Roblox Doors is an intense horror game that will have you double-checking every step you take. Making your way through the hallowed halls, you will learn from your failures as each death teaches you more about the world around you and its inhabitants. Getting past door 50 is a challenge, but you may realize your journey does not stop there.

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Now, you'll have to face your way through to door 100, where your run will end. Along the way, new entities and trials will present themselves. It is an arduous task full of learning by trial and error, so allow this guide to fill you with the knowledge you need to survive past door 50.

Beyond Door 50

Room 50 entrance in Doors

Beyond door 50, your journey will mostly continue like normal. Every entity you have encountered thus far will remain present, and rooms won't generate differently. There are only a handful of new trials for you to overcome. They will be listed in the order that they appear.

Some believe that the entity Ambush only appears in later levels. This is not true. His chance to replace Rush increases the further you get in the Hotel.

Jeff Shop

Inside the Jeff Shop in Doors, with El Goblino and Bob

Upon reaching door 52, you'll enter Jeff Shop. This is a safe room where players can trade with Jeff, a mysterious vendor in the shadows. There are also two other entities, El Goblino and Bob, who are friendly. From Jeff, you can buy some items using the gold you've collected in that run.

The Skeleton Key will always be available for 250 gold. Other items, such as lockpicks (50 gold), a lighter (50 gold), vitamins (50 gold), crucifixes (250 gold), and flashlights (100 gold), are chosen at random.

If you have 650 gold, you'll always be able to buy all of Jeff's items.

Purchase the crucifix for 250 gold. Purchasing the Skeleton Key will allow you to open the locked door in the Infirmary, rewarding you with more gold than it costs to get the key.

Large Basement

Flashlight illuminating the stairs down in doors

Around door 61, you will enter the large basement. Similar to the typical basement level you have encountered, this variant is much bigger and has two entrance doors. Be careful, as it will always be a dark room, requiring a light source to see properly.

As usual, you will need to enter the basement and find the lever to open the gate. There may also be a lock on the door, meaning you may have to find a key in the basement.

The lever not only opens the gate in that room but also unlocks the entrance to The Rooms. To enter The Rooms, backtrack to room 60 and go through the now open door.

The Infirmary

The infirmary layout in doors, with many hospital beds

At any point after door 60, you may encounter The Infirmary. Adorned with beds and luggage, this room serves no new purpose, and the same entities may come after you as usual. However, a locked door can only be opened with the Skeleton Key, rewarding you with lots of gold.

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Second Seek Chase

guiding light showing the way to the Seek chase in Doors

Around Door 70, Seek's Crescendo will begin again. You will start to notice the inky eyes appearing on the walls, growing more frequent as you approach Seek. You will enter the familiar grand hallway, and upon reaching the end, Seek will rise from the ground.

While it spans more rooms than before, the second Seek chase is identical to the first one. It also ends the same way, so you'll know when it's about to be over.

The Courtyard

The only glimpse of the outside you'll get in Doors

After the second Seek chase, you'll enter The Courtyard. This is another safe zone where only the entity Eyes has a chance of spawning. Take a moment to breathe and take in the scenery before progressing into The Greenhouse.

The Greenhouse

Shining a flashlight in the greenhouse in doors

Rooms 90 to 99 make up The Greenhouse, arguably the hardest chunk of the game. With all the rooms dark rooms, and the entity spawn rate increasing slightly, you'll have your work cut out for you. You'll also have to be on the lookout for a whole new entity, the Snare.

The Snare is a stationary entity that will trap players in place for four to six seconds if stepped on. When trapped by Snare, you'll also receive ten damage and can't move or use items. Make sure to avoid stepping on Snare, which looks like circular holes in a patch of dirt. You will need a light source to see them well enough.

If a Snare deals enough damage to kill you, then you'll have one health point spared.

The Electrical Room

the electrical room in doors

The last hurdle, room 100, is The Electrical Room, featuring the Circuit Breaker Puzzle. This room was made much more difficult after the Hotel+ Update, and you must be very careful. Upon entering the room, you are relatively safe. Ahead will lay a switch that unlocks a door with an exit sign above it.

In that room is also another locked door that hosts the circuit breaker puzzle. You can either use a lockpick to open the door or find the key later. Hitting the switch and opening the door will play a cut scene where The Figure chases you down the stairs. Retreat to the closets and execute the heartbeat puzzle as you did back in room 50.

You will have to collect ten circuit switches scattered around room 100. These switches will then be placed into the Circuit Breaker, where The Figure will be eliminated, and the Circuit Breaker Puzzle awaits.

If you wait long enough, Guiding Light will illuminate the circuit switch locations, making them easier to spot.

Avoid The Figure And Find The Circuit Switches

There are three floors to The Electrical Room, and circuit switches may appear on all three. Thankfully, there aren't too many shelves or passages, so finding them is easy. The hard part is avoiding The Figure. The Figure will exhibit the same behavior as in Room 50, so nothing about your avoidance strategy needs to change. The heartbeat task is also the same.

On the bottom floor will be the Rift. Interacting with the Rift will allow you to store an item inside to help you on your next run!

While you are out looking for the circuit switches, also look out for a key. This key will open the locked door before the lever, allowing you to access the circuit breaker puzzle. Upon interacting with the circuit breaker, all the circuit switches found thus far will enter the circuit breaker automatically. Upon placement of the final circuit switch, a cut scene will play, eliminating The Figure. You will now need to solve the Circuit Breaker Puzzle.

The Circuit Breaker Puzzle

the open circuit breaker in doors

The Circuit Breaker Puzzle may seem difficult, but it is not too demanding. There are ten digits, each with a switch next to them. There are three stages to the puzzle. The first two stages follow the same logic. Each digit will appear with a box next to it. When a digit appears with the box filled in, click on that digit's switch. Three digits will appear with a full box to fill, and once you've hit the correct switches, you'll move on to the next phase.

Because The Figure has been eliminated, you have unlimited time to complete this puzzle.

The third stage will obscure one of the numbers with two question marks. If the question marks feature a full box, you'll have to do math to figure it out. Add the values of the two numbers you have flicked before and add them up. Flick that number, and the stage will be complete. Ignore this if the question marks are next to an empty box.

Once the puzzle is complete, you can progress to the elevator, which will now be active. You can now escape!

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