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It's quite evident that Honkai: Star Rail has been inspired by the two other popular games from Hoyoverse and it also has a unique turn-based combat element. You'll be using the Astral Express to go to different planets and try to remove the Stellaron damaging it. Belobog will be the second planet you land on.

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In the beginning, you'll meet Sampo who's trying to hide himself in a snow pile. He'll be one of the main characters during the Belobog story, and he'll be the one to give you this Survival Wisdom quest where you'll go on a treasure hunt.

Updated May 26, 2023: We've updated this article to include a video guide that shows you how to find Sampo's Treasure.

How To Find Mining Tools For Sampo

Honkai Star Rail Shovel On Rack

The quest will start with Sampo messaging you on your phone first. He'll ask you to come help him, at which point you'll find the quest in the Great Mine area of Belobog. Talk to Sampo and he'll ask you to get three mining equipment at first, but you can negotiate your way down to getting only two.

Once the dialogue is finished, you'll find the first tool on a rack beside Sampo. It can be seen with a tiny shining spot near some shovels. Once you have the first piece of equipment, follow the blue marker to get the second one. You'll have to fight a bunch of vagrants in the way since they'll be blocking the path completely.

Honkai Star Rail Treasure Location In Great Mine

Once you reach the blue marker, you'll have to fight another vagrant with two small robots. Upon defeating them, you can take the equipment back to Sampo, and he'll give you a treasure map. This treasure won't be marked on your actual map, so you'll have to find it using the piece of paper given by Sampo.

Honkai Star Rail Location For Gas Mask

In the Great Mine area itself, you'll be able to see the treasure area in the middle. This area might be grayed out since you have to discover it first. Get to the area and defeat the vagrants near the camps to the left side. You'll see another shiny spot beside these camps, which will give you a gas mask.

Since it's not the treasure that Sampo promised, you can head back to the location where you took the quest and talk to him. The quest will finish after this dialogue and you'll get the quest rewards. You'll also get another map that'll lead you to the actual treasure.

How To Find The Real Treasure

Honkai Star Rail Real Treasure Location Great Mine

The real treasure chart given by Sampo will point to roughly the same area as the place where you found the gas mask, except this time you'll have to cross the area where you can see the bridge above. As shown in the map above, you'll find another shiny spot on the ground once you get to the corner of the area.

Interacting with this will spawn a Precious Chest that'll give you the following:

  • 30 Trailblaze EXP
  • 30 Stellar Jade
  • Two Thief's Relics
  • 80 Shields
  • An achievement called Greed Psychology

You can use the shields at the shop in Rivet Town to buy different items.

You'll also get some passes, Light Cones, and Jades as rewards for spending this currency.

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