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If you're planning to play Honkai: Star Rail regularly, you'll find yourself fighting in the Simulated Universe a lot. This mechanic is introduced at the end of the main story in Herta Space Station, and you'll first have to finish two beta tests for Herta. Eventually, you'll unlock the main Universe with up to six worlds.

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You can earn plenty of rewards including Herta Tokens, Stellar Passes, and Stellar Jades every week from this apart from the rewards you get when you beat a world for the first time. You have to finish a certain world to unlock the next one.

World Three General Walkthrough

Hokai Star Rail Natasha With Immersion Rewards

Each world of the Simulated Universe is divided into multiple floors. There are only seven floors in the first world, but every world after that contains 13 floors including world three. As you enter, the first floor will always be Combat where you'll have to defeat three to four groups of enemies.

You have to beat all the enemies or interact with the required items on each floor to progress to the next one. Once you've fulfilled all the requirements, you'll see one or two portals opening at the end of the area. Whenever you beat an enemy wave, you'll be able to choose one blessing from a certain path.

You can get multiple blessings from the starting wave after unlocking a certain upgrade on the tree.

Moreover, your path choice at the start can increase your chances of getting a certain type of blessing.

Apart from the enemies and required interactables, you'll also see some Destructible Objects, and certain green and purple glass Destructibles. The objects give you some Cosmic Fragments, the green Destructible gives some HP to all party members, and the purple ones increase your Technique Points by two.

The floors are randomized each time you start a run in this World, but there are a few guaranteed things other than the first floor being Combat:

  • You'll always fight an Elite boss on floors four and eight, and these will be followed by Respite floors. Both of these floors have special symbols on the portals as you're about to head into them.
  • You have to beat the first 12 floors if you want to get to the final boss, which is Gepard for world three. If you're defeated on any of these floors, you have to start all over again.
  • One good thing about the Simulated Universe is that it's Roguelike in nature. Whenever you're defeated or finish a certain floor, you get some Ability Points. You can unlock some Permanent Upgrades in the Ability Tree section with these points.

Apart from the Combat, Elite, and Final Boss rooms where all you have to do is fight, some special rooms can appear randomly during your run. Here's what you need to know about them:


This room is symbolized by a blue portal and a question mark on the icon. When you head inside, you'll find a yellow portal on the floor. It's necessary to interact with this portal if you want to continue, and you can get different outcomes here based on your dialogue choices.

These outcomes include free Cosmic Fragments, Blessings, Curios, or fighting one or more Elite enemies at the same time.


This has the same portal color as Occurrence except it has a Balance Scale as its icon. In this room, you'll have to give up something in your possession to get something else. Usually, you'd have to give up a certain type of Blessing to get another.


You'll find this floor has the same portal color as Combat, but the icon will be different. You'll have to fight one or more Elite bosses in this area to acquire some significant buffs. Though it's recommended to skip them if you're trying world three for the first time.


These floors have green portal color, and they're not random. You'll always find them on floors five, nine, and 12. You can get new characters, revive knocked-down characters, get health and Technique Points, and buy or upgrade your Blessings here.

World three also introduces a new mechanic called Immersion. After defeating an Elite or the Final Boss, you can spend 40 Trailblaze Power or one Immersifier to claim rewards from this mechanic. This gives you some Planar Ornaments and other rewards including Trailblaze EXP and Credits.

You can get up to four Immersifier from the weekly reset rewards of Simulated Universe, which is equivalent to 160 free Trailblaze Power.

Enemy Types In World Three

Hokai Star Rail World Three Enemies Overview

If you're going to take on the third world of the Simulated Universe, it's important to know the kind of enemies you'll face. Apart from the Elite and Final Boss rooms, you'll mostly be fighting normal enemies here. These enemies can belong to both the Herta Space Station and Jarilo-VI planet.

Here's everything you need to know about the stronger enemies in the game:

Enemy Name


Weak To


Silvermane Lieutenant


Physical, Ice, Quantum

This enemy has a bunch of attacks, but he mostly specializes in single-target damage and calling extra soldiers into the battlefield. Once he spawns the soldiers, the Lieutenant goes into the Counter phase.

If he's attacked by any character during this phase, he'll counter-attack them instantly.

Searing Prowler


Ice, Lightning, Imaginary

This Elite doesn't spawn any extra enemies but it excels at dealing single-target and multi-target damage apart from applying constant Burns on your character. It's important to use a character with cleanse against it.

Automaton: Direwolf


Ice, Lightning, Imaginary

Another Elite that specializes in heavy single-target damage, Direwolf uses its chainsaw to constantly attack your characters. It also enters a charging phase and locks on to one of your characters sometimes.

Voidranger: Trampler


Physical, Wind, Imaginary

This enemy only has a few abilities, and you'll mostly see it performing a two-turn charging attack where it deals a lot of AoE damage. It's important to constantly break this enemy's Toughness bar.


Final Boss

Physical, Lightning, Imaginary

The final boss of world three features up to three phases and a plethora of attacks. In each phase, it'll spawn two enemies at the start, and these enemies will rapidly get harder. Gepard also has a heavy-hitting AoE attack.

Moreover, he uses a shield in the second and third phases that tanks a ton of damage. It's highly recommended to have Erudition characters against him.

Best Paths And Characters For World Three

Hokai Star Rail Enemy Taking Damage From Elation Path Resonance

If you've acquired the first upgrade on the Ability Tree of the Simulated Universe, you can choose your path at the start of every run. This will increase your chances of getting blessings on that path and give you a special ability called Path Resonance. This ability unlocks after having three blessings from that path.

Since you're in the third world, you won't have all the paths unlocked yet. Your best choice for this world is the path of Hunt. You can also go with Destruction if it's already unlocked for you. In case you're lucky enough to get Jing Yuan and use him in this world, you can use the path of Elation as well.

When it comes to the best character, you'll see that four out of five bosses are weak to the Imaginary element. Although, there aren't a lot of characters with this combat type in the game. Here are some of the best characters for this world:

  • Welt
  • Jing Yuan
  • Sampo
  • Serval
  • Herta
  • Natasha
  • Sushang

World Three Rewards

Hokai Star Rail World Three Rewards

From world three, you'll also see each world having a certain number of difficulties. New difficulties unlock as you upgrade your Equilibrium level and finish the first one. You can get a one-time reward for finishing the world on each difficulty. Moreover, you can also get some extra rewards from Elite and Final Boss rooms.

After clearing the first difficulty, you can get the following rewards:

  • 600 Trailblaze EXP
  • 120 Stellar Jades
  • Two Herta Tokens
  • Two Star Rail Passes

On the other hand, you'll only get 200 EXP and 60 Jades apart from some Ornaments when you clear any of the higher difficulties. Furthermore, you can get some Relic EXP, mob drops, and Credits after defeating each Elite and Final Boss. You can only get these rewards 100 times every week.

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