There have been so many Star Wars games over the years that it can feel like it's impossible to have actually played every single one. Those who have pulled off that incredible feat will likely know of many unique characters that often never wound up featuring in the main film series, despite their rather hefty roles in the expanded canon.

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When Disney took hold of the franchise, the entire series canon got a huge reset — making what is and isn't canon far more confusing than it should be. Thanks to that, there are probably more than a few unique characters you completely forgot about, or never even knew existed in the first place.

10 Rianna Saren - Star Wars: Lethal Alliance

Star Wars Lethal Alliance

Most people have likely forgotten about Rianna Saren, because they haven't even experienced her handheld adventure for the PSP and DS. She's a member of the famed Twi'lek race, who sets out to battle foes and eventually even steal the blueprints for the Death Star.

While she had an interesting adventure, and a character arc that changed her over time, a lot of people forgot about this exciting mercenary. Since the Star Wars canon has changed since the game's release, it's not looking likely that she'll ever return.

9 Kyle Katarn - Star Wars: Jedi Knight

The player slashes an enemy Stormtrooper with a lightsaber in Star Wars Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast

The most diehard Star Wars game fans will probably never forget about Kyle Katarn, but those that don't find themselves as enraptured by the universe just might have. Many feel he's one of the best Star Wars game characters, one due some kind of appearance in a unique show or film.

He's been so popular that he has managed to appear in five different games across the Jedi Knight and wider Star Wars series so far, but casual fans likely struggle to remember much about him. He's another mercenary-turned-Jedi — something that can feel overly familiar. However, many agree that Katarn is one of the best Star Wars characters from the previous eras of games.

8 Mission Vao - Knights Of The Old Republic

Star Wars Kotor Mission Vao Dialogue

With how beloved the Knights of the Old Republic games are, some may be shocked to hear of anyone forgetting about any of the characters, but some stand out more than others. Many seem to have forgotten about Mission Vao, for a few reasons.

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She is the youngster of the group, and is easily comparable to the much more beloved Ahsoka Tano. Ahsoka seems to have taken most of the shine from other young Star Wars characters, but Mission definitely deserves some credit as a character.

7 Juno Eclipse - The Force Unleashed

Star Wars The Force Unleashed Screenshot Of Juno Eclipse

There is a lot to love about the original The Force Unleashed game, but many people forgot about the love interest of the game, Juno Eclipse. There was just too much going on with Darth Vader doing his dark lord stuff, and Starkiller being an incredible character.

For those who have forgotten, Juno was a starfighter pilot who was so skilled that even Darth Vader took notice. She helped Starkiller with his mission to kill Jedi, and ultimately wound up in similar trouble when she was labeled as a traitor to the Empire.

6 Atton Rand - Knights Of The Old Republic 2: The Sith Lords


For someone with such an incredible backstory, Atton Rand is admittedly a rather forgettable character. He's one of the first people you'll meet during your adventure through Knights Of The Old Republic 2: The Sith Lords.

He has the kind of hard-headed and stand-offish attitude most people would expect from a character like him, but he becomes so much more as you learn more about him. Unfortunately, because he is so comparable to every other charming Star Wars rogue in looks, he is often forgotten about by fans.

5 Dash Rendar - Shadows Of The Empire

Star Wars Shadows Of The Empire. Dash Rendar , IG-88 and The Emperor in the background.

The thing about Dash Rendar is that while he was in one of your dad's favorite Star Wars games for the Nintendo 64, he is forgotten about because of his confusing canon status. Most people figured Star Wars de-canonized him, and decided to forget about him entirely.

The character is actually still canon, and as a result has the potential to make a reappearance sometime soon. He's another roguish smuggler like Han Solo, and that very thing is what could lead to some forgetting him. No one should, though, because Dash Rendar is a great character.

4 PROXY - The Force Unleashed

Star Wars The Force Unleashed Screenshot Of Proxy

The droids that fill the Star Wars series are almost always instantly iconic in some way. The most memorable droid in recent memory comes from the fantastic Jedi: Fallen Order, but The Force Unleashed featured its own fantastic droid.

PROXY is more or less the sidekick of Starkiller, and manages to be both sinister and friendly. He does what he can to kill Starkiller when they train, but he's also fiercely loyal to those that he spends his time with. As far as droids go, he was a great addition to the game.

3 Juhani - Knights Of The Old Republic

Juhani delivers a line of dialogue.

Another often forgotten character from Knights of the Old Republic is the Jedi Guardian, Juhani. You first meet her on Dantooine as she begins her path down the dark side, and depending on your choices, she'll either continue down that path or change her ways.

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Juhani is actually credited as the first Star Wars character to be portrayed as an LGBTQ+ character, something that can be missed entirely. Unfortunately, she is overshadowed by the other characters in the game, and the fantastic revelations featured within that same game.

2 Komari Vosa - Star Wars: Bounty Hunter

komari vosa stands ready to do battle.

No one could be blamed for forgetting about Komari Vosa since her appearances aren't even canon anymore, but she was featured in the great Star Wars: Bounty Hunter. She can be summed up incredibly quickly — she was a weaker Asajj Ventress before Ventress ever even existed.

Vosa is no longer directly mentioned in canon, but remnants of her story still exist. She was Dooku's dark apprentice, and her twin lightsabers were supposedly handed down to Ventress after Vosa had disappointed the Count for the last time.

1 Arden Lyn - Star Wars: Masters Of Teras Kasi

Arden Lyn delivers a kick to Han Solo

Most people haven't even played Masters of Teras Kasi because they are acutely aware of the reputation that the game has. Because of that, most people never experienced the character that was Arden Lyn. She was a Dark Jedi with a fairly fleshed-out backstory.

Unfortunately, all of her backstory and character building was trapped in a rather strange fighting game. The character wound up meeting a sad end, as she would go on to be hunted and killed by the always-fantastic Darth Sidious.

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