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PS Showcase Indies 1
You’re All So Weird About PlayStation Showcases

Grow up. Eat your vegetables. Play a game that isn’t from an existing IP.

Hunt a Killer 1
Hunt A Killer's New Standalone Games Made Me Feel Like An Idiot And A Genius

RIP At The Rodeo and Homicide At The Heist are a great way to kill an evening, if you enjoy using your brain

Blizzard AI 1
Blizzard’s New AI Art Tool Is A Death Knell For Creativity

Blizzard will be using AI to generate concept art for future games. That sucks.

Assassins Creed 2007 and Mirage 1
Wait, Is Assassin’s Creed Mirage Just Assassin’s Creed 2007?

Ubisoft might have overcorrected when it decided to go back to its roots

Twitch AAPI Tweet 1
Twitch Made Another Bad Tweet, This Time For AAPI Month

Choose your fighter: “Waymond The Dad”, Goku (???), or Lilo from Lilo and Stitch.

Decarnation Review 1
Decarnation Review - Surreal, But Not Much Of A Game

This Lynchian horror game shines in its writing, but flounders with gameplay

Amouranth's New AI App Is Very Creepy 1
Amouranth's New AI App Is Very Creepy

The CEO of Forever Voices AI says that the company ‘democratises access’ to influencers, which… ew.

6-Spider-Man 2 Needs To Be More Like Star Wars Jedi Survivor 1
Spider-Man 2 Needs To Be More Like Star Wars Jedi Survivor

What fans are asking for in Spider-Man 2 is what we got in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

5-I Hated Playing As Cere Junda for today 1
I’m Ready To Admit It – I Hated Playing As Cere Junda

Poor pacing took the wind out of what should have been an electrifying boss fight

Honkai 1
Honkai Star Rail’s Story Has Lost Me, So Why Am I Still Playing?

I fell for the bait. I’m Honkai Star Rail-pilled.

Hogwarts Legacy morality 1
Hogwarts Legacy’s Unused Morality System Made Me Cry Laughing

You’d have lost ten points for sleeping in class… and just 100 for straight up murder

30-Grand Theft Auto 6 Could Go Woke 1
Grand Theft Auto 6 Could Go Woke, Cry About It

Grand Theft Auto is known for creating controversy. How will it navigate a more progressive, politically fraught time?

SAG-AFTRA Strike 1
SAG-AFTRA Might Strike, And That Could Cripple Hollywood

Without both actors and writers, studios will have no choice but to come to the table and negotiate in good faith

Times and Galaxy Key Art 1
Times & Galaxy Lets You Roleplay As A Robot Journalist In Space

A bittersweet love letter to traditional journalism

Assassin’s Creed Won’t Save Ubisoft Without Big Changes pic 1
Assassin’s Creed Won’t Save Ubisoft Without Big Changes

Assassin’s Creed isn’t good anymore, and it’ll need a lot of work to do what Ubisoft wants it to

Assassins Creed NFTs 1
Ubisoft, Nobody Is Asking For NFT Figurines

Seriously, who wants Assassin’s Creed NFTs?

Cabernet key art 1
A Narrative Vampire RPG That Explores Addiction And Ethics? I’m In

Cabernet asks you what you’re willing to do to indulge your vices

find out what happens next in d3ad island 1
Cliffhangers Are The Worst Way To Sell Sequels

Cliffhangers don’t move product, good games do

3-Guardian Of The Galaxy’s Mantis Shows The Power Of Radical 1
Guardian Of The Galaxy’s Mantis Shows The Power Of Radical Empathy

Just like Everything Everywhere All at Once’s Waymond, Mantis wants to face things with her feelings, not her fists

Humanity review 1
Humanity Review - Great Puzzler, Mid Story, Bad Dog

You’re a dog, leading humanity through danger. You will make them commit countless murders.

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