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November 19, 2019
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Amazon Luna 1
Amazon Luna
Nobody Wins If Amazon Luna Succeeds

One of the world's biggest companies conquering cloud gaming isn't ideal, but it might not happen at all.

12-Xbox Game Pass And Amazon Luna Complete Each Other 1
Xbox Game Pass
Xbox Game Pass And Amazon Luna Complete Each Other

If there was a streaming service with the convenience of Luna and the variety of Game Pass, it would be perfect.

Hitman Screenshot Of New York Bank 1
I Lost My Hitman Progress And Subsequently Dealt A Fatal Blow To My Inner Child

Losing my Hitman Trilogy progress brought me right back to my childhood trauma of deleted save files.

Google Stadia 1
red dead online character 1
It's Already Too Late To Transfer Your Red Dead Online Stadia Saves

If you waited until after Stadia's shutdown, you waited too long.

joel ellie and deadshot behind a stadia logo 1
Biggest Video Game News Of The Week (January 14 - 20)

Stadia shuts down, The Last Of Us debuts on HBO, and all of the other biggest stories from the past week in video games.

Google Stadia controller with color scheme blocks behind 1
Destiny 2 Players Get Free Month Of GeForce Now After Stadia Shut Down

It seems Bungie wants to move this players base onto another video game streaming platform asap.

Rick, the Flash, and Stadia. 1
TheGamer's Best Features Of The Week: Rick And Morty, Suicide Squad, And Goodbye Stadia

An ode to Stadia, a lack of surprise at Kill the Justice League's live-service, and more in this week's features roundup.

red dead online players riding horses 1
red dead online 1
An image showing Google Stadia on a gravestone harking to the pay respects gamer meme 1
Google Stadia controller 1
I'll Always Miss What Stadia Could Have Been

Stadia's failure was not a foregone conclusion, and it's a shame we'll miss out on all the wonderful things it could have done for gaming.

stadia-worm-game 1
Google Stadia Players Are Fighting For A High Score On The Platform's Last Game

Stadia players fight to be the best Worm Gamer of them all.

Google Stadia controller with color scheme blocks behind 1
Google Stadia Controllers Will Be Compatible With Other Devices Starting Next Week

Stadia controllers won't be useless after January 18.

Five cartoon worms sit in front of a green background. One has the face of a cat, another the face of a dragon, another the face of a cow. 1
Google Stadia Launches Final Game Days Before Shutdown

Google gives loyal Stadians one last game before next week's shutdown.

Heavy from Team Fortress 2, Paizo's ORC, and a Google Stadia controller. 1
The Biggest Gaming News For January 12, 2023

The Xbox showcase might reveal release dates for several games, and Valve continues to be a leaky ship.

Google Stadia controller with color scheme blocks behind 1
Google Stadia Fans Are Hosting Farewell Parties To Bid Adieu To The Platform

Stadia will be officially out of commission on January 18.

diablo immortal 1
2022's Biggest Gaming Bummers

Major delays, ugly cash grabs, broken launches, and more big gaming disappointments in 2022.

ubisoft stadia 1
Ubisoft's Handling Of Stadia's Shut Down Is All Class

Ubisoft seems to be doing everything it can to ease the transition away from Stadia.

Wavetale review card. 1
Wavetale Review - Port In A Storm

Wavetale's stunning visuals and easygoing vibe are slightly held back by some technical issues.