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The Honkai series has been one of the most popular from Hoyoverse, and Honkai: Star Rail is its latest edition. Though you might not see too many similarities between this game and the previous ones in the series apart from a few characters. The world of Star Rail consists of various planets.

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You will be using the Astral Express to go to these planets alongside March 7th and Dan Heng. Not only does this game give you an immersive open-world RPG experience, but it also has a Gacha system where you can get plenty of featured characters.

Explore Everywhere

Honkai Star Rail March 7th Going To Chest

One of the most important tips for any open-world game is to pay attention to your surrounding and interact with everything you can. This is the same for Honkai: Star Rail since you can find plenty of chests, destructible objects, and readable in each area that you go to during the main or side quests.

The open world of this game works a little differently since the areas are divided into multiple segments, and it's not exactly an open world completely. You'll also be able to see the total number of chests in each area including the ones you've opened on your map. This can be significantly helpful in exploration.

Each chest in Star Rail gives you at least five Stellar Jades, with some of them giving even more.

If you try to explore every area, it can significantly help you get new characters faster.

Upgrade Selective Characters

Honkai Star Rail Welt Character Screen

Whenever you acquire a new character in the game, you'll be able to upgrade them and their Light Cone in the character section. This section can be accessed from the options on the top right of your screen. It takes special Character EXP materials to upgrade a character, and some more materials to ascend them.

These materials are quite scarce, especially if you're a free-to-play gamer. If you're not buying the battle pass or special boxes for these items, it's important to ration them. A good rule is to upgrade a maximum of four characters at the start so that you can make a party with them, and save the leftover materials.

Thankfully, the main character is quite a decent DPS in the game, so every player can invest resources into them.

Use Your Stellar Jades Carefully

Honkai Star Rail Seele Banner Version 1.0

The wide variety of characters in Honkai: Star Rail is one of its main attractions because of their design and abilities. To get most of these characters, you'll have to use the Stellar Jades in the Gacha System. If you play Genshin Impact, the Jades in this game are essentially the same as Primogems.

If you're an F2P or low-spending player, one of the worst things you can do is refill your Trailblaze Power using the Stellar Jades. This dialog box pops up when you don't have enough power for a run, and it'll ask for about 60 Jades for the first refill. The price keeps increasing the more you do it.

You can only refill the power up to eight times a day, but both the price and refill amount reset every day.

You should always refrain from refilling your power because you can eventually farm more items when it refills automatically. If you do want to make a small refill, it's better to refill once every day than doing it eight times in one day and then not doing it for the entire week. Overall, refilling power is only for whales (players who spend a lot of money).

Moreover, it's recommended to use your Jades only on the limited-character banner. The standard banner stays the same for a long time and the game gives you regular passes to summon on them. On the other hand, limited-character banners only stay for about 21 days before they're replaced by another character.

Don't Skip The Dialogue

Honkai Star Rail Kafka With Main Character

The wide range of quests are at the core of Honkai: Star Rail and you'll easily get bored of the game if you try to rush the story or skip the dialogue. Much like other games from Hoyoverse, there will be a point when Star Rail won't have a lot of content apart from daily tasks. You'll reach this point quicker if you try to rush.

Moreover, some quests will give you hints of the location of the desired items, and they won't be marked for you on the map. You'll also feel much closer to the game's lore and the characters you use if you know the part that they play in the story.

Don't Let Your Trailblaze Power Cap

Honkai Star Rail Golen Calyx

Once you've progressed into the game for a little bit, you'll see a special currency on the top right side of your screen when you open the map. This currency is called Trailblaze Power, and it can be used to farm a variety of things. When it's not capped, you'll regenerate one power every few minutes.

The most important thing in Honkai: Star Rail is to not let this currency cap if you want to make the most out of it. At the start, you'll only have some Golden Calyx that you can spend them on, but this is also the time when you can horde character and Light Cone EXP materials. Use every bit of your power on them.

You'll eventually unlock different domains where you can get Relics and other items, and you won't have spare power for Calyx.

Do Your Daily Training

Honkai Star Rail Daily Training Screen-1

As you progress in the main story, you'll eventually land on Jarilo-VI planet. Go through the main story on this planet to reach the underground part of Belobog. Down here, you'll get to meet Seele as she makes a beautiful appearance, and your Daily Training will unlock after the first dialogue with her.

This area can be accessed through the options on the top right side of your screen, and a bar will show the current amount of points you have here. This bar resets every day, and you can get up to 60 Stellar Jades from this. Below the bar, you'll see a few tasks and the points they'll provide after you finish them.

You don't have to finish all these tasks every day, just enough to reach the 500-point mark.

The tasks in Nameless Honor are another thing you'll want to pay attention to every day.

Space Anchors Can Heal You

Honkai Star Rail Space Anchor

In the main story, you can only use the Astral Express to go from one planet to another. Though this is quite tedious if you want to go to different planets repeatedly. This problem is solved by the Space Anchors in the game. You can see these Anchors marked with blue color on your map, and you can teleport to them at any point.

Apart from instant teleportation, these Anchors also serve the purpose of regenerating your team's health. If you try to fight a strong opponent, some of your characters might end up being defeated. These characters will be revived automatically after the battle, but they'll also be very low HP.

Space Anchor's energy goes down when you recharge your characters' health, but you won't feel this at the start.

Read The Character Abilities

Honkai Star Rail Main Character Traces

On the screen where you can see all your characters, you'll also see some options on the left. One of these options will be called "Traces", and you can see and upgrade all your character abilities in this section. Every character in the game has six types of abilities:

  • Basic Attack
  • Skill
  • Ultimate
  • Technique
  • Talent
  • Bonus Abilities

Bonus abilities can only be unlocked by upgrading the skill tree, while the rest are unlocked whenever you get the character.

It's extremely important to read and understand all your character abilities as this will give you an idea of how to make your team. The better your team members synchronize with each other, the more effective they'll be in battle.

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