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Marathon Is Bungie's First New Game Since Destiny 2

We're not sure if it's a remake or a reboot, but Bungie finally has a new game to talk about.

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Destiny 2 Players Hit Back As Season Pass Price Increases To $15

Like hot dogs and buns, Bungie is raising prices on season passes without also allowing players to purchase the required amount of Silver.

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New Bungie Game Hints At New Genre And Shift To Unreal Engine 5

"Lighthearted and whimsical" aren't words one normally associates with Bungie.

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PlayStation's Ten Live Services Will Be "Different Genres" For "Different Audiences"

PlayStation has promised it isn't just working on ten Fortnites in the hope one of them will become a moneyspinner.

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Someone Tell Bungie About Diablo 4's Free Campaign Skip

Diablo 4 will let players skip the campaign once they've completed it once - a feature Destiny 2 has desperately needed for years.

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PlayStation Is Desperate For A Multiplayer Hit

PlayStation has made yet another acquisition aimed at creating a multiplayer hit.

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Destiny Fans Think It's Time For A Third Game

Some Destiny fans feel it's time to start anew.

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Destiny Fans Call Out Bungie For Confusing Patch Notes Full Of Mistakes

Bungie says recent changes are actually features, not bugs, but it’s getting hard to tell.

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Destiny 2 Streamer Says He's Being "Framed" As The Leaker

"All I know is, that company made a huge mistake."

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Bungie Says It Is "Hurt" By Destiny 2 Leaks And Betrayal Of Trust

"Breaches of this trust could result in our inability to hold more summits."

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Halo Fans Discuss Whether The Series Needs A Reboot

Back to the drawing board.

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Destiny 2 Will Ban Players Using Accessibility Aids To "Gain An Advantage"

It’s fine to level the playing field, but it’s not fine to use these tools "to mitigate challenges all players face."

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Lance Reddick's Widow Thanks Destiny Players For Their In-Game Tributes

Stephanie Reddick has personally thanked Destiny players for their support after Lance's passing, saying that he loved the games and the fans.

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The Games Industry Remembers The "Wonderful, Infinity Talented" Lance Reddick

Bungie and Guerrilla pay tribute to Lance Reddick's "uncompromising dedication" to his performances, and his "radiating kindness".

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Lightfall Could Have Been Destiny's Halo 3: ODST

Imagine Neomuna as a lonely hub wrought with melancholy

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Gamers Raise $2 Million For Turkish And Syrian Earthquake Relief

The proceeds will be going to the charities Direct Relief, International Medical Corps, and Save the Children.

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