Metal Gear Solid fans got the news they've been waiting almost two years for at this week's PlayStation Showcase. The long-rumored Snake Eater remake has finally been revealed, and Konami threw a collection of the original three games for PS5 in there for good measure. Now Resident Evil fans have seen what Metal Gear Solid is getting and decided they want some of that.

Hours after Metal Gear Solid's Master Collection was revealed, Resident Evil fans took to the series' subreddit and commented on what a cool idea that would be for the iconic horror games. The OP certainly isn't the only one who would like to see that as others have joined them in voicing their desire to see the original games gathered up and released on the latest platforms.

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In defense of Capcom not doing that already, Metal Gear Solid has been much more neglected than Resident Evil in that regard. Even though the original versions of its older games aren't necessarily readily available, Capcom has been focusing on remakes of them instead. Resident Evils 2, 3, and 4 have all been completely remade, the last one getting critical acclaim when it launched this year.

It seems some of you would like the opportunity to play the originals too, though. That's what Konami will be doing with Metal Gear Solid 3 as an HD version of the original will be a part of The Master Collection, seemingly launching around the same time as the Snake Eater remake. Konami has also already confirmed the original voice cast has returned for the remake too.

If nothing else, the replies to the post above imply quite a few people would be willing to pay for a Resident Evil master collection made up of the first three games. The first game, in particular, is overdue some attention as Capcom passed over it when deciding which games to remake using its RE engine. The first Resident Evil game was technically remade in 2002, and while that version is available to play, people clearly want the OG.

While there's no doubting Capcom has done a better job with making its most iconic series playabale in as many places as possible than Konami has, the latter clearly wants to make up for its previous Metal Gear Solid misgivings. While nothing more has been announced just yet, the marketing for The Master Collection heavily implies there are plans to bring Metal Gear Solid 4 to current-gen platforms in the future.

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