Two weeks on from its launch, a lot of positive things have been said about Tears of the Kingdom. Believe it or not, some people have negative things to say about the sequel. Most of the criticism revolves around the sage abilities as players have been discussing what they don't like about them.

Minhtrungaa is one of quite a few players to have started up a discussion in which Tears of the Kingdom players have been bemoaning the new abilities on the sequel's subreddit. This article will contain spoilers from this point on, naturally revolving around the abilities Link picks up as you progress.

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In Breath of the Wild, guardians aided Link with helpful abilities. A reward for each Divine Beast you quell. Tears of the Kingdom has sage abilities instead. Each allows you to summon someone to help you out using their unique ability. However, a lot of the time, they just get in the way.

There are two key things players seem to be annoyed by when it comes to sage abilities. One, you can't just summon your companion and leave them to it. They need to be right in front of you and commanded to do so should you want them to use their ability. On the flip side, that also means they can get in the way which seems to happen a lot.

One player was forced to chase down Riju like a dog with something it shouldn't have in its mouth running from you around the garden. Not ideal with a gleeok bearing down on you. Others have questioned how Tulin's wind ability is supposed to help you in battle at all.

Tears of the Kingdom has built on Breath of the Wild in almost every way. However, the abilities you accrue along the way seem to be one of its only downgrades. Revali's Gale appears to be the one players miss most. Summoning the ability would shoot Link up into the air via a gust of wind firing up out of the ground in the previous game.

This might well be the first negative thing you've heard about Tears of the Kingdom, and if you don't like the new sage abilities, know you're not alone and the game isn't perfect after all. While the abilities might be considered a downgrade vs. Breath of the Wild, the sequel's invitation to create definitely is not. Tears of the Kingdom's creators were inspired to make innovation a big part of the game after watching YouTube videos of players creating weird and wonderful things in the previous game.

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