PowerWash Simulator

Some things just need a good, deep clean. PowerWash Simulator, launched in 2022 and created by FuturLab, allows you to do just that — from cars to Croft Manor from Tomb Raider. 


powerwash simulator promotional image with a house and dirty driveway 1
PowerWash Simulator Is The First Thing To Bring Me Peace In Weeks

I lost hours of my life to ADD-induced hyperfocus on jet-cleaning dirt, and I don’t regret it

PowerWash Simulator Warhammer 1
I'm Still Waiting For Warhammer PowerWash Simulator DLC

Put that Lasgun down and help me clean this Land Raider, soldier!

PowerWash Simulator Midgard Final Fantasy 7 Crossover 1
PowerWash Simulator's Final Fantasy 7 Crossover Is Officially Canon

It’s important to know how Cloud kept his Buster sword so clean.

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PowerWash Simulator: All Gnome Locations

Where there’s dirt, gnomes are watching while you clean it. Here’s where they’re all hiding in PowerWash Simulator.

Final Fantasy 7 Tomb Raider PowerWash 1
Power Wash Simulator's Future Is All About Crossovers

Final Fantasy has never been so filthy

Dead Space Isaac Near Flesh with TG overlay 1
What's TheGamer Staff Playing This Weekend?

Heading into its second weekend, the Dead Space remake still has TheGamer staff in its grasp.

Power-washers, a RUMU cleaning robot, and a construction sign stand in front of a warm backdrop of a man mowing a lawn. 1
11 Extremely Satisfying Cleaning Games

There's something ineffably satisfying about cleaning up grime, and these are the best games for scratching that itch.

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Isaac Clarke Dead Space Radioactive Waste Black Mesa Zerg Creep Starcraft 1
PowerWash Simulator: 10 Crossover Locations We Need To Clean

More than a few games could do with the PowerWash Simulator treatment.

Stranger of Paradise 1
Square Enix's Sales Are Down, Despite Big 2022 Releases

Square Enix's game sales were down in all categories last year.

powerwash simulator final fantasy crossover with cloud's bike 1
PowerWash And Final Fantasy 7 Are Crossing Over With Tifa's Bar In New DLC

Pack up your tools and head to Midgar. There's some stuff that needs cleaning.

Alchemilla Hospital Resident Evil Biohazard and Powerwash Simulator 1
10 Video Game Buildings We Want To See In PowerWash Simulator

With the introduction of Croft Manor to PowerWash Simulator, here are some more places from games we'd love to satisfyingly clean!

Fire Emblem Engage TG Custom Image 1
What Is TheGamer Staff Playing This Weekend?

JRPGs have taken over as classic Persona titles come to modern consoles and Fire Emblem Engage hits the Switch.

A variety of creatures from D&D, Selene from Returnal, and Sonic the Hedgehog  1
The Biggest Gaming News For January 18, 2023

Returnal is heading to PC and Wizards apologises for its recent OGL mistakes.

Croft Manor-1 1
Lara Croft's Mansion Comes To Powerwash Simulator January 31

About time someone gave Winston a hand with this mess!

powerwash simulator 1
PowerWash Simulator Hits PlayStation And Switch January 30

Experience the power of high-pressure water on PlayStation and Switch. Potentially. Maybe.

Amanda Shame of the Year 1
Shame Of The Year: PowerWash Simulating And Halo Campaigning

I solemnly swear to uphold the power of PowerWash Simulator in the new year!

Helen Shame of the Year 1
Shame Of The Year - I'm Late To Everything

I'm just getting started on all those great games from last year, and some from the year before.

Split image of a powerwasher blasting a van, a tower, and a rock. 1
7 Hardest Achievements To Unlock In PowerWash Simulator

Can you spray away these blemishes on your completionist checklist?

PowerWash Simulator Best Vehicles And Locations For Cooperative: Mini-Golf, Washroom, RV(again) 1
PowerWash Simulator: 8 Best Locations And Vehicles To Clean Cooperatively

PowerWash Simulator is fantastic on its own, but it gets even better if you play it with a friend.

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What Is TheGamer Staff Playing Over Christmas?

Gamers roasting on an open fire.