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Casey Simoes is a List Writer for The Gamer. Previously a Biologist, he decided to start writing about his passions, namely video games. Based out of Colorado with his partner, Casey enjoys the gambit of his hobbies including Magic: The Gathering, D&D, movies, and, of course, gaming. A lifelong gamer, Casey enjoys discussing their favorite games critically and for fun.

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Magic: The Gathering
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If you're creeping into MTG Arena's digital-only Alchemy format, here's a few common problems to avoid.

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Magic: The Gathering - 10 Best Theft Commanders

Nobody expects to have their own deck turned against them, but that's exactly what Magic: The Gathering's best theft commanders do.

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Magic: The Gathering – The 10 Best Swamp Cards, Ranked By Artwork

Swamps are mires of death and ambition, and power any black deck in Magic: The Gathering. Here are the most beautiful Swamp cards.

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Magic: The Gathering – The 10 Best Plains Cards, Ranked By Artwork

Like white itself, Magic: The Gathering's Plains can be peaceful and inviting, or they can be stark, cold, and imposing. Here are the best Plains.

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Magic: The Gathering – The 10 Best Mountain Cards, Ranked By Artwork

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Magic: The Gathering – The 10 Best Island Cards, Ranked By Artwork

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Magic: The Gathering – 10 Most Common Mistakes When Building A Pauper Deck

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Magic: The Gathering – The 10 Best Colourless Cards In Phyrexia: All Will Be One

These colourless cards are the best you'll find from All Will Be One.

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