Meet Your Maker


Meet Your Maker: Fighting Guards, Fortified Entrances And Shooting Traps 1
10 Things We Knew Before Playing Meet Your Maker

Outposts can be brutal, but here are a few handy tips to help you get in, grab that GenMat, and get out in one piece.

A collage showing fire on the left, an enemy in front of you in the middle, and a trap on the right. 1
Meet Your Maker: 10 Tips For Making The Best Outposts

You will catch many raiders by surprise with these tips.

Meet Your Maker 9 best mods for traps-1 1
Meet Your Maker: 9 Best Mods For Traps

You don't want to plant your deadly traps without these modifiers.

A collage featuring a fallen player, a robot, and a trap shooting fire. 1
Meet Your Maker: 10 Tips for Raiding Outposts

Basically: be really careful, mate.

A collage showing three different traps. 1
Meet Your Maker: 9 Best Traps And Defenses, Ranked

Know what's best for your outpost.

Meet Your Maker Level 1
Meet Your Maker Devs Believe "No Outpost Is Impossible To Defeat"

But some of them can be really, really hard.

Meet Your Maker review 1
Meet Your Maker Review - An Inch Wide And A Mile Deep

Mario Maker meets Doom 3? I have no idea what means, but colour me interested!