Scars Above

scars above
February 28, 2023
Mad Head Games
Deep Silver, Prime Matter
Third-Person Shooter, Action-Adventure
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From left to right– Kate standing in a cutscene, Scars Above Promo Art of Kate with her eyes closed, shield item from scars above. 1
10 Changes To Make Scars Above Go From Good To Great

Scars Above has the makings of a great game, but these few issues are holding it back.

Game art and screen from Scars Above. 1
Scars Above: 5 Beginner Tips

Survive the perils of the mysterious planet in Scars Above with these tips!

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Scars Above Is A Reminder That Flying Enemies Are Easy To Get Wrong

Shooting Winged Leeches is the virtual equivalent of craning your neck.

Scars Above's Kate with flams superimposed over her 1
Scars Above Understands That Playing With The Elements Is Always Fun

Is Scars Above fire? Not quite, but it does let you play with fire, which is also good.

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10 Games To Play If You Like Scars Above

Can't get enough of Dr. Kate and aliens? Try these titles in the meantime.

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Scars Above: Chapter Six Walkthrough

Survive the final chapter of Scars Above and defeat the Custodian with this guide!

Kate Ward explores the caverns and her fears in Scars Above 1
Scars Above: Chapter Five Walkthrough

Escape the natural caverns in the depths of the alien planet in the fifth chapter of Scars Above!

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Scars Above: Chapter Four Walkthrough

Solve puzzles and defeat the Custodian's automated defenses with this guide for Scars Above!

The Apparaition and the Construct, along with an alien heating device 1
Scars Above: Chapter Three Walkthrough

Survive the cold and battle dangerous monsters in the third chapter of Scars Above!

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Scars Above: Chapter Two Walkthrough

Kate's search for her crewmates continues in the second chapter of Scars Above!

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Scars Above: Chapter One Walkthrough

Explore an alien world and fight to survive in the first chapter of Scars Above!

Scars Above review 1
Scars Above Review - Never Metahedron I Didn't Like

This solid sci-fi shooter offers electric combat but fails to tap into anything elemental.

Kate by a regen pillar in the forest 1
Scars Above Preview: Above Expectations

Scars Above offers a challenge that remains accessible.