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Boromir, Warden of the Tower by Yigit Koroglu from MTG 1
My Love Of Lord Of The Rings Has Got Me Learning Magic, Dammit

Magic: The Gathering’s Lord of the Rings crossover has got me learning a game I’ve never been interested in

Featured Image For Best Noodlecake Studios Games With In-game Images From Death Road To Canada, Dig Deep, And Soundfall 1
10 Best Noodlecake Studios Games

Casual games can have heart too. These are the best mobile titles you need to try out.

Featured Image For Best Ketchapp Android Games With In-game Pics From Hitty Knife, Gun Action Shoot n Run, And Horizon 1
10 Best Ketchapp Android Games

A blend of arcade and casual is the best way to go, and we list the ones you should try out.

A collage of characters from Mortal Kombat with Scorpion throwing his chain, the cover art of Mighty Doom, and Eric Cartman in The Stick of Truth costume from Phone Destroyer. 1
10 Best Mobile Game Spin-Offs Of Popular Series

Triple-A and mobile gaming can often go hand-in-hand. These mobile titles prove to be just as good as their mainline counterparts.

Featured Image For Best Mobile MMORPGs With A Custom Character From Albion Online And A Battle In-game From Black Desert Online 1
The Best Free MMORPGs On Android

Tired of exploring worlds on your own? Try your luck competing and trading with other players in-game.

Ace Attorney pointing at a Mario Kart Tour Warp Pipe behind Mario from the Illumination movie who looks shocked 1
Nintendo Is Now Getting Sued To Refund Minors Over Mario Kart Tour Loot Boxes

A father and son have claimed that Mario Kart Tour "capitalized on and encouraged addictive behaviors akin to gambling".

Honkai Star Rail, Pokemon Unite, and Genshin Impact. 1
8 Best Cross-Platform Mobile Games

Here are the best cross-platform mobile games!

Billion Lords, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, and Mafia City. 1
7 Best Mobile Games Where You Play The Villain

These mobile games let you be on the side of the villains.

pokemon go master ball 1
Pokemon Go’s Master Ball Won’t Save The Game, But It’s A Start

Pokemon Go has been on a downward spiral for a while now, but abandoning paid content may help retain the remaining players

Dislyte Characters 1
Dislyte Codes For May 2023

Redeem these Dislyte codes for free rewards in this combat gacha game from Lilith Games. New codes are added for events!

Idle Office Tycoon 1
Idle Office Tycoon Codes For May 2023

Check out these Idle Office Tycoon codes to get your hands on free diamonds, a currency that lets you instantly purchase rooms and other boosts.

A ghost of Cubone haunts the grave of Pokemon Go 1
Rest In Peace, Pokemon Go

Niantic has killed its cash cow Pokemon Go, and it needs to revolutionise the game to get players back on board

Marvel Snap Agatha Deck Hela 1
Hela Got Me Hooked On Marvel Snap All Over Again

Like Hela resurrecting your discard pile, I’m back into Marvel Snap

Characters from Evil Dead, Avatar, Star Wars, Tron, Dune, John Wick, and Scream in various games 1
We’re In A Weird Era For Licensed Games

On PC, console, and mobile, the tie-in game has transformed.

One person helping another climbing up a cliff, one with a Charmander, one with a Charizard 1
It's Impossible To Come Back To Pokemon Go These Days

Pokemon Go keeps adding new features that make the game tougher for returning players, without making it better for those that stuck around

Niantic games Monster Hunter Now, Pokemon Go, and Harry Potter Wizards Unite 1
Why Is Niantic Making The Same Game Over And Over?

Monster Hunter Now is Niantic's latest attempt to do Pokemon Go again, and may well be the latest failure.

Dragonscapes Adventures 1
Dragonscapes Adventure Codes For April 2023

Check out the latest codes for Dragonscapes Adventure and redeem them for petals, energy boosts, and coins to help you on your adventure.

Slime Legion 1
Slime Legion Codes For April 2023

Check out the new Slime Legion codes, a mobile Match 3 and tower defense game. You can redeem these codes for various currencies, like diamonds.

Scenes from the starter island in Roblox Anime Stars Simulator 1
Anime Star Simulator Codes For April 2023

Build up your Chi and defeat massive bosses in Anime Star Simulator, a martial arts clicker for Roblox!

Vampire Survivors DLC 1
Vampire Survivors Reveals Second DLC With New Characters, Weapons, And Music

Travel to a magical academy in a cursed lake that has very little to do with vampires in the latest Vampire Survivors DLC.