Whether you enjoyed Wednesday's PlayStation Showcase or not, what can't be argued is we were shown a lot of impressive stuff from Spider-Man 2. Many of you have been combing through its trailer and gameplay ever since, and some now believe we may have even been shown evidence that at some point during the game, players will have to battle against Peter Parker's Spidey as Miles Morales.

While there was plenty of evidence Peter is struggling with his new symbiote, the most telling moment Miles may have to fight his mentor comes when Spider-Man crashes through a warehouse ceiling. Tracking The Lizard, Miles is interrupted by Peter, tendrils out, standing menacingly in the darkness.

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Lost-Lu posted still images of that moment on the SpidermanPS4 subreddit, suggesting a battle with Symbiote Spidey is going to be a boss fight in the sequel. Many of you agree with them, and there's a chance that exact moment will be the first of potentially many times Miles and Peter have to fight each other. Yes, we were shown a lot, but the gameplay and cutscenes were likely edited incredibly carefully to ensure we weren't shown too much regarding how the game's story will play out.

As noted, there was more evidence Peter and his symbiote suit's relationship isn't a healthy one. The OG Spider-Man insists on continuing the pursuit alone at the end of the trailer, seemingly with a taste for blood. Miles notes that isn't like Peter at all. There's also a moment when Spider-Man throws a civilian he rescues to the floor rather than placing them down carefully, leaving them to scurry away.

Kraven the Hunter was revealed to be Spider-Man 2's lead villain, while Venom, who closed the almost two-year-old trailer at a previous PlayStation Showcase, wasn't shown at all. That Peter has his own symbiote suit suggests those who thought Venom may well be working with the two Spider-Men may well be right. I'm sure we will have to battle him too at some point though, even if he does eventually soften up. Some of you even think Peter is Venom after not seeing the symbiote in the new footage.

As for Peter's new look, that is the one thing from the new details revealed that Spidey fans are bickering about. The first game did a terrific job of recreating some iconic suits from throughout Spider-Man's history. Many of you don't think Peter's symbiote look follows suit (sorry). I think it looks great, but I also understand expectations are high since the first game's suits were so good and this game is on an entirely new console.

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