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February 13, 2019
Liu Wei
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Honkai 1
Honkai Star Rail’s Story Has Lost Me, So Why Am I Still Playing?

I fell for the bait. I’m Honkai Star Rail-pilled.

Honkai TikTok 1
Honkai: Star Rail's TikTok Ads Are Leaning Hard Into The Cringe

I don't know who these actors are advertising this game but I don't like them.

Honkai Star Rail main characters by the astral express 1
Honkai: Star Rail Stirs Debate Over Use Of Turn-Based Combat

HoYoverse's latest has already seen more than 20 million downloads, but its gameplay differs from Genshin Impact in one crucial way.

Grand Theft Auto 6  1
Honkai Star Rail 1
Honkai: Star Rail Has The Potential To Ruin My Life

I don't want another Genshin Impact on my hands.

Honkai Star Rail Two Main Characters Beside Each Other 1
Honkai Star Rail Gets Sassy If You Take Too Long To Pick Your Character

"Uh, Silver Wolf? Did you forget that I must be the one to make this decision?"

Honkai Star Rail showing a blond female character playing an electric guitar-like instrument 1
Tighnari charging a shot during his Elemental Burst in Genshin Impact 1
Genshin Impact Recasts Tighnari After Sexual Harassment Allegations

Tighnari will be voiced by Zachary Gordon once update 3.6 drops.

Honkai Star Rail 2 1
Genshin Impact Dev's New RPG, Honkai: Star Rail, Now Coming To PlayStation

Turn-based Genshin in space is getting a PlayStation release "soon," but it's probably after April. 

tighnari thinking deeply 1
Genshin Impact Voice Actor Elliot Gindi Let Go After Sexual Harassment Allegations

Tighnari's English voice actor admitted to some of the allegations

Honkai Star Rail - via Hoyoverse 1
Genshin Impact Developer's Next Game Launches April 26

Honkai Star Rail is "Expected April 26".

Split image of Broken Age and Borthers: A Tale of Two Sons 1
22 Mobile Games With The Best Storylines

Just because a game is played on your phone or tablet doesn't mean it can't have a rich, expansive story.

genshin impact faruzan 1
Genshin Impact Introduces New Support Character Faruzan

The enigmatic machinist returns after a century’s sojourn

Sony And Microsoft Rivalry Heating Up In China 1
Sony And Microsoft Rivalry Heating Up In China As They Hope For The Next Genshin Impact

Sony has relaunched its China Hero Project as it looks to develop more Chinese-made games.

Genshin Impact Version 3.1 1
Genshin Concert 1
Genshin Impact Concert To Broadcast This Week

The Genshin Concert 2022 will feature the Hollywood Chamber Orchestra.

zenless zone zero 1
Zenless Zone Zero Drops 18-Minute Gameplay Video Showing Off Combat And Hub Area

The urban fantasy action RPG is a big game for the Genshin Impact developer.

Genshin Impact Pixel Art 1
This Genshin Impact Demake Has Players Wishing For A Turn-Based JRPG

This artist's pixel art rendition of Genshin Impact has got everyone talking.

Genshin Impact Tower of Fantasy 1
Tower Of Fantasy Is The First Of Many Shameless Genshin Impact Clones

There's more to it beneath the surface, but the similarities are clear to see.

genshin impact 1
Genshin Impact Update 3 Adds New Sumeru Region And Elemental Type Dendro

The game gets more content in its latest expansion.