Who among us hasn't imagined having the ability to move things with their mind? Whether you used to daydream of being a Jedi or simply spent minutes staring at an apple convinced you could move it if you thought hard enough, we've all thought about being telekinetic at some point when we were young and dumb.

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It has been years since Super Mario Bros. let us finally become Italian plumbers, and since then we have got to fulfill our wild dreams like being sad dads, angsty Japanese teenagers, a cat, and of course Norman Reedus. Thankfully, video games have arrived to save the day yet again and let us live out our wildest fantasy of being able to move things with nothing more than the power of our minds (and our controllers)!

9 The Callisto Protocol And Dead Space

The Calisto Protocol GRP and Dead Space GRIP

Both of these games go at the bottom of the list because they don't really count. In both games, you have access to gravity-defying tools that allows you to toss monsters around like nobody's business. However, it isn't really telekinesis because you're not throwing necromorphs with your mind but the G.R.I.P. module for your weapon in Dead Space, and in The Callisto Protocol, you are using a tool called the GRP.

Confusing naming aside, both games do deserve some recognition for just how good it feels to trap their once terrifying creatures in a gravity field and send them flying into a wall or conveniently placed spiked object. Sadly, though these games don't give you true telekinetic powers as you need a separate device to truly unleash your destructive nature.

8 Prey

Prey telekinesis

Prey is full of powers that Morgan Yu only needs their mind, some Typhon, and Neuromods to utilise. Some of these allow Morgan to shape-shift like the monsters aboard the Talos 1, while the Remote Manipulation skill gives them potent telekinetic powers.

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Remote Manipulation only gets better the more you upgrade it. At first, you can use it to pull in small objects towards you from a few meters away, but as you invest in the skill and combine it with other skills you can do things like throw extremely heavy objects across a room or even repair broken machines from afar. Arkane's best immersive sim isn't short of cool powers that make you feel untouchable, but Remote Manipulation might be the most satisfying.

7 BioShock

BioShock - Plasmid vendor and Telekinesis plasmid

Speaking of immersive sims, BioShock brought the genre back to prominence in 2007, and a large part of the game's success was the gameplay options that were opened up by its many Gene Tonics. In the universes of BioShock Gene Tonics come in many forms, some simply help you lose weight or can help a balding man grow his hair back, but the really cool stuff is the Combat Plasmids, that is if you are ok with a little body horror.

The first game includes plasmids that allow Jack to ignite foes, send out freezing-cold blasts, or even summon a swarm of insects. But the most powerful has to be the telekinesis tonic. This plasmid allows any object that isn't pinned down to become a deadly projectile capable of killing any splicer.

6 Dishonored

Dishonored - Emily's reach ability

If you haven't noticed the theme yet, immersive sims really like giving you telekinetic powers. For as cool as they are in Arkane and BioShock, the telekinesis of Corvo, Emily and the other assassins in Dishonored feels seriously dangerous. Maybe that has something got to do with their other powers like summoning swarms of rats, stopping time, or controlling others' minds, but these killers' abilities feel incredibly powerful throughout the series.

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Not only can most of the assassins pull items and even dead bodies towards them, but Emily has harnessed this power to a point that she can use her own mind to pull herself across great distances. Along with that, she can also slow her descent from potentially fatal heights. It isn't the most flashy form of telekinesis but, paired with their other skills, these powers make Corvo and Emily extremely deadly enemies to have.

5 Life Is Strange 2

Life is Strange 2 - Daniel Dia using his powers

The Diaz brothers in Life is Strange 2 go through a lot during the five episodes of the game, and much of that is because of Daniel, his telekinetic powers, and his struggles to control them. Life is Strange 2 is an interesting entry because you don't directly control Daniel, instead, you play as his brother, Sean, trying to guide his younger sibling through everything from growing up, to life on the run, and even the small issue of having superhuman abilities.

While many games focus on being power fantasies and letting you enjoy these powers you could only ever imagine, Life is Strange 2 makes you feel somewhat powerless. For as much as Sean wants to protect his younger brother, you can't live his life for him, and Daniel's choices are his to make, you can only watch from afar and hope you have guided him along the right way.

4 Scarlet Nexus

Scarlet Nexus - Psychokinesis

This list had gone much too far without representing the many JRPGs and animes that ask, "What if we gave emotional, reckless teens superpowers?" Scarlet Nexus does just that, and it is just as chaotic as you might imagine. Not only can the dual protagonists, Yuito and Kasane, control objects with their minds, but they can also briefly control or command (depending on how you look at it) their allies' to use their supernatural abilities.

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The game calls this somewhat terrifying ability psychokinesis, and while it may have troubling implications regarding whether JRPG party members actually have free will, it can't be argued that it is a fun mechanic. These characters' variety of other supernatural powers and military training means that the teens in Scarlet Nexus are some extremely dangerous young adults.

3 Psi-Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy

Psi-Ops The Mindgate Conspiracy - telekinetic powers

Psi-Ops is an underappreciated gem from the last days of Midway before the studio went out of business. In this third-person shooter, you play as Nick Scryer, an operative with no memories sent to take down a secret terrorist organisation called The Movement. The story is mostly camp nonsense, but it facilitates gameplay that was mind-blowing in 2004.

This is in large part to the then-new Havoc 2.0 physics engine which meant when Nick, used his telekinetic abilities on enemies, they ragdoll and flop like inflatable tube men. It's all very dumb, but the gameplay, and Nick's other powers all feel great, meaning the game has aged much better than most mid-2000s shooters. As the game goes on Nick gains access to mind control and pyrokinesis, but there is no cardinal joy like picking up a baddie with your brain and tossing him across the battlefield.

2 Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

Star Wars The Force Unleashed - Young Starkiller and Darth Vader

This list could have been made up exclusively of Star Wars games that nail force powers. In the Knights Of The Old Republic force powers feel like they can turn the tide of any battle, they can be used to push other real-life players into pits in all the Battlefront games, in Jedi: Fallen Order improving Cal's force abilities feels like important character moments, but none hold a candle to Star War: The Force Unleashed.

The game deserves the runner-up spot on this list purely for its opening where you play as Darth Vader. You can toss seven feet tall Wookiees around like they are dolls, throw boulders and trees in the air, and even toss about your own stormtroopers. It is a very silly physics playground of an opening played with a completely straight face and Star Wars' iconic Imperial March just makes it all the more ridiculous.

1 Control

Control - Jessie Faden using telekinesis

There is no game where telekinesis feels as cool as it does in Control. Remedy's SCP-inspired shooter oftentimes feels like a continuing escalation of badass moments and cool powers, as Jessie Faden slowly but surely grows into her role as the Director of The Federal Bureau of Control.

The biggest part of what makes the powers in Control feel so good is how reactive the world around you is to the destruction you are causing. Not only can Jessie levitate, and throw objects and people with her mind, but she is so powerful she can rip chunks of concrete out of the ground and hurl them at the Hiss like they're industrial baseballs. Control is a game that understands how cool it would be to have telekinetic powers and does everything it can to make using them feel awesome.

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