Lord Lucien’s horrific plans to reconstruct the Tattered Spire and remake the world in his twisted vision are certainly the reason you begin your adventure in the depths of Bowerstone Old Town. But, along the way you meet some friendly and some unfriendly faces who just so happen to need the help of a hero.

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In true Fable 2 fashion, the side quests are filled with colorful characters, enriching plotlines, and of course the choice between good and evil. Since the Fable series is a master at forcing you to resolve moral dilemmas that change the very essence of Albion, it’s no wonder that there are several side quests you don’t want to miss out on.

10 The Archaeologist

Fable 2 Hero Inside Fairfax Gardens

The Fable 2 version of an Albion-wide scavenger hunt, this quest has you scour the land for missing artifacts to bring back to Belle, a leading archeologist and scholar of all things regarding the Old Kingdom.

While finding the items can be a little tedious, your faithful dog makes it a little easier by always telling you where to look. The true beauty in this quest is the amount of renown and gold you can earn every time you bring something back.

  • This quest becomes available after speaking to the Abbot in Oakfield. Belle can be found in Fairfax Gardens in Bowerstone.

9 A Bridge Too Far

Fable 2 Hero and Others During The Quest

Technically, this quest is more of a mandatory thing rather than a side quest as you need to complete it before moving on in the story, but its return of Barnum, the man with the magic photo-box from your childhood, makes it stand out.

Barnum is certainly a fan favorite and upon completing this quest you receive his thesaurus so you too can have a masterful and comprehensive vocabulary.

  • You can find Barnum in Oakfield after speaking to the abbot. This quest is the best way to gain the renown needed to continue on your journey.

8 Cemetery Mansion

Fable 2 Cemetery inside Bowerstone

Once you purchase the Cemetery Mansion property located in the Bowerstone Cemetery you are free to explore the property and previously inaccessible locations. The quest itself is a straightforward dungeon exploration, but the moral dilemma presented to you sets it apart.

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Deciding to let souls anguish in torment for all of eternity is just another day in the life of young Sparrow. Depending on the decision you make you could be the next owner of the Stone of Myr'Bregothil which is one of the most valuable gems in the whole game.

  • The Cemetery Mansion property becomes available for purchase after the completion of the quest Love Hurts.

7 The Hit

Fable 2 Bandits Encountered During Quest

Lord Lucien is a very determined man and he will do anything to make sure you are unsuccessful in your quest to stop his plans. This is why after your escape from the Spire he hires assassins to finish the job.

You must successfully defeat several groups of bandits to learn the location of their leader, Darius Zing who was hired to kill you by Lucien. Completion of the quest will cease the relentless attempts on your life and get you a nice Renown gain of 7,500.

  • The various bandit groups spawn after completion of the Spire quest and the first group is typically found near Rookridge Inn.

6 Till Death Do Us Part

Fable 2 Hero At Rookridge Inn

It’s not a proper love story unless someone is a ghost and that is exactly the case of Alex and their deceased significant other. The ghost, whose gender changes based on your gender, pleads with you to help Alex move on.

This quest is short, simple, and can have significant consequences depending on how you handle the situation. If you play your cards right, you can even be the one to marry Alex!

  • Find the ghost in Rookridge on your way to Oakfield for the first time.

5 The Gargoyles

Fable 2 hero aiming at Gargoyles

Scattered throughout Albion’s vast countryside are incessant gargoyle statues that won’t shut up no matter what you do. The only way to cease their endless mockery is by destroying them, and this just so happens to be a quest too.

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Once you defeat your first one, you will be given a map to the Gargoyle’s Trove in Bowerstone Market. For every ten Gargoyles destroyed you can go back and earn a reward.

  • To begin your mission to rid Albion of the Gargoyle plight you must acquire the dexterous skill Aimed Range Attack. Only then will the Gargoyles begin mocking you.

4 Treasure Island Of Doom!

Fable 2 City of Bloodstone Shot

Bloodstone is a pirate’s dream and it wouldn’t be complete without a deadly treasure hunt. Captain Dread, a feared pirate from long ago has hidden his blood-soaked treasure on nearby Lion’s Head Isle.

As a Hero, you are more than qualified to go and search for this treasure. And it is worth the effort since you get a total of 15,000 gold once you locate all the chests.

  • You can hear about Captain Dread from a storyteller inside the Bloodstone Tavern from a man named Salty Jack.

3 Castle Fairfax

Fable 2 Overview Image of Castle Fairfax

Returning to the place your sister died is always an emotional experience, but it can be eased once you own the castle she always wanted to live in. Upon purchasing Castle Fairfax you can choose to make the property your permanent residence.

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If you sleep there, the very first night you will be awakened to a Bandit Attack and you must defend your new home. This quest is a nice homage to realizing the childhood dream you had come to life and has plenty of surprises to keep you entertained.

  • Castle Fairfax becomes available for purchase after the main storyline is complete.

2 T.O.B.Y.

Fable 2 Toby as seen during the quest

A true Bloodstone original, this quest finds you in the peculiar place of helping out the Temple of Benevolent Yokles, or Toby for short. While you are off finding holy artifacts for the group you learn much about the corruption that has taken hold in Bloodstone.

This quest is unique in its storytelling and has that Fable charm of being utterly ridiculous. Whether or not you end up helping or not, you are in for plenty of weird and entertaining conversations with this quest.

  • This quest begins once you speak to two men arguing outside a home near Reaver’s mansion in Bloodstone.

1 The Sculptor

Fable 2 Hero Posing During Quest

A fun way to gain renown, especially when you first begin your hero journey, this quest allows you to realize your dream of becoming a statue. This quest is repeatable and one of the things that makes it entertaining is that you can pick what pose you want to be immortalized forever in stone.

From the outright ridiculous to the more benevolent expressions you can have your pick of which way you want your hero to be remembered in history.

  • Susanna the Sculptor can be found looking for her next project in the Sandgoose inside Oakfield.

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