Honkai: Star Rail has many more stories to tell, but these stories will be on your mind even after you've moved on from Belobog and the Xianzhou Luofu. There are stories here that you expected to be lighthearted, only to be heavier than expected—all for a few Stellar Jade.

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But these stories aren't great only because you can get your fix of Stellar Jade and Credit. These narratives give you more information about your favorite characters, their relationships with others, and some cultural background on the worlds you've traveled through.

10 From Xianzhou, With Love

From Xianzhou, With Love adventure mission from Honkai: Star Rail

If you've completed this story, you'll know that it unpacks the complexity of loneliness. You might not agree with catfishing anybody—or bluntly, scamming people out of their money, but this adventure story touches on the hardships of being socially outcast and being lonely as a result.

You might be creeped out by the NPC, Wen Furui, who is central to this quest, since it's clear that he's only after the fantasy of a Foxian woman. But the appeal in this story is how it reflects the reality of loneliness in an advanced society, wherein people start buying out parasocial relationships in order to fill their gaping need for company.

9 Origin Of Medicine

natasha inspecting a vial of green liquid in Honkai: Star Rail

This companion quest is one of the best, since it gives you an insight of how much Natasha truly cares about the citizens of the Underworld. She cares, even if the Underworlders don't heed her medical advice as a doctor—and it's of little concern to her if her patients turn against her to get a quick fix, because she understands their desperation.

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But what she does care about is that people aren't misled by pseudoscience and alternative medicine that does more harm than good. Another great part about her companion story is the fact that we're able to know about her and her past, and why she's become a doctor in the Underworld despite coming from privilege.

8 You Already Know Me

Asta from You Already Know Me in Honkai: Star Rail

This particular story is Honkai: Star Rail's take on Gossip Girl, if it was in a space station and concerns public misappropriation of funds instead. You got more interesting background on Asta, and you've probably laughed at the fact that she's a rich astrologer with bad spending habits much somebody from Genshin Impact.

But the even more interesting part about this story is the little twist it has in the end, which is hinted very subtly but doesn't give it away too well. If you haven't finished this story yet, then you're in for a good laugh.

7 Blizzard Immunity

Trailblazer and Natasha discussing flowers in Blizzard Immunity companion quest in Honkai: Star Rail

Blizzard Immunity finished what you started in Origin of Medicine. You continue your journey with Natasha after the Underworld has been unsealed, and your first plan of action with her is to visit her parents, who she's been separated from for a decade. It's a heartwarming and well-deserved reunion for your favorite doctor.

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Although it's a fluffy tale about a family torn apart being reunited once more, it's also a good story revolving around closure and what was lost. Bittersweet is the better way to describe this story, but at least Natasha finally got to close that chapter of her life once and for all.

6 Time Express

Serval in Time Express from Honkai: Star Rail

Serval is known for her innovative mind, but being flighty and free-spirited seems to be the consequence for somebody who yearns to learn more. So it doesn't come as a surprise that she asked you if she could join you onboard with the Astral Express. It's only natural for somebody who gets excited about new discoveries to want to see the world beyond Jarilo-VI.

Welt and Himeko aren't opposed to the idea and were more than welcoming, so traveling with Serval was only a few steps from reality. But Bronya has her own offer, which placed a fork on Serval's road. In this companion quest, you've come to see those who are bound to miss Serval and the memories she'll be leaving behind—even long after she's departed in Jarilo-VI.

5 Old Foreman's Treasure

Hook and her father in Old Foreman's Treasure in Honkai: Star Rail

Old Foreman's Treasure is the game's spin on the old adage, "money can't buy happiness"—or it's not the end all, even for a pair of struggling denizens in the Underworld of Belobog. You followed the courageous captain of the Moles, Hook, in her quest to retrieve and repair her father's Geomarrow Detector.

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But unsurprisingly, in the end, Hook's father explained that the Geomarrow Detector isn't his greatest treasure—and that his treasure is alive and well, which is all that matters. You can rest easy knowing that Hook and her father have a healthy and loving relationship after this companion quest, even if they don't have a lot.

4 Hook's Gift

Hook's Gift companion quest in Honkai: Star Rail

Hook's Gift is a continuation of Old Foreman's Treasure, and it gives you a good background on Hook. You figured out that she was adopted, and that her father only appreciated the importance of birthdays once he adopted her. You go on a wild ride to find Hook's father a gift alongside her, even going as far as engaging in a bidding war.

But you've also seen that Hook, for all her rambunctiousness, is actually a good kid who would still resort to acquiring things through the right avenues. She has integrity, and she cares about those around her even if she gets shy about saying so out loud.

3 Only A Child

Only A Child companion mission with Gepard and Serval from Honkai: Star Rail

This is the companion quest after Time Express, and Gepard expresses that he'll be supporting his sister's decision no matter what—but he'll miss her nevertheless, and wants her to think things through before making the life altering decision to leave their home planet. You've probably thought about leaving your own country once or twice, but moving from ships to planets is definitely no joke.

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One of the best things about this quest is that you're able to see just how much the two siblings care about each other, even if they've taken different paths in life. Serval had a lot of unresolved pain from her past and felt the need to run away, but along with her brother, you're able to give her the courage to face it all.

2 Rarely Affectionate

Rarely Affectionate companion quest with Clara in Honkai: Star Rail

Robots don't have feelings—and according to Svarog himself, it's a once in a lifetime anomaly that happens in Belobog. So it's a surprise for everybody, even Clara herself who grew among robots, when Pascal was recorded to have gained sentience. This little robot tried to fix Rivet Town, even after residents fled because of the Fragmentum.

This quest was more than just about fixing a malfunctioning robot and choosing its fate; it made you feel for Pascal, and you've grown to appreciate the dynamic between Clara and Svarog. Even if Svarog ruled out that Pascal was going to be difficult to maintain, you saw how he respects Clara's wishes and only wants what's best for her as her family.

1 To: The Faint Star

Rocky from To: The Faint Star Honkai: Star Rail

Rocky Martinez was a researcher in Herta's Space Station, and if you knew anything about this NPC, it's that he's very much in love with Lesley. Bernard, who thinks Rocky should be focusing on his studies instead of chasing after somebody who hasn't responded in a long time, took matters into his own hands.

You get a blue pill or red pill situation in this mission, and whatever you chose to give Rocky, you think at that moment that it will be for his own good. If you've chosen to tell him the red truth, you most likely have the Bye, Herta poem on your shelf. You wouldn't be seeing this love-struck researcher in a long time (if ever again), but it's nice to see that there are those who are willing to fight the ebbs and flows of time just for another person.

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