Honkai: Star Rail has cemented itself as a solid gacha game that combines the best parts of Both Genshin and Honkai Impact, and adds a new twist. It follows the crew of the Astral Express as they journey through the galaxy, helping people on different planets.

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One of the parts it has retained from other games of this genre is the ability to customise your player profile, with the addition of different pictures and custom messages. Here we take a look at the different profile picture options and how you can get the very best.

8 Star Rail Characters

Honkai Star Rail Bailu Profile Picture

The most ordinary profile pictures, character avatars are unlocked simply by gaining that character via a quest or the gacha. Any character that you unlock will have a corresponding picture appear in the profile picture section.

These images are a good way to show off your luck if you gained the latest have five-star, but most players like to move on to more unique images. Unless of course you just want to show your love for Seele, Bailu, Walt, or any other favourite character.

7 Medal Of The Nameless

Honkai Star Rail Nameless Honor Profile Picture

These profile pictures are cute unique avatars that are available in limited amounts with each Nameless Honor battlepass. There appear to be two to collect for each month of the second tier paid battlepass that you unlock.

They are more unique than the general character avatars, but there's no challenge in getting one of these. All you need is 20 bucks.

6 Trailblazer Welcome

Honkai Star Rail Welcome Profile Picture

This cute avatar has two versions and which one you get depends on if you pick the male or female version of Trailblazer when you start to play the game.

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The avatar was available for a two-month period to those who pre-registered for Honkai: Star Rail, so while it was free it is no longer available so has value in its rarity.

5 Wanted Announcement

Honkai Star Rail Wanted Poster Profile Picture

The Wanted Announcement isn't the best looking avatar, but it's one of the funniest and is linked to a quirky side quest in the game making it a cool addition to your collection.

While playing through the main story quest chain in the Administrative District of Jarilo-VI you'll end up staying overnight at the Goethe Hotel. When you wake up you'll suddenly find yourselves as wanted people. As a result, seven posters will appear on the walls depicting members of the Astral Express. Simply tear these down to get this avatar for your profile.

4 Wubbabu

Honkai Star Rail Wubbaboo Profile Picture

Wubbabu's are cute creatures that float about on the Herta Space station. Over the course of the main story you'll need to find and photograph several of them during the Signs of Fragmentium quest chain. They look a little spooky and a little adorable, and every bit awesome as a profile picture.

You'll need to go right through this quest chain before you are eventually led to a room where Wubbabu's have gathered. When the quest chain ends you'll be rewarded with this profile picture.

3 Jun Jun

Honkai Star Rail Junjun Profile Picture

Jun Jun is a bear belonging to Hook, the leader of the Moles Adventure Squad. He's adorable and features as part of Hook's companion quest chain which you'll unlock while questing on Jarilo-VI. You're sure to love him and this profile picture is a great reminder of the cute companion.

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This cute quest chain sees you help out Hook as she searches for a gift for her father's birthday. The Jun Jun profile picture is your reward for helping her find the perfect gift.

2 Peppy

Honkai Star Rail Peppy Profile Picture

Peppy is the adorable canine companion of Arlan, who works at the Herta Space Station. Who wouldn't want a profile picture of this adorable dog?

To get it you simply need to keep questing. Soon when talking to Asta you'll be sent on a companion quest to locate Arlan, using Peppy to help locate him. Discover what's happened to the young man in order to unlock this adorable avatar.

1 Trash

Honkai Star Rail Trash Profile Picture

This avatar is trash, literally. The most unique profile picture allows you to be literal trash, by hunting threough trash. The image, the randomness, and the quest to get it place this top of our list.

If you also want to be trash then while you are hunting down those Wanted posters in Jarilo VI's Administrative District take a look at the trash. Rooting through trash cans will yield the disgust of your team mates but also some interesting stories. Keep hunting and you'll get this picture to show off your love of being trash.

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