Returnal marries the roguelike and third-person shooter genres in Housemarque's PlayStation 5 exclusive. You play Selene, an explorer stranded on the planet of Atropos, and must battle both hostile aliens and a time loop to discover what happened.

returnal game
April 30, 2021
Third-Person Shooter
T for Teen: Blood, Mild Language, Violence
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Roguelike Shooters Feature 1
16 Best Roguelike Shooters

If you love roguelikes and shooters, these are the best games that combine these genres.

Returnal Ophion Boss And Jumping On Hidden Platforms 1
Returnal: How To Defeat Ophion

Ophion will be the final boss standing between you and the end of the main story, and it'll be quite a challenge to defeat this enemy.

Returnal Selene Closeup And Typhonos In Inactive State 1
Returnal: Guide To Hostiles In Abyssal Scar

The Abyssal Scar biome will feature both new and upgraded versions of old enemies while it gives you some of the toughest battles.

Returnal Selene Putting Gear On Head And Invisible Path 1
Returnal: Abyssal Scar Walkthrough

The final biome of Returnal will introduce you to many new mechanics and enemies, and it'll also be the hardest to beat.

Returnal Haunted House And Astronaut Standing In It 1
Returnal: How To Get Inside The House And What You'll Find Inside

The haunted house in Returnal will tell you quite a lot about Selene's life, and it will also give you plenty of useful artifacts.

Returnal Fractured Wastes Starting Area And Boss Enemy Spawning 1
Returnal: Guide To Hostiles In Fractured Wastes

The ice biome of Returnal doesn't feature any final boss, but it puts you against the hardest hostiles in the game.

Returnal Fractured Wastes Starting Area And Pool To Abyssal Scar 1
Returnal: Fractured Wastes Walkthrough

Fractured Wastes is the second last biome in Returnal, and it has quite a unique feature that makes it different from the rest.

Game art from Returnal. 1
Returnal: Guide To Hostiles In Echoing Ruins

You'll find a whole range of enemies in the Echoing Ruins biome of Returnal, and some of them will be quite familiar.

Returnal Hyperion Boss Fight Starting And Attacks 1
Returnal: Hyperion Complete Boss Guide

Once you manage to reach the end of Echoing Ruins, you'll be able to find the source of the melody and shut it down after defeating Hyperion.

Returnal Key For Final Domain And Hyperion Boss 1
Returnal: Echoing Ruins Walkthrough

Echoing Ruins is the fourth biome in Returnal, and this serves as a new spawn point after you're defeated in battle.

Split image of Returnal with three photos. The left is Selene looking at a knife. The middle is Selene aiming down the sights of a gun to shoot at an alien. The right is the boss Phrike during a cutscene. 1
6 Changes To Make Returnal Go From Good To Great

Returnal is a fantastic dive into a triple-A, current-gen roguelike experience, but there are still a few things it could do better.

Returnal Selene Closeup And Astronaut Figurine On Ground 1
Returnal: 9 Best Artifacts

As you progress through the biomes of Returnal, you can unlock various artifacts that can give you different boosts.

Returnal Nemesis Boss Fight And Final Boss Room 1
Returnal: Nemesis Complete Boss Guide

Nemesis is the third boss you'll find in Returnal, and this fight will give you quite a unique experience.

Returnal Derelict Citadel Broken Automaton And Teleporter 1
Returnal: Derelict Citadel Walkthrough

Derelict Citadel is the third biome you'll find in Returnal, and the structure and enemies of this area are quite unique.

Returnal Giant Fabricator And Ether On Ground 1
Returnal: What Are Obolites And Ether?

These two forms of currency are valuable, but how exactly do you find and use them?

Returnal Selene In Crimson Wastes And Severed Cutscene 1
Returnal: Crimson Wastes Walkthrough

While Crimson Wastes is only the second biome in Returnal, it can be one of the most difficult ones because of the enemies and structures.

Returnal Derelict Citadel Entrance And Automaton Picture 1
Returnal: Guide To Hostiles In Derelict Citadel

After beating Crimson Wastes, you'll stumble upon the broken structures of the Derelict Citadel, and this area will give you quite a hard time.

Returnal Crimson Wastes Picture With Aetheract Enemy 1
Returnal: Guide To Hostiles In Crimson Wastes

The enemies you'll encounter in Crimson Wastes will be much more agile and deadly, so it's important to know how you can easily beat them.

Returnal Tower Of Sisyphus Entrance And Translocator With Enemy 1
Returnal: Complete Tower Of Sisyphus Guide

The Tower Of Sisyphus is a special mode in Returnal that can only be accessed after you've played the game for quite a long time.

Returnal Selene Closeup And Astronaut Figurine 1
Returnal: Guide To The Astronaut Figurine

The Astronaut Figurine can ease your runs in Returnal significantly and here's everything you need to know about it.