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In Honkai: Star Rail, you will take on the role of the Trailblazer, traveling through the galaxy on the Astral Express to solve mysteries and fight against various factions. Although you play as the Trailblazer, not much is known about this character. They are created at the start of the game using something called a Stellaron as the core of their body.

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If you're wondering what exactly a Stellaron is, you've come to the right place. Although little is known about these mysterious and powerful objects, we've consolidated all the lore we currently have on the subject right here.

Slight spoilers ahead for the Jarilo-VI portion of Star Rail's story!

What Are Stellarons?

jarilo vi stellaron

Stellarons, also known as Cancer of All Worlds, are mysterious semi-sentient objects that are at the center of many events in Honkai: Star Rail. Herta, the genius scientist behind the Simulated Universe and her own space station, says Stellarons are sentient objects that hold immense power. They are tethered to a certain Path of an Aeon, like Destruction or Preservation.

Stellarons are most commonly found on planets that have large concentrations of people, mainly due to their ability to grant wishes. By determining the prevailing desire of a planet, the Stellaron there can make the peoples' wishes come true. However, this usually results in extreme disaster, as the Stellaron fulfills these wishes literally and without thought to consequence.

For example, the first planet the Trailblazer and Astral Express crew visit is Jarilo-VI, a planet blanketed in a never-ending blizzard. The cause of this blizzard is a Stellaron, which corrupted the desires of the planet's inhabitants to stop the Antimatter Legion that had invaded the planet.

The Stellaron on Jarilo-VI is tied to the Aeon Qlipoth the Preservation. With its power of preserving, it froze the planet over, making life outside of the main city of Belobog impossible. While the Stellaron was able to stop the Antimatter Legion's invasion, it also brought untold destruction to the planet through the Eternal Freeze.

Due to their immense power, no one has discovered a way to completely destroy a Stellaron. Instead, they can only be contained for a duration; eventually, however, their containment will weaken, and other measures will need to be taken to continue to subdue the Stellaron.

What Is Fragmentum?

fragmentum crystals in the streets of belobog

On a more personal level, a Stellaron can also corrupt people, turning them into creatures known as Fragmentum monsters. Fragmentum is a form of corruption that slowly eats its way through the planet, turning living and inanimate objects into Fragmentum crystals.

Cocolia, the Supreme Guardian of Belobog, was corrupted by the Stellaron on Jarilo-VI from a young age. However, instead of continuing the Stellaron's desire of preservation, Cocolia saw visions of the planet being destroyed by the Fragmentum, and ultimately decided to completely destroy the planet and rebuild it.

Where Do Stellarons Come From?

star rail jarilo vi official art

Despite Stellarons being tied to a particular Aeon's path, not much is known about where they actually come from. They seem to be scientific anomalies that appear in times of need to particular groups of people on planets in distress, like in the case of Jarilo-VI.

The true nature of Stellarons and where they come from will likely be discovered throughout the course of the game's story.

Who Are The Stellaron Hunters?

Honkai Star Rail Kafka With Card In Hand

At the start of the game, before you play as the Trailblazer, you see the story of the Stellaron Hunters Kafka and Silver Wolf. Not much is yet known about this group, but it seems like their goal is to collect the various Stellarons that have tied themselves to planets around the galaxy. Before the events of the game, they had already collected several.

Despite the danger presented by the Stellarons, the Stellaron Hunters travel to planets that are known to have one and extract it, facing the Fragmentum that is inevitably caused by the object. However, their true goals are still unknown; we don't know exactly why the Stellaron Hunters want the Stellarons, or what they're doing with them.

Although there isn't a widespread method for destroying a Stellaron, it could be possible that the Stellaron Hunters have devised such a method.

The Stellaron Hunters are led by a man named Elio, who Herta describes as a maniac who is trying to gather the most dangerous objects in the universe. This description, although loaded with bias, may change our view of the Stellaron Hunters. If their leader is a sociopathic maniac, what does that say about the group's goals?

For now, however, we can only guess as to the true nature of the Stellaron Hunters. It is extremely likely that we will learn more about them in future updates, but for now, we can only speculate.

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