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hawken reborn mech trailer 1
Hawken Reborn Is A Shadow Of The Original Game

Once more without feeling

The player character aiming a gun at a leaping monster in Warstride Challenges 1
Warstride Challenges Is The FPS At 100 Miles Per Hour

In this indie shooter, the player moves almost as fast as the bullets.

Shroud making a survival open-world game  1
Shroud Is Making An Open-World Survival Game

Shroud is collaborating with Sacriel and Splash Damage for the project.

FPS Tropes That Don't Make Sense Featured Split Image Of Reloading And Captain Price In Boat 1
7 Classic FPS Tropes That Don't Make Sense

FPS games don't need to be logical to be fun.

Valorant Character art, Master Chief poses with a gun, and a Champion rushes across the map 1
What FPS Game Should You Play Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

Do the stars have the perfect FPS for you?

Counter-Strike Deagle from a first-person POV over a purple, black, and blue gradient background 1
What Happened To The FPS Genre’s Obsession With Deagles?

The Deagle was everywhere in the '00s, but it fell out of the limelight and I miss it.

Forgotten FPS Games Featured - Homefront, Killzone, Turok 1
10 Forgotten First-Person Shooter Series

The FPS genre isn't short for games, and, unfortunately, that means some series have been left behind.

Three controllers. 1
The 18 Best Controllers For First-Person Shooters

When it comes to FPS games, few would argue against the superiority of the mouse and keyboard... but that's exactly what we're going to do.

Moon exploding over a colosseum as player points shotgun to the sky 1
Perish Review - A Roguelite Without Incentive

Perish is a novel idea, combining the old school FPS feel of Quake and Hexen with modern roguelite motifs, but it fumbles at making each run unique.

Blood enemy on fire, running from a staircase in front of a dragon mural 1
Blood's Flare Gun Is One Of The Best Weapons In FPS Games

26 years later and Blood still has one of the best weapons in the FPS genre.

Three men arguing over a table 1
Stalker 2 Gets New Gameplay Trailer

Our first good look at Stalker 2 since Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

Key Art of Damon Baird from Gears of War: Judgment and Key Art of Rex Colt from Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon. 1
10 Shooter Games Turning 10 Years Old In 2023

These shooting games are turning ten; feel old yet?

Father Comstock, 343 Guilty Spark, and Dark Samus. 1
10 Best Villains In FPS Games

Sometimes it feels good to be bad, and these characters are the best at it.

Best FPS Games Without Sequels Featured Split Image Singularity and Republic Commando 1
5 Best First-Person Shooters With No Sequels

These FPS titles deserved a follow-up but never got one.

Featured Image for Deathloop: How To Unlock Outfits And Equip Them 1
Deathloop: How To Unlock Outfits And Equip Them

There are 28 Outfits in Deathloop. Here is a complete guide on how to unlock and equip them!

spaceflux colourful map 1
Spaceflux Is The Kind Of Mind-Bending FPS We Need More Of

Are you ready to enter the F R A C T A L Z O N E ?

Apex Legends’ Heirloom Shards Are A Blessing And A Curse 4 1
Apex Legends Heirlooms Are Cheaper To Buy In Real Life, And You Get To Keep Them

In an age where online games can shut up shop at any moment, is it worth spending your money on them?

Black 1
Former Criterion Devs Reveal Scrapped Black 2 Plans

The PS2 and Xbox shooter had plans for a sequel.

Apex Legends’ Heirloom Shards Are A Blessing And A Curse 1
Apex Legends’ Heirloom Shards Are A Blessing And A Curse

Apex Legends’ biggest prize isn’t all it's cracked up to be

Penko Park Is Like Tim Burton Made Pokemon Snap 3 1
Penko Park Is Like Tim Burton Made Pokemon Snap

The creepy first-person shooter is well worth your time