Link Talks To Flaxel And Squad Outside Of Pirate Ship Monster Base 1
The Nintendo Switch Makes Games Too Easy To Ignore

The casual pick up and play nature of the Switch means a lot of us rarely pick it up at all.

Kids RPGs - Kitaria Fables, Ni No Kuni Wrath of the White Witch, and Dragon Quest Builders 2 1
The Best RPGs For Kids

RPGs are a classic video game genre. Get the kid in your life hooked on them with any of these titles!

A picture of a dredge character deep in thought 1
Dredge: 9 Mangrove Fish And How Valuable They Are

These Mangrove fish are worth the time and effort of catching in Dredge.

A fish from Dredge opening its mouth to reveal razor sharp teeth 1
Dredge: 10 Most Valuable Fish You Can Catch

Dredge the depths for fortune and you may just find it.

Dredge: The Demon Of The Bad Ending And Sea Beast In The Good Ending 1
Dredge: Both Endings, Explained

An evil eldritch god ensures a grim end awaits the Fisherman, here's both endings in Dredge, explained.

A cutscene of the fisherman selling aberrations in Dredge 1
Dredge: All Abilities And How To Use Them

Even fishermen could do with a bit of magic in Dredge!

Dredge Cleft-Mouth Shark, Defaced Skate, and Voideye 1
Dredge: 10 Creepiest Aberrations, Ranked

Dredge has some monstrous-looking fish to scoop up from the depths - here are the creepiest.

dredge creepy man 1
Dredge’s Secret Ending Shows The Power Of A Good Twist

Dredge keeps its secrets even after you’ve finished, showing that sometimes the player doesn’t need to know everything

Dredge Deck 1
Dredge Makes Me Love My Steam Deck, Dredge Makes Me Hate My Steam Deck

Dredge shows the best and worst of the Steam Deck

Dredge Docked 1
Dredge Can Be A Cozy Fishing Sim If You're Smart

Scaredy cats, listen up.

Dredge With Wind Waker And Majora's MAsk 1
Indie Fishing Sim Dredge Is Wind Waker Meets Majora’s Mask

Dredge could be this year’s sleeper hit

A fishing boat sails toward a lighthouse in Dredge 1
Dredge Review: Stygian Yet Stagnant

Come for the eldritch abominations, stay for the choice fishing spots.

Dredge Preview 1
Dredge Preview - Eldritch Horror Never Felt So Calming

Dredge has an impeccable atmosphere, and it manages to be both relaxing and completely horrifying. Here's our preview.