Split image screenshots of the wolf cub on a crate and the deer kneeling, the deer and the wolf cub sliding down a hill, and the wolf cub and the deer meeting the goat kids. 1
7 Changes To Make Blanc Go From Good To Great

Blanc is a cute game with a simple story, but there are some changes that could make it great.

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9 Games To Play If You Like Blanc

If you enjoyed your time with these two cute animals, you will likely have a great time with these titles.

Split image screenshots of the deer kneeling to let the wolf cub jump of crates, the wolf cub and deer seeing the other wolf cub and deer, and the wolf cub pulling on rope. 1
Blanc: How To Help The Wolf Cub And The Deer

In Chapter 10 of Blanc, you'll meet two familiar faces. Here's how to help the younger wolf cub and deer siblings reunite with their families.

Split image screenshots of the wolf cub, deer, and goats working together, the animals meeting for the first time, and the animals walking across a pipe. 1
Blanc: How To Help The Goats

In Chapter 7 of Blanc, you'll meet an adorable pair of goat kids. Here's how to help them throughout Chapters 7 and 8.

The wolf cub looking at the mother goose and baby geese in the shelter in Blanc. 1
Blanc: How To Help The Geese

In Chapter 5 of Blanc, you'll come across a family of geese. Here's how you can give them safe passage.

Split image screenshots of the deer far away, the wolf cub and deer following the trail, and the wolf cub in a log while the deer watches on in Blanc. 1
Blanc: Beginner Tips

Blanc is a gorgeous, hand-drawn game made for two players. Before you get started, you might want to consider these beginner tips.

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Blanc Review - Shades Of Grey

Blanc isn't the style of game you would expect Gearbox to publish but its cute, fun and has a whole lot of heart.