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Destiny 2's Season of the Deep has overhauled how its vendor upgrade system works. Most seasons include a 3x7 upgrade grid where players unlock weekly perks through Seasonal Challenge currencies. This season has done something slightly different.

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Players will now acquire their vendor upgrades from a dedicated set of Seasonal Challenges. Completing certain Triumphs will improve the Sonar Station at the H.E.L.M. and provide the player with some powerful buffs, focusing options, and quality of life improvements. This guide will showcase how to unlock all ten of these upgrades for the Sonar Station. But before we cover the exact challenges, it's important we go over just how Season of the Deep handles these vendor upgrade challenges.

How Vendor Upgrades Work In Season Of The Deep

Destiny 2 Season of the Deep Vendor Upgrades Location 3

Season of the Deep's upgrade system does not use the traditional 3x7 vendor grid seen in previous seasons. Season 21 uses the Seasonal Challenge system for its vendor upgrades. If you enter your Seasonal Challenge menu from the quests tab, there's a dedicated subsection labeled "Season of the Deep."

This section features ten challenges that will persist for the rest of the year, not just this season. Completing these challenges will unlock activity upgrades, Engram Focusing options, and quality of life improvements. In essence, everything you'd expect to obtain from a vendor grid is found in here.

For the rest of this guide, we'll be covering each individual challenge as it's presented in this Seasonal Challenge menu. Use the table of contents above to jump to a particular Triumph you're interested in. Each section covers how to complete the challenge and its associated vendor upgrade.

Which Upgrades Should I Get First?

The Deepsight Salvaging, Deep Sea Locksmith, and Dive Station challenges all seem to be time-gated. Focus on obtaining the other vendor upgrades first.

Since this system is structured similarly to Seasonal Challenges, you don't need to focus on a specific one. Try to unlock all of these upgrades if possible. If you want specifics, we recommend focusing on Deep Armor Focusing, Deep Weapon Focusing, and Deepsight Salvaging. These upgrades will unlock all focusing options at the Sonar Station, including guaranteed red border focusing once per week.

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Deep Challenger

Destiny 2 Season of the Deep Zavala And Drifter Standing Infront Of Leviathan

Deep Challenger: Complete Week 1 of "Into the Depths" quest.


  • Weekly challenges have a chance to drop an additional Deep Engram.
  • 12,500 XP

The "Into the Depths" quest refers to Season of the Deep's main quest. When you log into the game, you'll be forced to play this season's introductory mission. Complete it and visit the H.E.L.M. to acquire this questline. The quest itself requires you to play a game of Salvage and Deep Dive.

Deep Challenger's reward gives the Salvage and Deep Dive weekly challenges a chance to drop a Deep Engram. Challenges in this case refer to the weekly Powerful and Pinnacle Gear sources tied to both activities. Since this is a seasonal Engram type, the Engram will be sent to the Sonar Station vendor at the H.E.L.M. for later decryption. This reward only applies to weekly gear sources.

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Deep Armor Focusing

Destiny 2 Season of the Deep Activity Armor Sets

Deep Armor Focusing: Obtain a full set of Season of the Deep armor.


  • Deep Engrams can be focused into pieces of high-stat armor at the Sonar Station vendor.
  • 12,500 XP

This vendor challenge requires you to obtain a full set of Season of the Deep armor. This armor drops from Salvage clears, Deep Dive clears, and occasionally from Legendary fish. You can also decrypt Deep Engrams at the H.E.L.M. for a chance at obtaining an armor piece you don't currently own.

Completing this challenge gives you access to the Sonar Station's armor focusing options, providing high-stat armor when focusing specific armor pieces. As with the War Table's armor focusing, the Sonar Station will focus a specific stat if you have an Armorer mod equipped on your Ghost Shell.

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Deep Weapon Focusing

Destiny 2 Season of the Deep Seasonal Weapons

Deep Weapon Focusing: Obtain any six Season of the Deep or reprised Reckoning weapon.


  • Deep Engrams can be focused into specific seasonal weapons at the Sonar Station vendor.
  • 12,500 XP

This Triumph requires you to obtain any seasonal weapon introduced in Season of the Deep. Taken weapons drop in the Salvage and Deep Dive activities, and Reckoning weapons can be obtained by depositing Legendary fish at the H.E.L.M.'s aquarium. You'll need six weapons in total, half of the seasonal weapons added this season.

Completing this Triumph will unlock weapon focusing at the Sonar Station vendor. You'll be able to focus your Deep Engrams into any Season of the Deep or Reckoning weapon you've previously obtained. If you played during Season of the Drifter, you'll need to reacquire the Reckoning weapons through the fishing activity before you unlock Reckoning focusing.

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Synchronized Swimming

Destiny 2 Season of the Deep HELM Aquarium

Synchronized Swimming: Reach Rank 7 with the Sonar Station vendor in the H.E.L.M.


  • Salvage and Deep Dive chests grant bonus reputation, scaling with fireteam members that also own this upgrade.
  • 12,500 XP

Synchronized Swimming requires you to increase your reputation with the Sonar Station vendor to R7 or higher. Sonar Station reputation is earned by completing Season of the Deep activities, including Salvage, Deep Dive, and fishing. You can increase your reputation earnings by equipping Season of the Deep armor.

This vendor upgrade increases the reputation gains rewarded from Salvage and Deep Dive chests, increasing with each member of your fireteam that's also completed this challenge.

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Deep Attraction

Destiny 2 Season of the Deep HELM Wing

Deep Attraction: Reach Rank 13 with the Sonar Station vendor in the H.E.L.M.


  • Completing activities grants a chance to earn an additional Deep Engram.
  • 12,500 XP

Deep Attraction is the same as Synchronized Swimming but with a higher rank requirement. We recommend farming the Salvage and fishing activities to get this done quickly. Be sure to equip a full set of Season of the Deep armor to increase your reputation gains.

Completing this Triumph will give you a chance of earning a Deep Engram from completing any activity, seasonal related or not. Ritual content, raids, dungeons, and PvP game types can all drop Deep Engrams with this vendor upgrade unlocked.

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Efficient Angler

Destiny 2 Season of the Deep Guardian Fishing-1

Efficient Angler: Catch 25 fish while a pond is at its maximum catch bonus.


  • Upon catching a fish, there's a small chance your bait will be refunded.
  • 12,500 XP

The EDZ, Nessus, and Savathun's Throne World have dedicated fishing zones you can find on your map. This Triumph requires you to catch 25 fish while at maximum catch. You'll want to look at your tackle box in your inventory menu to find the current fishing hotspot. Visit that destination and start fishing. The more Legendary fish that are caught in your instance, the higher your catch bonus becomes.

Efficient Angler will give you a small chance of having your bait refunded upon catching a fish. It'll appear as a mote beside the caught fish if the perk triggered. The chance of this perk triggering is quite low, so be sure to bring lots of bait before you start fishing.

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Forgotten Treasures

Destiny 2 Season of the Deep Season Pass Armor Ornaments

Forgotten Treasures: As a fireteam, complete three jobs within a single Salvage activity.


  • Salvage Keys and Deep Dive Keys can drop an additional Deep Engram when used.
  • 12,500 XP

The Salvage activity will give your fireteam three different jobs before confronting the final boss. You must complete all three jobs without failing to complete this Triumph. That's fortunately quite easy to do. We cover how to complete each task in our Salvage guide.

This reward buffs your Salvage and Deep Dive Keys, giving you a chance of earning another Deep Engram whenever one is used. You use these keys in end-of-activity chests. Each key can be earned by playing ritual activities.

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Deepsight Salvaging

Destiny 2 Salvage Azshradat Boss

Deepsight Salvaging: Defeat each unique boss in Salvage activities.


  • The first Season of the Deep weapon you focus will have Deepsight. Resets weekly.
  • 12,500 XP

Deepsight Salvaging requires you to kill both Salvage bosses. Salvage has two boss fights that rotate each week: Azshradat and Uorgotha. Defeat both bosses to complete this Triumph.

The reward for this challenge is the ability to obtain Deepsight weapons from Deep Engram focusing. As with previous seasons, this can only be done once per week.

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Deep Sea Locksmith

Destiny 2 Season Of The Deep Wizard Boss Deep Dive

Deep Sea Locksmith: Defeat each unique boss in Deep Dive activities.


  • Salvage Keys can now drop Deep Dive Keys when used.
  • 12,500 XP

Similar to the previous challenge, Deep Dive has three unique bosses that rotate on a weekly basis. This challenge requires you to defeat all three Deep Dive bosses. This will take at least three weeks to complete.

Completing this challenge will give your Salvage Keys a chance to drop Deep Dive Keys. And since Deep Dive Keys sometimes give Salvage Keys, you could potentially farm both activities to earn chest keys, ignoring ritual content entirely.

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Dive Station

Destiny 2 Titan Thundercrashing Into Ogre

Dive Station: Successfully complete an encounter at the Abyss depth in a Deep Dive activity.


  • Ammo crates spawn in Deep Dive runs, restoring ammo and objective time when used.
  • 12,500 XP

The Abyss depth is the lowest point of a Deep Dive run. This challenge is currently time-gated due to all Deep Dive runs ending after slaying the first boss. Expect the Abyss depth to become reachable in future weeks. Once this happens, complete a full Deep Dive run to finish this challenge.

Dive Station's reward is the ability to find ammo crates at each Deep Dive depth. These crates restore your ammo and extend your objective timer.

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