Link received several new abilities he can use to his advantage to navigate the world or solve the hundreds of puzzles found in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. While you will use all abilities thousands of times throughout your playthrough, some Shrines are explicitly designed around one or two of them, having you focus on ways to manipulate the environment to your benefit.

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The Tauyosipun Shrine found in the Hebra Mountains region is an excellent example of using Recall and Ultrahand to your advantage to solve its many puzzles, obtain the Treasure Chest within it, and get your hands on yet another Light of Blessing.

Tauyosipun Shrine (Forward Or Backward?) Walkthrough

Link standing outside of the Tauyosipun Shrine in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Recall and Ultrahand will be your go-to solutions to solve every puzzle the Tauyosipun Shrine has to throw at you and obtain its Treasure Chest. There are four puzzles within this Shrine and only one Chest, the solutions to all are found below!

Tauyosipun Shrine First Puzzle Guide

When first entering the Tauyosipun Shrine, you will see a long ramp with Stone Balls dropping from a chute above, causing them to roll down the ramp steadily and quickly. Your goal here is to reach the top of the ramp and get behind where the Balls are dropping in from.

To do this, simply wait until a Ball starts making its way down the ramp and cast Recall on it. As the Ball begins to roll backward, run toward it until it begins ascending upward back into the chute. Once you can pass underneath the Ball, run into the next area!

Tauyosipun Shrine Treasure Chest Guide

As you make your way up the ramp from the previous puzzle, you will see a sizable Gold Wheel spinning away from you and a chute above it that's continuously dropping the Shrine's Treasure Chest onto it, having it fling it into the abyss below.

Fear not, as the Treasure Chest will keep respawning until you open it, which is easily done by casting Recall on the Gold Wheel just before the Chest lands on it, causing the Gold Wheel to spin toward you, throwing the Chest on the ground in front of you.

Walk up to the Treasure Chest and open it to receive the Strong Construct Bow with a Damage potency of 11!

Tauyosipun Shrine Second Puzzle Guide

With the Strong Construct Bow in your possession, head into the next area to be met with yet another ramp with a Stone Ball dropping from a chute onto it. This time, however, there will be a Pressure Plate, a Marked Ball, and a Goal just ahead of the ramp.

Stand on the Pressure Plate to close the gate on the ramp to trap the Stone Ball. From there, use Ultrahand on the Marked Ball to pick it up and place it in front of the Stone Ball on the ramp. Ensure you are still standing on the Pressure Plate throughout the process.

Lastly, cast Recall on the Stone Ball to have it head back toward the chute it came out of, making it push the Marked Ball up the ramp along with it, knocking it into the goal at the end of the ramp, solving the second puzzle!

Tauyosipun Shrine Third Puzzle Guide

Our third puzzle is another simple one and has yet another Ball falling out of a chute and onto a series of ramps that eventually have it roll off and into the abyss below. But, as you likely noticed, there is a goal in the center of the room, just underneath the gap between the ramps.

Solving this puzzle requires you to cast Recall on the Ball just as it falls off the first ramp, causing you to break its momentum and kill its speed completely. Then, just as quickly as you casted Recall, cancel it to have the Ball fall directly into the goal below!

Tauyosipun Shrine Fourth Puzzle Guide

Finally, our fourth and final puzzle of the Tauyosipun Shrine is the most involved but isn't as complex as other Shrines in the game. As you enter the last room, you will see a Ball on the ground to the right and a Bowl moving alongside the walls directly across from the Ball.

You will also see the goal for the Ball where the walls meet and where the Bowl passes over and by for a brief moment. Priority number one is to wait for the Bowl to come near you and the Ball and use Ultrahand to place the Ball into the Bowl.

From there, let the Bowl make its rounds and have it take the Ball past the goal and onto the other side of it. Once that happens, quickly cast Recall on the Ball (not the Bowl) to have it retrace its pathway when it was inside of the Bowl.

As the Ball passes over its goal, cancel Recall to have it drop into the goal, opening the gate to the Shrine's exit, allowing you to claim your well-deserved Light of Blessing!

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