Fans of non-canon Star Wars content, rejoice! Episode four of Andor just released and eagle-eyed fans have managed to spot a reference to a part of the franchise that many thought they'd never see again - The Force Unleashed.

Back in 2008, Lucasarts released one of the most popular Star Wars games of all time, The Force Unleashed, before following it up with a... much less popular sequel a few years later. Both games starred Starkiller, an immensely powerful Sith that acted as Darth Vader's secret apprentice, before wising up and turning against him by the end.

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Sadly, both games were considered non-canon after Disney bought the rights to Star Wars and put its Micheal Mouse stench over everything. As reported by GamesRadar+, the fourth episode of Andor takes viewers to Luthen's Gallery, a museum of sorts that features a range of weird and wonderful items. Think The Collector from Marvel and you're on the right track. Spotted within the items is a unique set of armour that many Star Wars fans have called out as a reference to the Force Unleashed.

The armour in question is Starkiller's Sith Stalker outfit, which he wears during the game's evil ending and in the DLC episodes that have him killing various major characters from The Empire Strikes Back onwards. The armour's helmet is almost a perfect recreation of the Sith Stalker armour, down to the mouth and slits in the eyes, although it's a bit different from the chest down.

Considering this Starkiller wiped out pretty much every important Star Wars character from the original trilogy before being completely wiped from the canon, it's likely that this is just a cheeky little reference to a character that a lot of Star Wars fans have been asking to be reintroduced for years. Even if it's unlikely to be teasing the return of Starkiller, it does at least imply that Disney (or at least some set designers on Andor) are thinking about the character and games in some capacity.

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