Voxlblade is a fun Roblox RPG game where you level up your character (and your blade!) and get to play as a variety of different races, such as the Humans, Half Orks, and the Elves. There are 10 races in total. Each race provides different combat bonuses, from extra damage to better mana regeneration. This means that some races in the game are better than others, depending on what sort of build you're going for.

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This guide covers a tier list of the races in the game, based on experience & the meta of the game as it currently stands. Overall, we should note that most of the races in the game are viable - they all require different builds to excel.

Best Races In Voxlblade

Here are our top picks for the best races in the game currently, and you could say these fit into the S-tier of races.

Dark Elf Build

Voxblade Dark Elf
  • There's a small chance to apply a random debuff to the opponent when hitting them.

The Dark Elf is a race that requires a pretty specific build to become good in the game, but if you have the class built correctly it's actually very strong.

Aim to acquire fast weapons (like daggers) that will deal a lot of repetitive attacks to inflict more debuffs on your opponent. You can also aim to grab the Hex elemental sword for that extra damage potential.

Even though the Dark Elf goes the Hex route, we don't recommend taking the Hex Guild as it's currently not very strong. You want to aim for high-tier handles like the Cursewood Handle & into the Hex Blade.

We had a lot of fun with the Jinx Weapon Art - this detonates all debuffs around you to deal extra weapon damage. You could also try the Arachnid Armor for healing or the Cursed Flames armor for extra fire damage.

Half-Ork Build

Voxblade Half Ork
  • Gain 10 Armor Pen on all attacks.

The Half-Ork is the primary melee class in the game, with boosted armor pen across all attacks. This makes it an excellent class for building a tank or heavy damage-dealer, wielding shields or large swords.

We've tried out an earth/physical build with the Brass Handle & Earth Blade and had lots of success. You can head down the Earth Greatblade route to do lots of physical & stun damage.

The Berserking Strength armor is a great pick-up for the Half-Ork tanky build. Or, the Iron Slayer Armor set is a good idea as well.

Elf Mage Build

Voxblade Elf
  • Gain 40% rune cooldown reduction.

The Elf Mage build has so many different styles, which is why we've put it up at the top of the best classes in the game - even if they're not all the strongest, it's still one of the most fun classes to play in the game.

You can go Fire Elemental, go for a Cleric or Healing build, or Water Elemental. Each of these different styles requires a different handle, sword, weapon art, and armor sets. You will need to experiment with all of these to find your path.

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High Elf

Voxblade High Elf
  • Gain 25% weapon art cooldown reduction.

The High Elf is an excellent race in Voxlblade because it lets you get a load more out of your Weapon Art, the key abilities in the game that deal extra damage. This also allows so much flexibility with what your High Elf to do - spam holy arts for lots of healing? Deal huge fire and other elemental damage?

The potential with the different High Elf builds is enormous, and there is no one best build. Play around with the different blades, handles, and Weapon Arts, and see what sort of weapon drops and armor unlocks you get.

It is a good idea in Voxlblade to plan your build because of the sheer size of the game and the many multitudes of different specs.

High Elf is a Game Pass exclusive race.

Arborian Build

Voxblade Arborian
  • -100% Fire Defense, +0.5 Protection, Regen in the sun, and a chance to entangle foes on hit.

The Arborian race is very interesting, and while it's not specifically bad that fire defense is a bit of a letdown. Overall, though, we've seen success with this build because of its powerful Entanglement chances. With a quick weapon like a dagger, loads of Summons, or fast magic, the Arborian becomes one of the best classes in the game - you just need to grind your way up until it's actually good.

Also has the only passive health regens in the entire game which is amazing.

The Arborian is a Game Pass exclusive race.

Mid-Range Races In Voxlblade

These are the A-tier races in the game, ones that are still fun to play and offer some unique class-based gameplay.

Kitsune Build

Voxblade Kitsune
  • Gain +2 Jump Boost and 10% Movement Speed and +0.1 to your attack speed.

There's an old saying in MMO games that "speed is king", and that's very much true for the Kitsune race. Although Voxlblade isn't an MMO, there is a lot of running in the game, and the Kitsune's speed boost makes the entire experience way more enjoyable.

It feels like the Kitsune would make a good PvP class if the game were to have PvP, but for now you can use the 10% movement speed buff and attack damage to quickly clear enemies. Pair this with a fast attacking weapon like a dagger, or the simple Buni Armor and you have a race that is able to clear parts of the map really quickly.

Kitsune is a Game Pass exclusive race.

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Human Build

Voxblade Human

This is your very standard starter race in Voxblade, and it doesn't require quite as much build planning as the other races. With the Human, you just want to hit stuff, get hit a bit yourself, then do more damage like some sort of suped-up berserker.

You could go down the Knight path via the Knight guild, or go for a Human Rage build and make use of a lot of the physical attack and defense blades and handles. Again, something like the Berserking armor is a good place to begin your build.


Voxblade Ork
  • Gain additional +0.02 physical damage type to your weapon, +0.2 Tenacity and for each active buff you gain an additional +0.1 Tenacity.

While it seems like these Ork race passives are actually quite small compared to the big buffs of the High Elf, for example, these factors can result in a lot more damage with the right build.

We've seen the Ork race become powerful tanks and melee damage dealers, using a range of Weapon Arts like Retaliate and Warrior Stomp to dish out a load of damage. Because of that extra active buff damage boost, you also want to pick up armor sets that provide buffs like the Cragstone Armor for example.

Anything that provides a buff will benefit your build a lot.

Orks are a Game Pass exclusive race.

Lower-Tier Voxlblade Races


Voxblade Dragon Blooded
  • Gain +0.5 to Warding and +0.5 to Protection and gain heat/cold resistance.

While at first glance the Dragon-Blooded race passive seems to be a bit lackluster (the heat and cold resistance is good for the areas like the desert), they can be quite useful and are one of the few ways to actually get these buffs in-game. Dragon-Blooded characters make for good Paladin-like classes, with healing, defensive strategies and armor sets thanks to that built-in warding and protection.

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