It's May 4 which means it's Star Wars Day and so, to celebrate, publisher Aspyr has bundled five classic games together on the Nintendo Switch, labelled the "Heritage Pack".

It includes Republic Commando, Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast, Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy, Racer, and The Force Unleashed, all sold at 25 percent off with it being May 4. That means you can get all five games for $44.99, but the deal only lasts until May 5, so you'd best be quick about it.

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There is one classic that isn't included in the bundle and that's Knights of the Old Republic, although that was also ported by Aspyr. But if you want to pick it up and get stuck into the BioWare classic, it's $14.99 on the eShop right now, bringing your grand total for six Star Wars games to $59.98.

Star Wars Heritage Pack

While Square Enix has sold off Eidos and Crystal Dynamics - along with Tomb Raider, Thief, and Deus EX - to Embracer, Aspyr was another company to be gobbled up in February of last year, folding them into the growing publisher giant. It's since expressed interest in porting other Star Wars games, saying that if the demand is there, it'll happen.

One such game is Rogue Squadron, the spiritual predecessor to the new Star Wars: Squadrons, a space flight fighter that launched in 2020. Aspyr was asked on Twitter about whether it'll ever get a port to which it responded, "It's all about the games we think players are most passionate about and would love to see brought to new platforms. If the demand is there, we're on board." For now, you can play most of Aspyr's ports bundled together with the Heritage collection - that should be more than enough Star Wars to tie you over.

But in the meantime, Aspyr is working on a fully-fledged remake of Knights of the Old Republic following its mobile and Nintendo Switch ports, rebuilding it from the ground up for modern hardware. It might not come to Switch, especially with it launching on PS5 and PC exclusively, but there's always the remastered port.

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