Dragon Age: Origins

In BioWare's Dragon Age: Origins, the kingdom of Ferelden is deep in the midst of an onslaught by the violent Darkspawn. You must join the Grey Wardens, an ancient order, and help put an end to the invasion.


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8 Best RPGs On Xbox Game Pass

Xbox Game Pass offers up some fantastic RPGs.

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23 Best Action RPGs For Beginners

So many games to choose from and so little time! These beginner aRPGs are perfect for those just getting into the genre.

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10 RPGs With The Best Writing

These roleplaying games just took the writing to the next level.

Dragon Age Flemeth Fight 1
Dragon Age: Origins - How To Beat Flemeth

Don't let this shapeshifter get the best of you. Defeat Dragon Age: Origins' Witch of the Wilds.

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Dragon Age Origins: A Complete Gift Guide

Everyone likes a little something different, so we've got all the details on gifting in Dragon Age: Origins.

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Dragon Age Origins Leliana 1
Dragon Age Origins: How To Romance Leliana

If bard turned woman of faith Leliana strikes your romantic fancy in Dragon Age: Origins, here's how to pursue her romance.

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Dragon Age: Origins Lead Writer David Gaider Wants A Remake

Almost 14 years since release, David Gaider shares what he'd like to see in a Dragon Age: Origins remake.

Dragon Age - Seekers of Truth on right, Book of Secrets on left 1
Dragon Age: Who Are The Seekers Of Truth? Their History, Ranks, And Beliefs

The Seekers of Truth is a secretive order of highly-skilled Chantry warriors. Uncover a few of those secrets here.

Dragon Age - grey warden on left, griffon and grey warden in the sky on right 1
Dragon Age: What Happened To The Griffons?

Once the trusty companions of the Grey Wardens, where did all of Dragon Age's griffons go?

Dragon Age - red lyrium veins on right (concept art), behemoth from Dragon Age: Inquisition on left 1
Dragon Age: What Is Red Lyrium?

Red lyrium is introduced in Dragon Age 2 and becomes a huge problem in Dragon Age: Inquisition, but how much do you really know about it?

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Games That Made Me Say "NOPE"

Yeah, I'm gonna pass on that Baker cannibal dinner. #nope

13 RPGs With The Best Storylines

What's an RPG without a decent story attached to it?

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Dragon Age Guitar Hero 1
Dragon Age - Templar art on right, knight commander meredith on left 1
Dragon Age: Who Are The Templars? Their History, Ranks, And Beliefs

We take an in-depth look at the motivations behind one of the most powerful forces in Thedas: the Templar Order.

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The Big Question: What Game Took You The Longest Time To Beat?

What game have you shown an Ash Ketchum level of dedication?

Dragon Age Origins - Loghain in the landsmeet (left), loghain sacrificing himself to kill the archdemon (right) 1
Dragon Age: Origins - How To Save Loghain's Life

Will you show mercy to the man who left you to die?

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Dragon Age - orlesian chantry art of the tevinter magisters who became darkspawn (left), the Architect (right) 1
Who Was The Architect In Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening?

The Architect is a mysterious darkspawn with free will, and no one really knows whether they should trust him or not.

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Dragon Age: What Happened To The Hero Of Ferelden?

The first Dragon Age protagonist, the Hero of Ferelden, has a special place in our hearts. What have they been up to since the end of their game?

Dragon Age - Fiona, Alistair, King Maric (left to right) 1
Dragon Age: Who Was Alistair's Mother?

Alistair is a beloved Dragon Age character, but you'd only know who his mother is if you delved into the lore outside of the games.