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rougelike mobile games split image: dead cells, vampire survivors, and slay the spire 1
8 Best Roguelikes On Android And iOS

Looking for some of the best rougelikes you can play on your phone? Here are our top picks.

Featured Image For Best Mobile MMORPGs With A Custom Character From Albion Online And A Battle In-game From Black Desert Online 1
The Best Free MMORPGs On Android

Tired of exploring worlds on your own? Try your luck competing and trading with other players in-game.

split image showing limbus company, fantasian, transistor, and tears of themis 1
The 24 Best Mobile Games Of All Time

Out of all the mobile games that exist, it can be hard to decide which ones are worthy. Here, you can check out the best mobile games of all time.

Ace Attorney pointing at a Mario Kart Tour Warp Pipe behind Mario from the Illumination movie who looks shocked 1
Nintendo Is Now Getting Sued To Refund Minors Over Mario Kart Tour Loot Boxes

A father and son have claimed that Mario Kart Tour "capitalized on and encouraged addictive behaviors akin to gambling".

split image with art from samurai love ballad, ikemen sengoku, obey me, and mystic messenger 1
17 Best Otome Games For iPhone And Android

Interested in the otome genre? Here are some of the best otome games that you can play right now on your phone.

metroid prime on an android device 1
Nintendo Switch Emulator Shuts Down Development "Due To Potential Legal Risks"

Although the emulator itself is legal, the key dumping via Lockpick has caught Nintendo's eye.

The 10 Best Co-op Mobile Games You Can Play With A Friend 1
The 19 Best Co-op Mobile Games You Can Play With A Friend

You don't need to turn to consoles to play something with a friend. These games can be played right on your phone or tablet!

Stardew Valley on an Android Watch with a pink 8BitDo controller 1
Stardew Valley Can Be Played On A Smartwatch With Surprising Good Quality

Could this spark an Android smartwatch farming revolution?

Persona 5 mobile game new character pulling at their collar 1
Atlus Announces New Persona 5 Mobile Spin-Off

This new Persona 5 spin-off will see us exploring a world of desires as we try to navigate everyday student life.

Raid Shadow Legends Web Series showing a crowd of people marching with purple banners and white spider emblems  1
Raid: Shadow Legends Is Going From YouTube Pop-Ups To Limited Web Series In May

The game turned meme thanks to its constant YouTube sponsorships and ads is getting a limited web series in May.

Emrakul the Promised End card by Jaime Jones over MTG Arena 1
Emrakul, The Promised End Is Coming To MTG Arena's Shadows Over Innistrad Remastered

MTG Arena is adding a card that lets you take over your opponent's next turn.

A split image of civilians from Fallout Shelter talking, cats playing in a yard in Neko Atsume, and a top-down view of a bright theme park with ferris wheel 1
The 15 Best Idle Games For iPhone And Android

If you're looking for a low-effort game to play in the background on your mobile phone, here are the best to try.

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Best Offline Games On iOS And Android Featured Image 1
10 Best Offline Games On iOS And Android

If you want to play a great game on your phone without worrying about being online all the time, check out the best ones on iOS and Android.

ultimate sackboy 1
Doesn't Sony Have Any Better Ideas For Mobile Games?

Ultimate Sackboy is the latest PlayStation mobile game and yet another hollow endless runner.

necromerger 1
Idle Mergers Are the Clicker Game Evolution I've Been Waiting For

Idle Merge games like Necromerger inject some much-needed strategy into the clicker genre.

characters from mobile games undecember, shadow fight, zenonia 1
Mobile Players Share Their Favourite Game Stories

Mobile games have deeper stories to tell than whatever the guy in Candy Crush has to say.

Relaxing Mobile Games Penguin Isle I Love Hue My Little Terrarium 1
14 Best Mobile Games To Help You Relax

If you're looking to wind down on your phone between life's hecticness, then these games are a must.

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Silver Surfer with a Nerf gun 1
Marvel Snap's Silver Surfer Sparks Discussion On Which Cards Need Nerfing

Silver Surfer, among other cards, is gifting cubes to some players.

tumble time 1
Game Industry Rebel Devolver Launches Money-Grubbing Mobile Game Without A Hint Of Irony

Devolver Tumble Time is the exact kind of low-quality, greed-driven game Devolver used to make fun of.

split image showing solitairica character next to image from monument valley 2 1
Top 13 Casual Mobile Games For iPhone And Android

Looking for a new game that you can play on your phone throughout the day? We've got the best ones currently available on iOS and Android.