Shadows Over Innistrad Remastered is a remastered set exclusive to Magic: The Gathering Arena. The set features cards from the Shadows Over Innistrad and Eldritch Moon sets from Magic: The Gathering. The cards featured are curated into a special draftable experience.

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Though the cards aren't new to Magic: The Gathering, they are new (mostly) to Magic: The Gathering Arena. Some of these cards are important to the Pioneer pool and will bring certain Explorer decks closer to their Pioneer counterparts. In addition, the cards will bring a shake-up to the Historic metagame as the format gets injected with a ton of new cards.

9 Lunarch Mantle

Lunarch Mantle card and art background

Lunarch Mantle is a solid enchantment for just two mana. It gives a solid boost of +2/+2 and can give the enchanted creatures flying for the turn by paying a mana and sacrificing a creature. While this effect is fairly basic, when put into the right deck it can be formidable.

It's great in Aura decks as a way to give bigger stat boosts and give flying to avoid blockers. It is also solid in limited environments if you have a deck that takes advantage of tokens or flooding the battlefield with permanents.

8 Triskaidekaphobia

Triskaidekaphobia card and art background

An enchantment that acts as an alternate win condition, Triskaidekaphobia is a solid card. It causes each player with exactly 13 life to lose the game when your upkeep starts. It's a way as slower burn decks to gain a win condition or control decks that ping damage slowly.

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Enchantment removal is much more sparse compared to other forms of it, and certain colors like red don't actually have any ways to remove it. As such, you have higher odds of it sticking around on the battlefield to gain the instant win effect.

7 Mind's Dilation

Mind's Dilation card and art background

Mind's Dilation is a phenomenal enchantment, and one that lets you play cards from your opponent's deck for no cost. It does cost a hefty seven mana to cast, but if your ramp into it quickly or have ways to cheat it out, you can take advantage of it much more quickly.

While your opponent still gets to cast their first spell, the cost is letting you cast the top card of their library. Even if you don't cast it, it still remains exiled and they lose access to it. It's helpful in mill strategies, as it is a way to give yourself protection by taking advantage of the cards in your opponent's deck.

6 Call The Bloodline

Call The Bloodline card and art background

Madness decks have gotten progressively stronger as better cards with madness have been added. These cards care about being discarded, and can be cast for cheaper when they are. Call The Bloodline is a solid way to enable madness, as it only costs one mana to do so and you get a 1/1 token with lifelink as an added bonus.

You can only use the effect once each turn, but since it can be activated at any point you can use it once during your opponent's turn. This allows you to continuously trigger your madness cards while flooding the battlefield with creature tokens.

5 Graf Harvest

Graf Harvest card and art background

A fantastic support card for Zombie decks, Graf Harvest gives all your Zombies menace for just one black mana. It even acts as a way to attack a graveyard, letting you exile creatures from it and gaining a 2/2 Zombie for your troubles.

There are plenty of strong Zombie cards, and Graf Harvest powers them up even more. Mixed with cards like Jadar, Ghoulcaller Of Nephalia that make Zombie tokens, Graf Harvest is the exact kind of boost Zombie decks needed to become a bigger threat in the Magic: The Gathering Arena metagames.

4 Howlpack Resurgence

Howlpack Resurgence card and art background

Howlpack Resurgence is a staple of dedicated Werewolf decks, and a way to make them all much more threatening. It gives them all +1/+1 which is nice, but its real power is giving them trample. Howlpack Resurgence has flash, so it can turn combat in your favor if your opponent blocks one of your powerful wolves with a low-toughness creature that makes the wolf attack over them.

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Howlpack Resurgence is fairly easy to cast for just three mana, and unlike other battle tricks, it sticks around after cast. Werewolves are an aggressive, combat-centric deck, so an enchantment like Howlpack Resurgence is perfect for it.

3 Cryptolith Rite

Cryptolith Rite card and art background

An amazing two-mana enchantment, Cryptolith Rite is a phenomenal card for ramp and multi-colored decks. It turns all of your creatures into mana dorks that can tap for any color. If you're playing a deck with a ton of creatures, they all become ways to cast your bigger spells. Since it's only two mana, you can start taking advantage of the effect very early on in a game.

It's especially good for Historic Brawl, where decks that flood the battlefield with creatures are much more common. It helps your mana base be stronger as well, as you have the option to make mana of any color with any of your creatures.

2 Vessel Of Nascency

Vessel of Nascency card and art background

Vessel Of Nascency is a fantastic enchantment card that doesn't often stick around for long. It's a one drop that costs two mana to use its effect to put a specific card into your hand and dump the rest (or all four of the cards you look at) into your graveyard.

The card is fantastic in self-mill decks that want to be sending their cards into the graveyard. If they still need specific cards (such as in Greasefang decks) it prevents those cards from being put into the graveyard but getting cards you want there inside of it.

1 Imprisoned In The Moon

Imprisoned In The Moon card and art background

Imprisoned In The Moon is one of the best blue removal cards there are. It's a way to permanently get rid of a creature, land, or planeswalker by turning it into a land that can only tap for colorless mana. Unlike other similar cards, the card enchanted by Imprisoned In The Moon can't be easily destroyed or sacrificed as very few cards interact with lands. So unless they have enchantment removal it's likely staying that way.

It's also fantastic in Historic Brawl, as it can turn your opponent's commander into a land. Since it hasn't left the battlefield, it can't go to the command zone and essentially turns their commander into a land for the rest of the game if they can't remove the enchantment.

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