Wednesday's PlayStation Showcase might not have been as loaded as some people were expecting, but there was still a lot in there to get excited about. One of the most surprising reveals was Project Q, a handheld streaming device PS5 owners can pair with their console to play games away from their TVs. However, it seems quite a few of you aren't all that enamored with the new product and probably aren't planning on picking one up.

If you were scrolling through Twitter when Jim Ryan revealed Project Q to the world, then you will have seen a slew of insults directed at PlayStation's renewed attempt to break into the handheld gaming market. Those complaints have spilled over onto Reddit and ResetEra since, and Nintendo Life has pointed out the DNA it shares with the Wii U, including a mock-up making it look like Link broke a DualSense and fused the two halves to a screen using ultrahand.

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While the limitations of when and where Project Q can be used have fueled some of the backlash, its design has also generated quite a bit of negative energy. Many who don't like how it looks have, perhaps quite rightly, pointed out that had the images leaked hours or days ahead of the Showcase, most people would have probably assumed it was fake.

That Project Q is simply a split DualSense with a screen in the middle seems to be what's annoying you most. While I would understand that being a little odd if this was something you'd be playing on the train or on the go, since it seemingly needs to be wirelessly tethered to your PS5 in order to function so will only be used at home, I don't really see the problem. A few of you seem to agree with me, pointing out that surely the best thing to hold while playing Project Q is the same thing we've been holding to play PS5 games since launch.

I've also seen a few complaints about the price which is a little odd as that hasn't been revealed yet. Yes, there's every chance Project Q is going to cost quite a lot, but let's cross that bridge if and when we come to it. Sony might surprise us and price its handheld streaming device reasonably, especially since it's rumored to be launching in November and the company will want it to sell well over the holidays. As someone with a child who monopolizes the TV, Project Q currently has my attention.

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