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Chris Sanfilippo (He/Him) is an actor, singer, writer, and gaming fanatic based in New York. Career highlights include work at The Gateway Playhouse, Fireside Dinner Theatre, and 54 Below. Chris's favorite game genres to play are fighting games, visual novels, puzzle games, and music/rhythm games. He is still waiting for a proper sequel to Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo.

[Left Panel] A metal person walks upright, signifying the Awakening Sequence of Humanity. [Right Panel] Four Goldys stand in an endless, white void in Humanity. 1
Humanity: How To Get Every Goldy In The Awakening Sequence

"It is time for the trials to begin."

[Left Panel] A luminescent dog leads a pack of humans in Humanity. [Right Panel] Four Goldys stand in an endless, white void in Humanity. 1
Humanity: How To Get Every Goldy In The Prologue

"Behold - this is Goldy."

A crowd of humans, led by three Goldys, stand in an endless, white void. This image is overlapped by a window from the Goldy Rewards menu from Humanity. 1
Humanity: Complete Goldy Rewards Guide

We're collecting Goldys! No, not the dog, the gleaming symbol of desire, values, and worship, silly!

The silhouette of a luminescent dog overlaps the treading footsteps of a crowd in Humanity. 1
Humanity: Beginner Tips

OH THE HUMANITY! Or should we say "hoomanity"? Bark if you want beginner tips for this challenging puzzler!

A sports car drifts into view against a PS5-button horizon. Custom image for TG. 1
The Best Racing Games You Can Play On PS5

On your marks. Get set. GO Check out the best driving games available on the PlayStation 5!

Ezio from Assasin's Creed and a Pokemon trainer from Pokemon: Scarlet/Violet stand in front of the famous Roman Colliseum. 1
4 Famous Gaming Locations, Judged By The Where-To-Be-Born Index

I applied a complex socioeconomic metric to four classic gaming locations...sorta.

A laptop runs Fortnite in an orange tinted office room. Custom image for TG. 1
The Best Games To Play On A Laptop

If you have access to a laptop, even if it's not top-of-the-range, you can play some of the best laptop games!

Screenshots from Root Letter, Ace Attorney, AI: The Somnium Files, The Silver Case, and Danganronpa appear on a green grid next to the cast of Process of Elimination. 1
7 Games To Play If You Like Process Of Elimination

Do you miss your time as a DA member in Process Of Elimination? Then, check out these titles for your next detective adventure!

Wato Hojo (aka Incompetent Detective) skims through a book while sitting in front of a silhouette of two hands revealing key members of the Detective Alliance from Process Of Elimination. 1
Process Of Elimination: Beginner Tips

Make Ideal Detective proud with these beginner tips for Process Of Elimination!

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Hopepunk 1
We Need More Hopepunk Games

Keep the flame of life burning bright.

[Left Panel] a close up view of wooden fermentation barrels. [Right Panel] A trading pod. [Center] A transparent galacticoin. Images from Stranded: Alien Dawn. 1
Stranded: Alien Dawn - Trading Outpost Scenario Guide

Become an intergalactic gazillionaire in Stranded: Alien Dawn's Sow And Sell update!

A sleeping Ulfen against a photo of a herd of Ulfen from Stranded: Alien Dawn. 1
Stranded: Alien Dawn - Train And Tame - How To Domesticate Wildlife

Domestication is a fantastic way to find your first pet...or your first meal. Learn how in Stranded: Alien Dawn!

Portraits of various survivors overlap an image of a plunging space craft from Stranded: Alien Dawn. 1
Stranded: Alien Dawn - Every Character Categorized By Skill

From internet cooking sensations to retired army generals, you'll find survivors of all backgrounds in Stranded: Alien Dawn.

[Panel 1] A spaceship burning on the plains of a mysterious new planet. [Panel 2] An overhead view of vast farm plots. Both images from Stranded: Alien Dawn. 1
Stranded: Alien Dawn - Beginner Tips

Your crew may be stranded, but you won't with these tips for Stranded: Alien Dawn!

The God Of Rock stands in front of an altered photo of a rhythm battle from the game God Of Rock. 1
God Of Rock: Beginner Tips

Can you prove yourself to The God Of Rock? Our beginner tips will help you master this unique fighting/music game hybrid!

A man in a suit wearing VR headset covers his mouth due to sickness from playing a VR game. 1
3 Times VR Made Me Nauseous

If you puke in the game, YOU PUKE IN REAL LIFE!

A bassilisk from Dark Souls creeps around a modern looking kitchen. 1
Game Pets I Wish I Had In Real Life

Somebody grab a mop! The basilisk had an 'accident.'

Six items from Theatrhythm: Final Bar Line converge in a circle against a starry blue galactic sky. 1
The 10 Best Items In Theatrhythm: Final Bar Line, Ranked

We ranked our favorite items in Theatrhythm: Final Bar Line. Are you phoenix down with that? (We'll see ourselves out.)

A blank party edit screen from Theatrhythm: Final Bar Line sits behind a big orange question mark. 1
Theatrhythm Final Bar Line: The Best Team Compositions

Teamwork makes the dream work! But does it earn Rhythmia?

A reference sketch of Josuke Higashikata 4 emerges from a sky-blue book. Vibrant magenta stars decorate the background. A custom image for JoJo's Bizarre Adventure ASBR. 1
JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle R- Diamond Is Unbreakable JoJo Glossary

Get to know the lovely citizens of Morioh Town with the Diamond Is Unbreakable JoJo Glossary in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: ASBR!

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