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Jouanna is an English Literature graduate and volunteer editor with a love for games and writing. Video games are one of Jouanna's biggest passions. She aims to use her writing skills to talk about her favorites.

Ling Xiaoyu from Tekken 7, Geralt from The Witcher in Soulcalibur 6, and Bridget from Guilty Gear Strive 1
7 Best Fighting Games On PS5

Throw down with the best fighting games on the PlayStation 5.

Infinitely Recursive Curio, The Parchment That Always Eats Curio, and Dimension Reduction Dice Curio in Honkai: Star Rail 1
Honkai: Star Rail - 8 Best Curios

Strengthen your teams and debuff your enemies with the best Curios.

Three Sims using a camera, phone, and computer respectively. 1
Sims 4: Best Social Media Mods

These Sims 4 mods flesh out the social media elements of the game, adding new features and functionality.

The player thrusting a custom sword, different types of weapons, and the player character standing between scythes and slingshots 1
Stardew Valley: 7 Best Weapon Mods

Here are the best weapon mods in Stardew Valley!

Kaveh holding Mehrak looking serious on the left, holding his head in his hand looking exasperated on the right 1
Genshin Impact: Best Weapons For Kaveh

Make Kaveh an excellent on-field driver by giving him the best weapons available.

 A collage featuring Baizhu smiling on the left and doing his Elemental Burst on the right. 1
Genshin Impact: Best Weapons For Baizhu

The five-star Dendro character needs some of these great weapons.

Characters from Red Dead Redemption 2, Borderlands 3, and Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War. First one is wearing a cowboy hat, second one is shirtless with a mask on, third one is holding a gun and wearing glasses 1
Steam Games With The Biggest File Size And How Many GB They Take

These Steam games are pretty big.

The 10 Best Co-op Mobile Games You Can Play With A Friend 1
The 19 Best Co-op Mobile Games You Can Play With A Friend

You don't need to turn to consoles to play something with a friend. These games can be played right on your phone or tablet!

Lego Batman 2, A Way Out, and Overcooked 2 SurfnTurf 1
The 19 Best Split-Screen Multiplayer Games On PC

Multiplayer games aren't dead yet. So if this is your preferred form of gaming, take a look at the best split-screen multiplayer games on PC!

A collage with promotional art of Super Mario Maker 2, Super Mario Oddysey, and Mario Kart 8. 1
The 13 Best Mario Games On Nintendo Switch (So Far), Ranked

Everyone expected there to be more Mario games on the Switch. We take a look at the best ones on the system so far!

Your kingdom in Airborne Kingdom, a neon structure with an octopus on it in Spacebase Startopia, and different colorful buildings in Townscraper 1
7 Best City Building Games On Nintendo Switch

These base building games for the Nintendo Switch offer creativity on the go.

The Links from Tri Force Heroes in fighting stances, Link from Spirit Tracks riding a train, and the Links from Four Swords Adventures in battle stances 1
Characters from Temtem running, characters from Disc Creature waving at the viewer, and two characters from Nexomon: Extinction looking sternly at the viewer 1
7 Best Monster-Taming Games On Steam

These are the best monster-taming games available on Steam.

Mika reading a book, Kokomi smiling peacefully, and Yaoyao looking up at the sky with her cheek on her hand. 1
Genshin Impact: Best Healing Characters To Use

Any Genshin Impact team needs a healer. Which characters are best suited to fill that role? We cover both dedicated healers and support characters.

Don't Starve Together, It Takes Two, and Overcooked 1
Best Co-Op Games On Steam

If you're looking for some great Steam-based PC games to play alongside friends and family, these are for you.

Pastry Cookie, Twizzly Gummy Cookie, Sherbet Cookie, and Caramel Arrow Cookie from the Cookie Run Kingdom gacha 1
Cookie Run: Kingdom - Every Ranged Cookie, Ranked

Here are the best ranged cookies from Cookie Run: Kingdom.

Left image: a Final Fantasy 14 character with a hat holding a harp and smiling at the player, middle image: two grounded characters cheering, right image: a character being attacked by a shark while fixing their raft in Raft 1
8 Best Open-World Multiplayer Games

Looking to explore the big, wide world with some friends by your side? You'll want to play these games.

Left image: a group of sims dancing in sync on the dancefloor. Right image: two sims hugging and kissing. 1
22 Best Sims 4 Mods For Realistic Gameplay

The Sims community is full of talented players who've made some awesome realistic mods for The Sims 4.

FF15, Prey,  Psycohnauts 2, split image of games that took a long time to develop 1
11 Games That Took Over A Decade to Make

Sometimes the best games take the longest to arrive, though at times it ends up half-baked.

Articuno glowing blue in front of a blue sparkly background, a close up of Bibarel's open mouth and glowing teeth, and Buizel flying within a large stream of water during Aqua Jet in Pokemon 1
7 Best Pokemon Moves For Catching Other Pokemon

You don't always want a one-hit KO, after all.

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