Honkai: Star Rail doesn't scrimp from humor in its in-game text. There are a great number of times that the game breaks the fourth wall, and too many pop culture references to count left and right. It's safe to say that a lot of things do make sense in this game, especially at times when the game itself laughs at your choices.

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But every RPG has its own share of mysteries and unexplainable phenomena. Some of these wonders come in the form of characters, while others can be weapon choices and winter fashion crimes which can merit a bombastic side-eye.

10 Sampo

Sampo from Trailblazer's dream in Honkai: Star Rail

One of the oddest mysteries in the game is Sampo Koski. This guy is portrayed as a flippant comic relief at first, who's definitely friendly towards Trailblazer and friends.

But he disappears so frequently that it becomes difficult to tell his next moves. You have your fair share of strange people in this game, but you can't think of things that don't make sense without the mention of Sampo.

His character becomes even sketchier after finishing Belobog's main story, wherein Trailblazer dreams of him bidding them farewell. Nothing weird about that, up until he breaks the fourth wall and gives an accurate description of his role in this story while looking directly at the camera.

Did he purposefully infiltrate Caelus or Stelle's dream? Is he aware of his reality? Does he know you exist? We'll most likely never know.

9 Fight Club But Make It Cyberpunk 2077

Fight Club in Honkai: Star Rail

The first rule of the fight club is to never talk about it. But a fight club built around battles featuring humans versus robots is unsafe, to say the least, and an extreme way of fighting and training robots that is similar to other games, like Cyberpunk 2077.

But compared to training robots in other games, these robots have saws and explosives—they're practically equipped with tools that can easily kill any NPC.

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What makes even lesser sense is Dan Heng agreeing to fight these robots in the club as soon as he woke up from being knocked out by Sampo's bomb, which is a surprising choice for somebody characterized to be so calm and logical.

8 A Gang of Children With Deadly Weapons

Honkai Star Rail Hook Idle Animation

What's with Hoyoverse and children who love bombs? It's a running gag for those who play both Genshin Impact and Honkai: Star Rail that Hook is just Klee with Teucer's hat and clothes. That's because she has Klee's sense of adventure, minus the enthusiasm for bombing everything (aside from enemies).

If the bombs aren't the shocking part about Hook, it's probably the fact that she's the boss of the Moles. This isn't just some fun Spy Kids adventure, but she actually runs dangerous adventures with these other children.

She also has a rather colorful, yet crossed-out vocabulary to describe her recruitment process in her gang.

7 The Shining, And Other Creepy Children

The Shining reference in the Grand Goethe Hotel from Honkai: Star Rail

Children in Backwater Pass stuck in elaborate puzzles, maybe a pair in the Grand Goethe Hotel that you could've sworn you've seen and then just disappeared? You probably had the scare of your life when you had a pair of twins pop up behind you, declaring to play with you forever—in red letters.

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You're not sure which is worse: that you've found all of these children unwillingly because your curiosity to explore areas got the best of you, or that you've had a sudden brush with Stephen King-inspired horror in a game that you thought was all just fun and memes.

6 Wanted Posters That Make Characters Look Like Deformed Scrambled Eggs

The Trailblazer's wanted poster appears on an announcement board in Belobog

Gepard, for all of his sense of duty and artistic passions, cannot draw. So whoever allowed him to draw and post less than picturesque wanted posters of Caelus or Stelle, Dan Heng, and March 7th all around the Administrative District remains to be one of Belobog's biggest mysteries.

Even if Bronya agreed to this, it must mean that the Silvermane Guards are sorely understaffed in the creatives department or have no budget to pay for these posters. Maybe it's time to cook up an artistic renaissance in Belobog or advise Bronya for further funding of the arts.

5 The Existence of Telephone Booths

Mysterious Telephone Booth in Belobog from Honkai: Star Rail

Even the script of the game laughs at the existence of telephone booths since practically every character in the game holds a smartphone device. It begs the question of why they're even there in public, and if they could be used to call cellphones in Belobog.

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We will never be able to answer that, and you can discard the thought into obscurity forever—but interact with certain telephone booths, and you might be recruited into a secret society. That makes even less sense, but you just have to let curiosity steer the wheel.

4 Trailblazer's Love of Trashcans

Amo from Belobog reciting his own prose about a trashcan to the Trailblazer from Honkai: Star Rail

To understand a city, you must look through its trashcans. Or so says the in-game text, which makes a lot of sense in theory—but not so much in real life.

Try this on your neighbor's trashcans, and they'll probably think that you're looking to find some dirt on them—literally and figuratively.

So this romance between Trailblazers and trashcans all over the universe is the strangest ship to sail, but it's going strong. Nothing will stop Caelus' and Stelle's dives anytime soon, for reasons far beyond you, a mere mortal.

3 Is This a Weapon?

Is This a Pigeon Meme, Honkai: Star Rail weapons

They say that clothes don't make the man, but how about weapons? According to Gepard's lore, it doesn't really matter because if you have the talent, you can even turn your sister's electric guitar case into a lethal weapon against Fragmentum monsters.

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How about Caelus or Stelle's choice of saving the universe with a baseball bat? At least that can be used as a weapon in real life. Not all characters in this game have strange weapon choices, but those that do will go as far as bringing a big coffin around.

2 Clothing Cuts and Going Barefoot In Subzero Temperatures

Clara and Svarog from Honkai: Star Rail

Clothes are definitely a choice, but are Belobog's residents so numb to the cold that they'd have the strangest clothing cuts? Cocolia has her hips out, Serval has a skirt that would freeze her to death in reality, and Sampo has his shirt slightly snipped at the side.

Maybe the bigger and better question to ask is: what are Clara's soles made of if her feet haven't frozen off from walking barefoot? Maybe you just need to adjust to a nuclear winter, and you'll be able to wear anything without the cold bothering you.

1 Whatever This Is

Belobog NPC behind the back alley gate of The Golden Theater in Belobog from Honkai: Star Rail

What's behind this gate? More importantly, who are the people behind this gate? Is this a top secret from authorities, or horrific imprints of events unbeknownst to you, an interstellar traveler?

Face it: you've probably learned about this unsettling story by accident because your ever-so-active curiosity told you to engage in conversation with a not-so-normal Belobog citizen trapped behind a gate.

The truth about the people behind the gate is something that will bring shivers up your spine, and you're definitely sure it's not from Belobog's chilly, everlasting winter.


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