Honkai: Star Rail makes you traverse space and planets, so it wouldn't be a surprise to meet good and interesting people along the way. Most of the playable characters in the game have personalities that are far too memorable to forget, but you probably have that one NPC you starkly remember from a daily mission or a side mission.​​​​​​

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These NPCs were either too relatable or perhaps they've struck a chord within you because of the roles that they played despite being in supporting roles. Some of them were central to quests, and others are crucial fixtures of the game.​

10 Peak

Peak the Lazy Miner from Honkai: Star Rail sleeping in the mines with Gepard overlooking him

We found this miner fast asleep along the bridge of the Great Mine. How somebody could fall asleep near danger is beyond you, but you also felt a tinge of jealousy seeing him get a good shut-eye while Honkai: Star Rail has probably kept you up for several nights now. But seeing Peak in the Great Mine take a nap is a good reminder to take breaks, even when you're working. Just make sure you don't end up sleeping on the floor while on duty like him.

Despite Peak being called by the game a lazy miner (you will find this label below his name), he's actually far from it. This guy just wants a simple life, and says he can live with less since he's not a materialistic person. He also cares little about how he's perceived, as long as he won't starve to death as a result.

9 Master Gonshu

Master Gonshu from Honkai: Star Rail in the Artisanship Commission with Jing Yuan

Not everybody is a fan of puzzles, but for those who are, Master Gonshu from the Xianzhou Luofu has been generous with providing you with innovative laser puzzles to solve. He might be your favorite because he's willing to give you a chest as long as you're able to solve his puzzle.

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These chests aren't shabby either and would give a decent number of stellar jade. Master Gonshu is like that grandparent who'll spoil you with gifts, as long as you're willing to indulge in their interests and conversations.

8 Perkins

Gepard looking at Perkins from Honkai: Star Rail

Perkins is a very welcome fixture at the gate of Svarog's Base, and he will remind you of Jarvis from the Iron Man movies (if that AI assistant ever took the form of a stoplight robot). Clara did say that robots like Perkins only imitate natural human speech. But with how lively and funny this robot butler is, we can ignore Clara's words and pretend that Perkins is funny because he's a sentient being with an actual personality.

Needless to say, Svarog's Base wouldn't be the same without this friendly stoplight greeting you "Welcome, Guests of Ms. Clara!"

7 Pascal

Pascal in Rivet Town with Clara from Honkai: Star Rail

If you loved Toby, you probably feel the same for Pascal, if not more. We've learned about this poor little robot, who did his best to collect parts to fix up Rivet Town in an effort to welcome humans back. He decorated areas with fairy lights and promised to fix the town up because he believed that humans would one day return.

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At least this robot was confirmed to actually have feelings and a form of sentience by Clara. Whatever decision you made in Rarely Affectionate, this NPC probably hit you emotionally harder than any of your damage dealers in this game.

6 Vaska

Vaska from Eversummer Florist from Honkai: Star Rail with Serval overhearing her thoughts about Artem

You'll meet Vaska out of curiosity, then be shocked at all the Tears of Themis references going on in her head. She's a huge fangirl of Artem and fawns over him to the point that she ends up muttering a lot of her thoughts out in the open. Even if you've never been a huge fan of a fictional character yourself, you'll find her interesting at the very least.

But if you are a fan of fictional people, hearing her thoughts out loud probably gave you a good scare since it's relatable — you'd never want anybody to hear your thoughts like that.

5 Rocky Martinez

Rocky Martinez from Honkai: Star Rail facing his desk in Herta Space Station with Stelle at his left

Vaska was fawning over fictional people, but Rocky was on another level of in love. He had strong romantic feelings for another researcher in the Herta Space Station, and he was writing poems dedicated to her. You might not like all the poems he's written about her, because you'd have to agree that the first poem was utter cringe. But it's the thought that counts, and he proves in his own quest that he's a man of more than just words.

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This was a guy who was willing to go above and beyond for the person he loves, even if it meant fighting the space-time continuum. His curiosity as a scholar and his dedication to a person is what drove him to those great lengths. With his efforts, we could only hope that they've reunited somewhere in the vast universe of Honkai: Star Rail.

4 Kluzer

Kluzer from Honkai: Star Rail on the ground with Stelle on the right and another NPC on the left

This man is only with us for one side mission, but he proved that not all good deeds are done for recognition. He was selfless and cared deeply for other people in the Underworld even if he had financial struggles himself.

Kluzer was too good for his own good, and after the story with him, you'll be disgusted with the owner of the Fight Club. The Underworld is rough, but the way Kluzer's situation was handled is sickening. You see Scott, the owner of the said club standing outside, and you probably have an overwhelming urge to harm him like everybody else in the player base.

3 Dunn

Dunn from Honkai: Star Rail in Belobog's main story

Dunn was a memorable NPC in Belobog's main story, and he was introduced to you when you snuck your way into the Restricted Zone with Serval. He looks just like any other Silvermane Guard commander, but learning about his past with Serval is the more interesting part of the story.

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It appears he has a small crush on her like we all do, but that's not what makes him special. He's stern and unwavering and believes that his rock and roll spirit rests with his sense of duty — so he's nothing short of interesting.

2 Oleg

Chief Oleg from Honkai: Star Rail in Belobog's main mission

Chief Oleg isn't entirely a side character, and he was crucial in many points of Belobog's main story, but he's not exactly built like a playable character either. He's welcoming to you and your other outsider friends, and he was willing to accommodate Bronya without any prejudice against her for being the second most powerful person in Belobog.

It's the way he treats everybody with kindness, regardless of their background, that makes Oleg an unforgettable NPC. If only the world was filled with more NPCs like him.

1 Pom Pom

Pom Pom walking around in the Astral Express in Honkai: Star Rail

There's no debate. Pom Pom is the best NPC in Honkai: Star Rail, since they cook, clean, and they're there to greet you when you board home the Astral Express. The shedding might be a downside and Pom Pom gets too emotional from time to time, but they're a real joy to be around.

It's like getting a pet that cleans your house, but not in the form of an automated vacuum cleaner. They also hit you up from time to time to change the music in the Express, which is a great way to remind you that there are a lot of other great tracks to play aside from Wildfire.

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