Grave Locks In Redfall Commons

There are 45 grave locks on the first Redfall map, and they're well-hidden.

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Redfall: 5 Best Outfit Unlocks

Here are the best unlockable outfits in Redfall!

A Split Image Depicting several artwork and scenes From Redfall 1
Redfall: 10 Hardest Achievements To Unlock

Here are the hardest achievements to unlock in Redfall!

redfall vampire looking at the sun 1
Redfall Credits Include A Message To Players Detailing Difficult Development

Perhaps an implication that the Arkane team knew some people would react poorly to its new vampire game.

A Split Image Depicting NPCs And The Mission Area In Redfall 1
Redfall: Achievement/Trophy Guide

Here's everything you need to know to obtain every Achievement in Redfall!

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Redfall: Best Builds For Remi

These builds can get the best out of Remi.

Split image of a character holding a gun, close-up of the popcorn machine, and the player character aiming into the distance in Redfall. 1
8 Best Optional Quests In Redfall

If you're looking for optional content, these are the best side quests to do in Redfall.

redfall players looking up at the sun 1
Redfall Gameplay Time Reveals It’s Actually Doing Just Fine Thanks To Game Pass

Despite the bad reviews, Redfall is Xbox’s second-biggest launch of 2023.

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Redfall: All Blackwood House Key Locations

The bedrooms in the Blackwood House contain some goodies. But you need a few keys to reach them.

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Redfall: 12 Best Skills To Unlock First

If you're starting Redfall, don't forget about these useful skills!

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Redfall: Best Builds For Devinder

Take advantage of his crowd-control possibilities.