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The massive open world of The Legend Of Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom has three areas: sky, surface, and underground. The first two areas have a ton of Shrines that give you one Blessing Of Light each, and these blessings can be used to increase your health or stamina permanently.

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Tenbez Shrine is one of the shrines in the mazes of Hyrule, and you can use a Skyview Tower to get to it. The process of getting to this Shrine is quite long. Furthermore, the unique gravity-related puzzle in the shrine can be quite hard to beat.

How To Get To Tenbez Shrine

Tears Of The Kingdom Pikida Stonegrove Skyview Tower Location

If you want to even think about getting to this Shrine, you'll first have to unlock the Pikida Stonegrove Skyview Tower in the northwest region of Hyrule. It's quite a challenge to unlock this since it's on top of a huge ice pillar. Though you can reach it by using a balloon Zonai Device and a fire in the middle of it.

There aren't any platforms in the area so you'll also have to use a Cart or Sled to place the balloon on.

If you don't want to use the Zonai Devices, you can go on a long journey to climb one of the peaks nearby and glide to the tower.

Tears Of The Kingdom Structure With Fans And Batteries

Use the Tower's middle platform to boost yourself to the sky and you'll see some Sky Islands on the northeast side. Head to the nearest island and you'll see a big movable platform and a bunch of Zonai devices nearby including Fans, Batteries, and a Controller. Use the Ultrahand power to attack these devices on the platform in the following way:

  • Put both fans on the nearest side of the platform. They should have roughly the same distance from the left and the right edge respectively. This will help your platform go forward.
  • Place the Controller in the middle of the platform. You can easily judge where the middle is because of the design on top.
  • Finally, attach both batteries anywhere on the platform. Try to ensure that they don't cause the platform to be heavier on one side than the other since this can lead to it getting tilted.
Tears Of The Kingdom Middle Sky Island With Piston

Once everything is placed, use the Ultrahand on the platform itself and make it go higher. Bring it on top of the island you're standing on so that you can use the Ascend ability to get on it. This isn't necessary, but it'll help you in the next step since you have to do a lot of steering and there are many obstacles in the way.

When you're on the platform, use the Controller to get to the next big island where you'll see a square-shaped mechanism that can launch you. On the way, you'll see more platforms with enemies, rockets, and batteries. You don't have to get any of these items, but you can stop on the way if you want to get some Zonai charges.

On the middle island, you'll also find another shrine called Taninoud. You can directly teleport here if you have it unlocked.

Use the mechanism on this island to get to the one near it, which will be in the northern direction on the map. On this island, you'll find another platform with a fan on it. Remove the controller, batteries, and rockets that you have on your current platform and attach them to the new one.

Tears Of The Kingdom Flying To Shrine

Attach the new fan to the back of the platform halfway facing downward. This will let you take the platform directly to the shrine. If you have any rockets, they can help you get there much faster. Moreover, it's recommended to use one rocket to go straight up in the air. This is because the shrine is at a higher level.

If you don't have rockets, you can simply place the fan facing downward and activate it to make the platform go up.

This is important because the platform you're on will start blinking green and disappear a little bit before you get to the shrine. You'll need to be higher than the shrine so that you can glide to it.

How To Beat Tenbez Shrine

Tears Of The Kingdom Tenbez Shrine Chest

When you enter the shrine, you'll see a ball getting bounced between two launching mechanisms. There'll be a mechanism in the middle and you'll also see a chest in a square area above to your left. When the ball goes to the launcher on the right side, press the mechanism in the middle to lower the gravity.

This will make the ball go higher and touch the target above, which will open the next door. Next, get in front of the right launcher yourself and you can get launched to the chest platform. Use the glider to get to it and open the chest to get a Large Zonai Charge. Make sure the gravity mechanism is still turned on.

Tears Of The Kingdom Ball Going Into Middle

Jump on the launcher below the chest and you'll be able to get to the next area. This is a little trickier since you have to time the gravity. Keep the low gravity on since you need that for the ball to be able to enter this area from the previous one. It'll slowly go to another launcher that will send the ball flying to the area in the middle.

You have to turn the low gravity off as soon as the ball gets on top of this platform. This will make it drop inside and activate the final door. Enter the room and claim your Blessing.

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